Clever Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls – 15 Ideas


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Are you looking for a gift for a tween? Whether it's your daughter, your daughter's friend, your friend's daughter or your your niece, we've got you covered with the best gifts for 12-year-old girls.

Do you have absolutely NO idea what to get them? Do you want to get them something that they will love, but have no idea where to start looking? Then you've come to the right place.

Our goal is to make the gift-giving process just a little bit easier.

We've done a ton of research to bring you this great selection of gifts for 12-year-old girls, no matter what her interests are. From science to art to photography, take a look at our ideas below.

Quick look: Best gifts for 12-year-old girls

We're pretty confident you'll find the perfect present right here, and even if you don't see something you think she'll love, our list will definitely give you some great ideas. 

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

This art set absolutely rocks. We definitely remember using the Spirograph when we were younger and it was the source of hours of entertainment, not to mention some pretty fabulous artwork. 

This “toy” was created in 1965 and yet it doesn’t seem to ever go out of style.

What we love

- This toy was relaunched in 2012 with some pretty cool improvements, such as the inclusion of "spiro-putty" to hold the pieces down while you trace
- The Spirograph appeals to girls (and boys) of all ages
- It helps develop hand-eye coordination as well as patience


- The box says it comes with 45 pieces, but it actually comes with 20 sheets of design paper
- The pieces come in a plastic mold and have to be removed, which can be challenging

Extra tip: Pick up some black paper and gel pens for some truly spectacular Spirograph masterpieces 

  • Lets kids draw elegant spiral designs
  • Uses interlocking gears and wheels
  • Set includes 19 wheels, 2 rings, 1 rack, spiro putty, 3 pens, a guidebook, paper and carrying case
  • Lets kids get creative
  • Other sets are also available

Deluxe Art Set

If you have a little artist in your midst, then this set would make a great gift for her. 

It comes with everything from watercolor sketch pencils and compressed charcoal sticks to soft pastels and a blending stump.

This is the real deal, folks, and although it's not the least expensive art set, it is one of the best ones out there. What's more, these great tools come in a study wooden case, so she can take them, and create her masterpieces, just about anywhere. 

What we love

- This set has an incredible variety of quality supplies
- This is a fantastic gift for both a beginner and someone that's more artistically advanced
- It travels well and everything stays in place


- Chalk pastels are fragile and may break easily

Extra tip: Give her the complete package by also giving her a sketch pad so she can let her creative juices flow.

145 Piece Deluxe Art Set
  • Comes with crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolor cakes, sketch pencils and more
  • Sturdy case keeps supplies organized
  • All art supplies are non toxic
  • High quality products
  • Perfect for beginners and more advanced artists

Forensic Science Experiment Kit

Does the 12-year-old in your life like to watch Law and Order, CSI and other crime and detective shows?

If so, this detective kit could be the perfect option for her. Let her learn how detectives use forensic science to solve crimes and answer questions. It also doubles as an intro to biotechnology and chemistry. Check out the user manual for more details.

What we love

- It's a smaller version of the real deal so she'll get an authentic taste of what happens in a forensics lab
- This is not a pretend toy; it contains real-life materials


- Adult supervision is necessary

Forensic Experiment Kit for Kids
  • Kids learn about securing a crime scene and gathering evidence
  • They’ll experience with the techniques and equipment used by real detectives
  • They’ll have to solve a mock crime presented in the manual
  • Comes with 32-page book to guide investigations

Duct Tape Party

Seriously, who would have guessed that something as uncool as duct tape could be used to make such cool stuff?

The sky’s the limit with this party pack. You can make dozens of items, from purses to necklaces (duct tape bling, anyone?). And if you run out of ideas, there are lots of places to look for inspiration.

Banish boredom with this fun gift!

What we love

- It encourages creativity and craftiness
- Alex Brand products are known for being high quality


- Instructions are quite basic
- There could be more tape on the rolls

DIY Duct Tape Party
  • Kids can make necklaces, bracelets, hairclips and more
  • Comes with 12 rolls of duct tape plus earring hooks, bangles, a brooch and more
  • Also comes with purse template, stencils, non-stick paper and cardboard templates
  • Good variety of colors

Friendship Bracelet Maker

Everyone knows that friendships are very important to 12-year-old girls. So why not help her strengthen her relationships with some fun and funky jewelry

She’ll be crafting these friendship bracelets on the spinning loom faster than you can say #squadgoals.

What we love

- Every single accessory is unique as they different in color, looping style, thread quantity and thickness
- This kit will allowed her to make bracelets, necklaces, belts and anklets


- Quality of the loom could be improved
- Instructions are not very clear

Extra tip: There is definitely a learning curve with this one so check out all the videos for ideas and inspiration!

Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker
  • Unique spinning loom with travel-ready design
  • Lets kids make modern friendship bracelets in just a few minutes
  • Every bracelet and accessory is unique
  • Comes with 1 spinning loom and skeins of high quality embroidery thread
  • Boosts confidence, creativity and self-expression

Wireless Karaoke Machine

Does your 12-year-old sing in the shower? Does she like to sing along with the radio? Well then she needs this amazing karaoke machine.

This karaoke system will provide hours and hours of fun for her and her friends and for the whole family. It’s a party waiting to happen.

From the wireless mics to the crystal clear audio, this is a great machine for your tween (and also for adults).

What we love

- It's an excellent quality product with great echo control
- Good bang for your buck
- It's portable, so you can take it anywhere!


- No remote
- You won't find all of your favorite songs
- Sound board buttons on the microphone are quite loud

Wireless Karaoke Machine
  • Lets you mute track vocals (so you don’t have to find music without vocals)
  • Comes with 2 cordless microphones with voice effects
  • 2 15W speakers for high-quality sound
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Put songs on SD card or USB

MP3 Player

Chances are your tween has specific musical taste and likes to listen to her tunes.  

Let her take them on the go with this portable MP3 player for kids, complete with a built-in speaker, radio option, and voice recorder. It’s the perfect accessory for today’s modern 12-year-old girl.

What we love

- 8GB of memory holds around 2,000 songs
- Can be easily upgraded to 128GB
- Headphones support 26 hours of music


- If you load an album with 10+ songs, they don't play in order
- Record radio feature sometimes doesn't work

MP3 Player for Kids
  • High definition color display
  • Max volume limit setting function prevents sound from getting too loud
  • Built-in loudspeaker lets kids share music and audiobooks
  • Intuitive button layout
  • Weighs just 1.34 oz.

Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Cool aesthetic aside, this amazing piece of tech uses Bluetooth to wirelessly stream Hi-Fi audio from a smartphone or any other device, anywhere you go.

Also it’s indestructible. Well, maybe not exactly indestructible, but it is dust proof, water resistant and shock proof.

What we love

- The rechargeable battery gives you 16 hours of music
- The design provides omnidirectional room-filling audio
- It streams crystal clear audio at a range of up to 32 feet
- It won't break the bank
- It's lightweight and portable
- Bluetooth lets her connect to speakers, headphones and other devices


- Bluetooth range might be wonky at times
- Rubber footpads might fall off

Extra tip: Pick up a mount like this one so she can connect the speaker to her bike or backpack.

Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker
  • Has a rechargeable Lithium Ion batter for lengthy play time
  • Great sound from speakers
  • Comes with carrying case and stickers
  • Fits in your palm
  • Great value for money

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

This is, without a doubt, the cutest camera on the market and it takes the coolest instant pictures! The photos are quality and small, so they fit perfectly into a wallet or a mini photo frame. It comes with a strap, batteries, built-in flash and a close-up lens.

What we love

- It's super easy to use
- Much better than a vintage Polariod camera
- 90-day money back guarantee


- The film is a bit expensive
- The color camera you order may be slightly different
- The photos are small

Extra tip: Go all out and include some extra film and a cool camera bag while you're at it. Even better, check out this accessories bundle!

No products found.


How about some fresh air, some clear skies and some boomerang throwing? There’s nothing quite like it and it’s a toy that never goes out of style. This one is hand-crafted, imported from Finland, and promises to provide entertainment for many years. It even comes with a handy instructional booklet.

What we love

- This boomerang is well-crafted and excellent quality
- It's great exercise
- Once you get the hang of it it's totally fun


- It takes some time to get the hang of it
- You need the right wind conditions to play
- You need a big open space to truly master the art of the boomerang

Extra tip: Watch some videos online for the best tips and tricks before you head outside!

Yanaki Boomerang
  • Made from airplane grade plywood
  • For right-handed throwers only
  • Comes with instructional booklet
  • Designed and used by experts
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Mini Electric Scooter

A driver’s permit is still a few years away, but that doesn’t mean girlfriend can’t be mobile yet. And by mobile, we mean cruising around the neighborhood on one of these vintage-inspired mini electric scooters. This is an awesome gift for a 12-year-old girl. Watch her face light up when she sees it!

What we love

- It has a built-in battery that runs for 10 miles on a single charge
- This scooter is amazingly quiet
- The battery is small and charges quickly and easily


- Pumping the tires can be challenging given the angle required
- The battery can't take freeze cycles
- Customer service could be better

Extra tip: You might want to pick up a bike helmet and a cable lock and give her those first as a way to build anticipation.

Mod Miniature Electric Scooter
  • Chain driven electric motor
  • Can go up to 15 miles per hour
  • 12-inch pneumatic tires with rear suspension system
  • Battery runs for 1 miles on a single charge
  • Storage component under the seat

Mini Drone with HD Camera

This drone does it all, from perfect takeoffs and vertical climbs to acrobatic flips in the air, and it offers a unique bird's eye view of its flight thanks to 720P HD camera. Let her experience the thrill of piloting her own little vehicle through the air. She can take photos and videos and even fly it at night, thanks to the LED lights. It doesn't get much cooler than this. 

What we love

- Lets you take photos and videos

- Install an app on your phone and watch the drone fly through its camera
- Has 3D rolling special effects


- Battery should last longer

Extra tip: Why not pick up a drone landing pad so she can perfect her skills?

No products found.

Comforter Set

Does your pre-teen have an itch to redecorate her room? Does she like switching her personal space up? If she's like most, she will probably love the idea of a new bedspread, especially one as incredibly funky as this.

Help the 12-year-old in your life keep the peace with this fantastically cool comforter set, which includes a comforter and two pillow shams.

What we love

- Easy to care for as it's machine washable
- Quality material for excellent price
- Colors and vibrant and fabric is soft


- Somewhat challenging to get the duvet cover on
- Might be thin for some

Tie Die Comforter Set
  • Available in twin, full, queen and king
  • Beautiful marble, tie die pattern
  • Soft, warm, breathable and hypoallergenic
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with duvet cover and two pillow shams

Extra tip: Make her bedtime experience even better with an ocean wave projector

Baking Set

My 12-year-old niece absolutely loves to bake and she's damn good at it. Do you know someone like that? Someone you need a present for, perhaps?

Celebrate her penchant for making sweet treats (and maybe she'll bake you something delicious) with a cupcake baking and decorating kit. It comes with silicone baking cups, a cupcake pan, a spatula, a pastry brush, measuring spoons, a whisk, a piping bag with 6 nozzles and several recipe cards.

What we love

- Tools are easy to use and good quality
- Perfect size for small hands


- Recipe cards could be improved
- Piping bag is hard to clean

Baking Set for Kids
  • Complete set perfect for small hands
  • Microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe
  • Super easy to clean
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • State-of-the-art silicone bakeware

Extra tip: Why not include a cookbook with the baking set? We love Betty Crocker's The Big Book of Cupcakes. With 175 recipes, this will keep her busy in the kitchen for a while!

Gift Cards

If you're worried about getting the wrong present, here's an idea she's sure to love: a gift card to her favorite store. Whether she likes jewelry, clothing or make up, she's bound to find something at Claire's, Urban Outfitters or Sephora, and the best part is that she gets to pick it out herself!

What we love

- She can spend it now or later and she gets exactly what she wants or needs


- It might seem slightly impersonal

Buy a gift card to
Pacific Sunwear
Hot Topic
Forever 21
Old Navy

Well, we sincerely hope you found our list of the best gifts for 12-year-old girls useful and you're now able to find something special for the tween in your life! If you have any suggestions, or if you had success with any of our ideas, let us know so we can make this list even bigger and better!

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