How to Make Chalk Paint for Kids – 5 Ways
Looking for a fun outdoor and artsy activity? Learn how to make chalk paint for kids! Here are 5 simple recipes you can make using things you have at home.
How to Make Homemade Glue – 10 Recipes
If you have a combination of cornstarch, flour, water, vinegar, sugar and salt at home, you can learn how to make homemade glue. It's easy, cheap and fun!
How to Make Rainbow Loom Charms – 37 Ideas
From butterflies and bananas to tacos and tigers, we've got the best video tutorials so you can learn how to make rainbow loom charms... 37 different ways!
How to Make Felt Flowers – 16 Ways
If you're wondering how to make felt flowers, we have 16 ideas that will put you on the right track. From daisies to peonies, read on for all the details.
How to Make a Paper Mache Fish – 6 Ideas
If you're wondering how to make a paper mache fish, look no further for instructions and inspiration. From masks and piñatas to Nemo, we've got you covered.
Best Hot Glue Gun for Crafts – Use the Right Tool
Cordless, dual-temperature, mini or full-size... If you need help picking out a good glue gun, check out our guide to the best hot glue guns for crafts.
How to Make a Dream Catcher for Kids – 9 Ways
Looking for a cool craft? We teach you how to make a dream catcher for kids—a fun activity with an interesting story behind it your 'lil artists will love.
How to Make a Worry Doll – 8 Different Ways
Get the 411 on how to make a worry doll, 8 different ways! This little craft is easy and fun, and kids will love learning about the Mayan legend behind it!
How to Make a Paper Mache Mask – 5 Ways
From balloons and molds to aluminum foil, check out our list of 5 different ways to make a paper mache mask for easy instructions and great tutorials.
How to Make Homemade Clay – 10 Recipes
If you're wondering how to make homemade clay, we have some awesome recipes you can use—from salt dough to no-bake clay—for your next art project.

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