Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms: 80 Ideas From 30+ Mamas

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Pregnancy gifts for first-time moms

There are so many pregnancy and baby products out there. Too many! So what do you do when you’re looking for the best pregnancy gifts for first-time moms?

I ask because I spent an embarrassing amount of money on absolutely ridiculous things that I was sure were going to serve me well, but they just ended up gathering dust in the back of the closet. 

That wipe warmer? A total waste of money. The mosquito net? There are no mosquitos where I live (but, well, you just never know!), the baby safety helmet (don’t even ask)…

So how on earth do you really know what’s worth spending your money on? How can you make sure you buy something that’s actually useful?

What makes a perfect pregnancy gift? What are "the essentials" for expecting mothers?

The Best Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms  

To answer these questions, we went straight to the experts. 

We spoke to 32 real, live mamas who were kind enough to take time out of their very busy schedules to help guide expectant moms. 

Because, at the end of the day, they’ve “been there, done that.” 

The women we spoke to have anywhere from 1 to 8 babies (talk about supermoms!) and they have tried out and received as gifts all kinds of products, from total crap to life-changing items. 

Below are 80 of their essential, must-have, cannot-live-without, why-didn’t-I-get-this-sooner products for pregnant women and new mamas. What’s more, they tell us why they love these products and how they make your life easier.

Let's face it: You’re not going to find unique insight like this anywhere else. 

For a quick look at real moms’ top picks for expectant mothers, here’s a quick overview. Click on any of the items to go straight to that product.

And for the full scoop on why these products make the perfect gifts for moms-to-be, keep scrolling! 

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your pregnant sister-in-law, a pregnancy gift for your best friend, a special gift for a pregnant colleague, or gifts for a newly pregnant couple, we’ve got you covered right here.

And if you’re searching for a baby shower gift, look no further. The only inspiration you need for unique gifts is below. 

From baby monitors and baby clothes to belly butter, the expectant mom in your life is in for one sweet treat if you snag her something from our epic mom gift guide.

Joanna, mom of 2,  blogs about everything from parenting and mom life to saving money over at Mom With Cookies.

Mom With Cookies

Coconut Oil Cream

One product I absolutely couldn't live without in both of my pregnancies was coconut oil moisturizing cream. This cream (not to be confused with belly oil) helped prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy and I still use it today because it smells so good and makes a wonderful lotion! I simply applied some after I showered and it kept the "tiger stripes" away!

Coconut oil cream
Muslin swaddle blankets

Muslin Blankets

These muslin blankets were a game-changer in getting my babies to sleep through the night at about two months! They are lightweight but strong, so even if your baby is like Houdini, he/she will stay swaddled.

They also make wonderful burp cloths or a changing blanket to keep in your diaper bag. They are very high quality, so you can reuse them for any other babies you might have!

Chloe has 2 kids and shares her insight on parenting, fashion and lifestyle at
Beautiful Bundle of Chaos.

Beautiful Bundle of Chaos
Pregnancy gift

Changing Clutch

I can’t explain the amount of time I wasted rummaging through my MASSIVE changing bag looking for wipes, cream, etc. These diaper clutches are compact and perfect for taking on the go. I had never heard of these before and was given it as a gift when my daughter was born, but I could never go without it again! It’s amazing how something so simple can make your life so much easier.

Cocoa Cream

Cocoa Butter Cream

This cream was an absolute lifesaver throughout my pregnancy. I used it once every night before bed, and I was absolutely amazed to find myself without a single stretch mark on my stomach after giving birth! This helped my confidence a lot. With a changed body already and low moods after pregnancy, I was so thankful I wasn't covered in stretch marks on top of it all.

Follow Mindy, mom of 1, as she ponders parenthood and shares all of the funny stuff her toddler does over at
The Misadventures of Mindy.

Misadventures of Mindy

Echo Spot

Some of the great ways a new mom can utilize the Echo Spot to help her out with baby are to play white noise sounds in the nursery during naps and at night, dim the lights, connect to your baby monitor to let you see your baby, add baby essentials to your Amazon order (such as diapers and wipes), read books, compose grocery lists, and all with voice activated commands so it makes everything super easy!!

Echo spot

Plus you can video chat with grandma and grandpa, find out the weather before going out on playdates, and listen to nursery rhymes during tummy time. It really is such a great and useful tool and I think every new mom would love to have one!

Baby Swing

This is definitely a must have for any new mom!  You can't hold your baby all the time, no matter how much you want to. A baby swing is a great way to get even the crankiest little one to sleep soundly so that mommy can get some rest too, take a shower, get dinner on the table, etc.

Graco Sway Swing

Meet Yvonne, mom of 3 and the blogger behind Hopscotch Mom. From books and food to arts and crafts, she talks about all things family-related on her blog.

Hopscotch Mom


An accurate thermometer is so important! We used many brands and styles before we found one that was super accurate. Some thermometers we found were between 1-3 degrees off, which was a big deal. We have the Braun Thermoscan 5 and love it. Having an accurate thermometer is a big deal. It can determine whether your kids can stay home and rest or whether you need to make a trip to the ER.

Infant Support

Infant Support for Car Seats & Strollers

We had a car seat for when we brought our first newborn home, but we were shocked to find that the infant baby car seat didn’t hug or support the baby properly as a newborn. The nurses sent us home with a rolled towel to provide support and help keep our baby’s head up. 

Our baby spent a lot of time in a rocker during the day (and sometimes even at night),  and we were able to use this support pillow for that as well. Great buy!

Fleece Bundler

Car Seat Footmuff

Fleece Bundler
Infant Footmuff

It’s difficult to bundle your baby in winter gear from head to toe and it isn't safe to put a baby in a full-size winter coat and buckle her into the car seat. In the end we would just put on a light fleece jumpsuit and zip the baby in her bundler instead of the coat. The baby went from car seat to stroller without having to use a coat. 

The bundler was warm enough to be used in the stroller (especially with the footmuff), and the lightweight jumpsuit allowed us to switch the baby from the car and into the Ergobaby Carrier. The fleece worked very well with temperature fluctuations, since it was easy to layer clothing depending on how cold or warm it was. Both items held up so well that we gifted them to a friend for her baby.

Next up is Lisa, a homeschooling and freelance writing mom of 8 who definitely knows how to balance diapers and deadlines. Check her out at Lisa Tanner Writing.

Lisa Tanner Writing

Contract Ease

Childbirth? After having six of my kids naturally, I know I can handle that pain. You get a cute baby at the end, so it's worth it in the end. But the afterpains? Those are the worst! With each baby I had, they hurt more and more. Thankfully I found Contract Ease. I was skeptical, but desperate so I tried it. Honestly, this product tastes like you're licking a tree, it's very woody in taste. But, the taste is so worth the relief. It made my after pains go away so I could nurse without crying. 

Contract Ease
Magnesium Lotion

Magnesium Lotion

Towards the middle of each pregnancy, I develop a pretty severe case of pregnancy carpal tunnel. The first time I woke up with numb arms and tingly fingers, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I didn't even know pregnancy carpal tunnel was a thing! But it is, and magnesium lotion helped me a lot. It's easy to apply and helped relieve the sharp pain so I could continue writing. As a bonus, this also helps alleviate pain from charley horses and other random leg cramps. Good stuff here! 

Julie has 1 kiddo and shares her thoughts about working moms and the challenges of finding balance between family, responsibilities and hobbies over at
Fab Working Mom Life.

Fab Working Mom Life

Hands-Free Pumping Bra

I was pumping when I returned to work, so it was a huge help to have a good pumping bra that I didn't have to change into or out of. I wanted one that fit normally and when I wanted to pump (or nurse), I could fold down some layers. This option is also more sports bra than regular bra, so nothing poked or pinched.

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Kim is an SAHM with 2 kids (and 1 on the way) and she shares her experiences as a mom as well as her creative projects over at Kickin' it With Kim.

Kickin It With Kim
Memory Foam Body Pillow

Memory Foam Body Pillow

I had terrible hip pain during my second pregnancy. When I was laying down I wasn't able to lay on my side and have my legs closed together without wincing in pain, so a body pillow was the only thing that helped me sleep at night! This one is amazing.

Baby Glider

This model by Graco works wonders. For the first month my little ones slept in my room because it was easier for me with them waking up so much (and with me trying to recover). At night I had it laying down as the bassinet and during the day I had it set up as a seat so they could see everything that was going on. Plus, whenever they fell asleep in the sitting position, it was easy to lay it down flat so they could sleep a little bit longer.

Graco Swing
Cloth Diapers

Burp Cloths

Another must-have is cloth diapers, but no, I didn’t use them as diapers. They’re perfect burp cloths! They absorb so much better than any other burp cloth I've tried! And now my boys use them as their blankets to sleep at night! (Plus, if they lose one, I have tons of identical replacements!)

Dami, from To Marry a Millionaire, has 1 child and blogs about everything from self care and housework to helping homeless mothers and children.

How to Marry a Millionaire

A Lovey

My mother's friend sent us a lovey and this was, and still is, the best and most peaceful product we have. My baby never accepted a pacifier or a milk bottle (even with my own milk), yet she accepted this little pink plush toy that would calm her down, comfort and protect her. She doesn't sleep without it and can't go a day without taking it everywhere. I can count on it whenever she feels mad or sad.

Vivian, from Yummy Food Happy Mood, has 1 child and blogs about motherhood, pregnancy and also food! She also shares some pretty awesome Chinese recipes.

Yummy Food Happy Mood

Organic Coconut Oil

This is a natural product and will not harm you or the baby in any way. During my pregnancy, I found that coconut oil kept my skin soft and moisturized, and also prevented me from having lots of stretch marks. After my daughter was born, I've continued to use it and the few stretch marks I had are gone.

Coconut Oil

I also used this product on my nipples. Breastfeeding can be tough, especially the first couple of weeks. Coconut oil helped keep my nipples moisturized. I would apply some after every feed and I've never had to wipe the oil away before breastfeeding since it's a natural product. 

Maternity Belt

Maternity Belt

During the third trimester, I felt more pain, especially in my lower back, and I also felt more pressure in my lower belly. This belly support band was a lifesaver for me. As soon as I put on the band I felt a big difference in pressure. It was so much more comfortable to walk and it alleviated the pain. As I think it’s important to walk as much as possible during pregnancy, this support band helped me keep moving. 

Julie, a mom of 2, lets parents try out a variety of diapers before picking the one that’s right for their baby. Learn more at Diaper Dabbler.

Diaper Dabbler

Baby Wrap

I loved my K'tan for when my babies were little. It wasn't huge or complicated like a wrap, and it allowed me to snuggle my baby close while still getting stuff done!

Baby Carrier

Compression Socks

Compression socks were a must for me with both my pregnancies. My ankles and feet swelled up like balloons! These socks are much more affordable now. You may need them while pregnant AND for the first week or two after baby is born! 

Compression Socks

Liz is a SAHM with 3 kiddos, and she writes about raising babies, toddler activities and mom tips. Learn more at Blue and Hazel.

Blue and Hazel
Fisher-Price Newborn Sleeper

Newborn Sleeper

One item I tell all new moms to get is this sleeper (though I didn’t get it until we were on our 3rd). I got rid of my other bulky co-sleepers and put this by my bed at night and by the kitchen window in the day to get the baby’s days and nights turned around.

Fleece Swaddle Blanket

This blanket was game changer! It has the softest microfiber material inside, so I could swaddle my son naked and still keep him warm. I even had it at the hospital and used it there instead of clothes, so that I could easily do skin-on-skin and had peace of mind knowing he was warm. The Velcro makes it easy to use, and it fit my 8 pound baby for at least a month or two.

Fleece Swaddle Blanket

A Journal

This journal is the perfect gift for a mom or a mom-to-be. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to write pages and pages, and this one allowed me to write a few sentences each day about anything I wanted to remember. It’s a 5-year journal so I’ll be able to compare entries side-by-side for 5 years. I absolutely love it! 

When Brittany’s not offering an authentic look at parenting on Dirt Noise Joys, she’s looking after her 6 kids. She's also trilingual, and speaks English, toddler and sarcasm!

Dirt Noise Joys

Portable Sleep Nest

The snuggle nest sleeper is one of the best things I have ever purchased. Super convenient for keeping baby by you at night if that’s your thing. Baby and I both sleep better. It's even designed so you can keep your hand up in the sleeper comfortably to check on baby or comfort them. Plus, no worries about zombie sleeping husband rolling over on a helpless infant!

Portable Sleep Nest

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergobaby is my favorite of all the infant snuggle sacks. It just feels better than any that I've tried. Baby sits comfortably against you, and two hands are always better than none! I can get it on and off myself, and discovered that I’m not so smart with the wraps that require knots and twists and turns. This is much more my speed. It also has an attached cover that snaps on for sun, wind, and cold protection.

Nikko is a mom of 2 and sells weighted blankets for kids. You can learn all about her sleep (and parenting) adventures at


Video Baby Monitor

When we transitioned from co-sleeping to my son sleeping in a crib in the next room, he slept great and I slept horribly, as I couldn't see him. We ended up getting a baby monitor with video and it was so worth it to have peace of mind. I think this is an excellent gift for new moms and it's an absolute necessity for new parents so they can be as relaxed as possible. 

Baby video monitor
Diaper genie

Diaper Genie

This is an excellent gift for expecting mothers. We tried to use cloth diapers but my son slept 95% better with disposable ones.  By the time he was eating solids, we had a serious stink issue in the house. Not even a sealed garbage can can contain the stench of a yogurt-poop dirty diaper. 

This product really kept the smell contained and was easy to use. Yes, it's a pain that you have to buy the special bags, but it's totally worth it to dispose of those gag-inducing dirty diapers. Though not very glamorous, this is a very thoughtful gift. 

Baby Nail Clippers

Those sharp baby-dagger nails are intimidating to new parents. What worked easiest for us was cutting nails while the baby was awake, not asleep as commonly recommended (if the baby was sleeping, chances are I was, too). These are super easy to manage. We'd make a routine of manicure time after the bath, and guess what? My 4-year-old clips his own nails now, he loves it so much. 

Baby Nail Clippers

Holly, mom of 1, has created a judgment-free zone for moms and shares her faith-based approach to parenting on her blog
Imperfect Momma.

Imperfect Momma
Foot Lotion

Peppermint Foot Lotion

This Burt's Bees foot lotion was so helpful for me during my pregnancy. My feet were very swollen and sore and this soothed them. If you haven't been pregnant before, I should warn you: your feet will ache, no matter what kind of shoes you wear. Of course, it's all worth it in the end when you get to meet your beautiful baby, but relief from pregnancy symptoms should always be welcomed. 

Morning Sickness Lollipops

Preggie Pop Drops really helped me through my first trimester morning sickness. The sour taste is something that I craved as a pregnant woman and I wanted this candy all the time. These would make a great gift for an expecting mother.

Morning Sickness Lollipops
What to Expect

What to Expect When You're Expecting

This book was really great for me as a new mother. I had a hard time emotionally during my first pregnancy. As if becoming a new mom isn’t scary enough, I have severe anxiety, and even though I was excited, I was extremely nervous. This book helped me so much. And even though nothing can prepare you fully for motherhood, it certainly was useful for me. There's no shortage of great books for first-time moms!

Jeanne, a mom of 2, is on a quest to find magic and whimsy in this crazy world. Join her for the wild ride over at Doodle T.

Doodle T

Leather Diaper Backpack

My tip is to invest in a backpack diaper bag—not a Winnie the Pooh-style one, but a gutsy bag that doubles as a handbag. Carrying it as a backpack keeps my hands free with no added weight on my shoulders and arms. My favorite is the Overland Luella Cowhide Backpack. It’s roomy enough to fit everything you need, it has a flat bottom so it stands upright, it's sturdy and fun, and despite being leather, it’s light even when it’s empty.

Diaper Backpack

Sam, mom of 1, has a fantastic blog at Holistic Mumma, where she writes about family health, emotional wellness and spiritual science based on common sense.

Holistic Mumma
Birth DVD

Birthing Tips DVD

I highly recommend this as a great gift for pregnant women! The ease of your baby’s birth is all in his or her position in the pelvis! “Spinning Babies” shows you how to flip a breach and encourage or maintain the correct position for an easier birth. Gail Tully has created an awesome body of work and the results can be quite profound. I did the basic recommended movements, openers and postural suggestions, and I’m sure it made a huge difference in our natural home birth. 

Baby Language DVD

This video course teaches you how to interpret your baby’s sounds and cries. Personally I found this so incredibly helpful. There was a a lot of comfort in knowing for certain the difference between tired cries, hungry cries, gas cries and discomfort cries, and I felt so much more connected to my baby. Also, your baby will feel so much more secure if he or she knows that you’re hearing them and responding to their specific needs.

Baby Language DVD
Wrap Around Nursing Pillow

Wrap Around Nursing Pillow

I was surprised to find that breastfeeding was so physically demanding on my body, especially on my shoulders and back. Comfort is key, I found, and the trick is that when you can completely relax, baby relaxes and everything works better!

I tried a few different support pillows and this wrap around model was my absolute favorite. The back strap means you’re totally supported. You can even walk around while breastfeeding and you barely have to hold baby up!

Leah, a mom of 2 who blogs at Mama Bear Martin, shares her journey to minimalism and her views on motherhood.  

Mama Bear Martin
Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers saved us a ton of money. Our first child was in NICU for 3 weeks and we were hit with major medical bills even after insurance paid its part. I asked for cloth diapers as gifts from friends and family at our baby shower and invested in a high-quality brand of cloth diaper called BumGenius. They worked perfectly for my oldest and that’s all we used for the first year. Later she started using a disposable at bedtime and cloth during the day. This saved us a ton of money! 


I loved the Halo SleepSack for my oldest. She loved it too, and slept great in it until the day she outgrew it. I felt more at peace swaddling her in that or using it to keep her warm at night because I knew it couldn’t come unwrapped like a blanket and cover her face or something awful.

Gripe Water
Gas Drops

Gripe Water and Gas Relief Drops

I am pretty “crunchy” and I was hesitant to give anything to my babies at first, but both my kiddos were lip- and tongue-tied, so they had difficulty breastfeeding until we realized the issue and got that corrected. Gripe water must be made of unicorn tears and the Gas Relief Drops speak for themselves.

Candy is a writer, crafty geek, Army wife and mom to one energetic toddler. She chronicles her adventures as a first-time mom on her blog Geek Mamas.

Sew Geek Mama
Hands-Free Rocker

Hands-Free Infant Rocker

The Rock n Play sleeper was the only thing my son would sleep in until he was 8 months old. It kept him cradled and snug and I could easily put it right by the bed or move it to the living room. You can make it rock with just the touch of a button!

Baby Shusher

We got this as a baby shower gift and were surprised it actually works! It's totally true that repeatedly making a shush sound soothes the baby to sleep, and this gadget does it for you!

gifts for moms-to-be
Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Curved Pregnancy Pillow

I could not have gotten to sleep once my belly got bigger without this pillow! I even slept with it for a while after my son was born, I loved it so much. It cushions and snuggles all your parts, especially the ones that are growing.

Beth Anne keeps busy taking care of her 2 sons and blogging about life as a mompreneur over at
Brilliant Business Moms.

Brilliant Business Moms

Bottle Warmers

I loved these bottle warmers. You can take them anywhere. No hunting for hot water. You pop the disc and you've got a warm bottle in just a few minutes. This was a lifesaver on the go. I think most mamas can relate to having a breastfed baby who's pretty finicky about bottles—that temperature has to be just right! I used it at the zoo, at children's museums, everywhere!

Bottle Warmers
pregnancy gifts

Ring Sling

I love the ring slings from LILLEbaby. Levi was a big baby, so a lot of the other wraps got way too small, way too fast. The ring sling accommodated his big size, and since he had reflux, he wanted to be held upright all the time! Once again, I carried him in this sling everywhere!

Emily, mom of 2 and a nutritionist, shares easy recipes for busy parents and has some great ideas for healthy meal plans over at My Everyday Table.

My Everyday Table

Nipple Cream

If you plan on nursing, you'll want to have a food-grade nipple cream. I loved the nipple cream from Motherlove and used it multiple times a day for the first few months of nursing with both of my kids. It helps prevent cracks and keeps everything ultra-moisturized. Pro-tip: always, always use it before you hop in the shower!

Nipple Cream
Self-Feeding Utentils

Self-Feeding Utensils

This is an item that I wish I would have known about for my first child! If you have an independent eater, or want to promote independent eaters, you need these! They are great for bites of yogurt and soft foods for your youngest eaters and halved blueberries for older kids. 

Diana is a mom of 1 and is the creator of the fabulous newsletter Mom's Weekly Finds, which features great info on parenting, education, apps and products, as well as recipes and stories.

Moms Weekly Finds

Lanolin Cream

Electric Breast Pump

Lanolin Cream
Electric Breast Pump

"You'll love breastfeeding! Breastfeeding feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g!" Or so was I told when I got pregnant. However, I came to realize that, apart from helping me feel deeply connected with my baby, breastfeeding could actually hurt like hell! Only after I started using this amazing lanolin cream and this gentle electric breast pump was I able to enjoy my breastfeeding experience.

Diana, the mom of 1 behind Before and After Babys, shares her journey on conceiving, being pregnant, and being a mom as well as plenty of stories, thoughts and opinions on just about everything.

Before and After Babys

Nursing Tank Tops

The Rosie Pope pregnancy tanks are so soft and comfortable, I used them during pregnancy, after birth, and I even still wear them now! They were great for breastfeeding as you could detach the straps. Breastfeeding shirts are a great option if the mom-to-be plans on nursing. 

Nursing Tank Tops
Baby Bouncer

Baby Bouncer

We used this bouncer for nap times instead of the crib, and for whenever we needed to put the baby down for a moment. It was such a lifesaver!

Epsom Salt

This helped relieve pregnancy pain and was great for afterbirth pain as well! My midwife even recommended it, as I tore during pregnancy and I think pure epsom salt definitely helped with the healing process as well. The perfect product for a nice bath soak!

Epsom salt

A mom of 1, Brittney embraces the chaos and the crazy on She’s the Honest Mom with her real and honest motherhood experiences.

Shes The Honest Mom
Crib Soother

Crib Soother

This is still a vital part of our bedtime routine and my daughter just turned one! This soother plays music, but you can also turn the sea setting on, which light up as the fish swim around. It is so cute and my daughter loves it.

Classic Nursing Pillow

I was obsessed with my Boppy Pillow! It helps with positioning baby while breastfeeding, but it also makes a great cozy spot for baby to nap! My daughter loved getting cozy in her Boppy. Baby fits snugly inside to prevent falling or rolling over. It’s so convenient for traveling as well. Baby can sleep anywhere in the Boppy!

Nursing Pillow

Josephine has 1 daughter and runs a modern blog for the traditional mama over at Better As Us, where she shares her trials and tribulations as a new mom.

Better Us As
Pack n Play

Pack n Play

The #1 item that helped me out as a new mom was this pack n play, which I used as a second diaper changing station on the main floor of my home. My house is not big, but you're going to be changing far more diapers than you think. Having to walk up and down those stairs to the changing table in your nursery is going to get old, very fast, especially when you just pushed a baby out. 

This product also has a changing table insert. It also comes with a bassinet, which we were able to use, as well as storage on the side, which was great. Whenever there was a blow out or a spit up incident, we were never far from what we needed to take care of it. We loved it so much it stayed up in our house for her entire first year. It is a definite must have in my book!

Infant Bathtub

One of my biggest fears was bath time. Newborns are so little and fragile, and the thought of trying to handle them while they are wet and slippery terrified me.
This tub is an insert that you place inside your sink and it's simply awesome!

Infant Tub

It has a spot for your newborn to recline safely in, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding; you don’t have to worry about making sure the water stays clean because the tub is constantly draining and filling up during the bath; and it has a real-time thermometer built into the tub which tells you if the water is too hot or too cold.

Spout Cover

Spout Cover

I also love this spout cover, which can be used in your regular tub at home for when your little one gets older. It helped take the stress out of bath time and made our bedtime routine so much easier. 

Stroller and Car Seat

When looking for a stroller, we decided to get one where we could just simply click our car seat in and out of the stroller frame and into the car. This model was such a game changer for us because it made it so easy to get out and about with a newborn. 

Stroller and Car Seat

It was especially nice for when she fell asleep in her car seat, since we could simply click her back into the car and get on our way. It also eliminated the need to carry her around everywhere while we had a ton of other items to carry as well. We chose this Chicco model because it was affordable and came with a stroller that would grow along with our little one.

Nicole Roder is a freelance writer, mother of 4, and the blogger behind Where the Heart Is.

Nicole Roder
Nursing Cover

Nursing cover

I highly recommend a Hooter Hider or any nursing cover. By my 4th baby I became really good at nursing discretely without using a cover. But when you have your first, and you're not quite adept at it yet, a lot of moms feel shy nursing in front of other people. This product is great because you can just hang it around your neck and it stays in place. There’s also a little boning at the top so that mom can look down and see baby, but people around her can't see anything. 

Jogging Stroller and Car Seat

You definitely need an infant carrier/stroller travel system. I used one by Graco, and now they actually have a jogger version, which I really wish they'd had when my kids were babies! 

Jogging Stroller and Car Seat

The reason I loved it: I could easily pick up the infant carrier from the car, click it into the stroller, and go anywhere. Never had to wake a sleeping baby, never had to break my back carrying a heavy load. And there was so much storage in the stroller for carrying all my baby stuff, plus cup holders! You can also use the stroller without the car seat for a convenient changing area or a high chair for older babies when you're out and about. 



By the time my 3rd and 4th babies came along, we were running out of space in our house. We've since moved to a bigger place, but this thing was a lifesaver at the time. It's about the size of a little bassinet, but with only 3 sides. The 4th side goes right up against the side of your bed, and you strap it down between your mattress and box spring to make sure it doesn't move. 

You can have your baby sleeping right next to you, but in his or her own space. When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you're right there to feed him, then go right back to sleep. No need to get out of bed!

Bethany, the mom of 4 behind Parenting in Progress, shares funny stories, frugal living tips, recipes, travel adventures, fashion, crafts and DIY projects on her blog.

Parenting in Progress

Deluxe Diaper Bag

I recommend getting a really well-made bag with lots of pockets and lots of room. I pretty much lived out of my diaper bag until my kids were toddlers. Everything I could possibly need was in that bag.  I would fill it out with all the baby essentials, snacks, extra water, toys, even things for me like hand sanitizer, lip balm, an extra protein bar, plus things you might not think of like safety pins, rubber bands, a lint brush. This bag was my lifeline. 

Diaper Bag
Portable Play Yard

Portable Play Yard

We did a lot of traveling, camping, and spent a lot of time outside. As a mom, I was  a little worried about bugs and critters if I laid the baby on a blanket on the ground, so I always brought a portable play yard.  I wanted something simple so it would be lightweight and easy to set up.  It made traveling with baby so easy. 

I often used it around the house, too. I would set it up in the living room so I could get a few things done without having to worry about her getting into things. I could throw a couple of toys in the play yard and she was content to play in a contained space. It made life a little easier and more manageable. 

Danika runs Song Bugs, which gives parents the tools they need to teach and learn music alongside their infants, toddlers and children.

Song Bugs
Home Birth Pool

Home Birth Pool

I knew I wanted to have a home birth and had always been intrigued by water birth, so I ordered this pool. Still, I wasn't sure that water birth was for me until I was actually in labor. Nothing but water felt welcoming to my body and I was so glad to have this pool ready to go. 

Now I cannot imagine giving birth unless I'm in water—it just feels so natural for both the newborn and for myself. While in labor the water enables me to move, and thus help the little one move, whereas without a birth pool I would not feel like I was able to move and flow during the labor process.

Leather Baby Shoes

When my little girl started walking, she wasn't used to wearing shoes and rejected hard-soled shoes. I was thrilled to find the Bobux line of soft-soled leather shoes which caressed, protected and accommodated her extra large feet. Bobux has a wide range of styles for both girls and boys.

Leather Baby Shoes

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Feeder for twins

Double Feeding Station for Twins

This was an absolute lifesaver for bottle feeding twins. This double feeding station  allows you to feed both babies at once, saving time and allowing you to sit in a comfortable position while feeding. 

Before using this, it took me so much time to feed one baby, then the next baby and by the time they were both back to sleep, the first baby would wake up again shortly thereafter, leaving little time for sleep. Plus, when you have a second baby screaming for a bottle it gets a little stressful to try and hurry the first one to finish! 

Infant Seat

For a single baby, or for twins, my favorite glider was absolutely the mamaRoo. This was like the baby whisperer—it instantly put our kids to sleep. I kicked myself for not having this with our first child.

Infant Seat

While the swing was OK, the fact that I could change the motions and this never ran out of battery power was a lifesaver. We had bouncers, swings, and rock n plays but I would say take all the money you would spend on those and just get the mamaRoo. It’s so worth it!

Food pouches

Food Pouches

With how easy and convenient it is to use baby food pouches, they are a nightmare when your kid inevitably squeezes them everywhere. The easy pouch is awesome because it keeps your child from squeezing their fruits or veggies and saves your floor!

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Deluxe Baby Lounger and

Deluxe Decorative Bassinet

Portable crib and bassinet
DockATot Aristot

The DockATot Deluxe is a baby lounger and co-sleeper that babies can use up to 9 months, or in our case, until he started crawling out of it! We were not the types of parents who ever thought we would be co-sleeping with our baby, but when he was not sleeping at night we wanted to find the safest way possible to do so. We absolutely loved our DockATot.

I am super excited to see that they came out with the Aristot, which is basically a decorative bassinet to house your DockATot. I am hoping that when baby #2 comes around that we will be able to let them sleep in their DockATot Aristot right near us rather than co-sleeping with us! 

Baby Wipes

The Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes are wipes that you can use for diaper changes and easy clean up. I love that they are sensitive and can be used on baby’s face as opposed to abrasive wipes that can irritate their skin! I found these especially useful in the early months when milk would drip down their necks and get caught in the folds during feedings. We would always wipe his neck with these and then pat dry with a tissue to prevent irritation. 

Baby Wipes
Organic All-Purpose Balm

Organic All-Purpose Balm

The Honest Organic All-Purpose Balm is great for healing baby’s skin when it’s irritated. I love that it’s all natural and doesn’t have an odor. Often times we would wipe the neck or diaper area that was irritated with baby wipes, pat dry with a tissue, and then apply this balm. The area would heal overnight! 

Baby Formula Maker

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is sent straight from heaven! It perfectly measures, blends and warms each bottle with the press of a button! All you have to do is refill the formula and water. Keeping it clean is also super easy. My son was 4 weeks early and my milk never came in, so formula feeding was our only option and this made it a breeze for his whole first year!

Baby Formula Maker

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U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Getting good sleep when you feel like you're as big as a house is no joke. For that reason, I craved my pregnancy pillow and truly couldn't sleep without it. It made me feel like I was falling into a cloud each night and allowed me to be comfortable while I slept.

Belly Band

For those weird in-between sizes that pregnancy brings out, hello belly band! I had these bad boys in every color possible and they truly saved me money throughout each of my three pregnancies. Sure, I eventually had to buckle down and buy maternity pants, but in the mean time I loved my belly bands!

Belly Band
Pregnancy Memory Book

Pregnancy Memory Book

Filling out a pregnancy journal was something I looked forward to each week. Reading about the progress of my soon-to-be babe, as well as documenting the journey we were sharing, is something that I loved doing and look back on fondly. Now that my children are older, they have appreciated getting insight into those 9 months that we shared.

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Tea Thermos

After she was born, I liked to relax with a cup of tea but often worried that if I was holding her, I might spill on her somehow. I never did, but a tired mother comes up with all sorts of things to worry about, right?! That's when I found this mug. You can use it with loose or bagged tea, or add hot water with slices of fruit. No matter what your drink of choice, the lid was great for keeping my mind at ease and now I use it as a travel mug!

Tea Mug Thermos

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White Noise Machine

White Noise Machine

We live in a city, so between the ambulances, the neighbors, and general noise from the street, I’m slightly hysterical about the babies waking up. This is a great little machine with multiple sounds and a timer, and it’s compact and portable to boot! This would make a great baby shower gift!

Double Jogging Stroller

Our first stroller was not a Baby Jogger, but we invested in one of the brand’s models when we had our second child. Best. Decision. Ever. This stroller might as well push itself. It’s super easy to maneuver (even with one hand!), it glides effortlessly over all kinds of terrain, and the materials are extremely high quality. 

Baby Jogger Double Stroller

It’s got huge basket underneath and your kids are protected by the enormous, heavy-duty canopies. You can use it as a single or a double stroller and there are more than a dozen different configurations for the seats. It’s definitely an investment, but one you won’t regret, and it makes a seriously awesome gift for an expecting mom.  

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

A friend of mine got this for me when I was pregnant. Understandably, my reaction was, “Um… what?” But this is actually a very useful idea and it would make a wonderfully thoughtful gift.  

Baby is born. Photos are taken. About 500,000 of them. Does she keep them on her phone forever? Does she put together photo albums every month? No, she stores them on an external hard drive, dedicated solely to photos of her little bundle of joy. A very unique gift idea. What mama-to-be wouldn’t love that? 

Baby Handprint Kit

I got one of these when my daughter was born, so I can confirm that it's a wonderful gift for a pregnant lady. These kinds of pregnancy keepsakes (and sonogram frames, for example) are fantastic because they offer a super easy and lovely way to preserve memories of your little bundle of joy.

Baby Handprint Kit

Still not sure after reading our massive list of ideas? Here are some super useful additional tips.

Got registry?

A gift registry immediately takes the pressure off. It’s win-win because you have fewer items to choose from and whatever you pick you know the mom-to-be will love it! So before you hit the shops, ask if there’s a registry to refer to; you’ll be glad you did!

Get practical

Practical may sound boring, but trust us, new moms will thank you for hooking them up with the essentials. If you’ve got little ones, what items do you use the most? What are the things that make your everyday routine run smoothly? (We know laundry baskets and hampers aren’t glamorous, but they sure are necessary!)

Get personal

Do your friends define you by your job? Do you have a particular hobby that you talk about all the time? When picking out a pregnancy gift, capitalize on these aspects of your identity. For example, if you're a chef, consider gifting a baby food maker; if you're obsessed with space, how about a baby mobile decorated with stars and planets?

Boy or girl?

If you know the baby's gender, it will be easier to choose a traditional gift. But if the baby's gender is a surprise, play it safe and pick something that would work for every little one (think neutral colors, educational toys and more practical items.)

Think smart

You can't go wrong with a gift that will stimulate baby's five senses. Anything that will keep baby occupied or pave the way to genius is bound to be appreciated (think books, mobiles, puzzles, musical toys, etc.)

Join in

Is the new mom desperate for a stroller, a changing table or another big-ticket item? Consider getting a bunch of friends together and chipping in to purchase the gift she really (really!) needs.

Name it

If there's a baby name picked out, use this to your advantage! Paint the name on a step stool, embroider it on a blanket, or frame it in a picture. Believe us when we tell you that a new moms will think everything is adorable and perfect emblazoned with her special name.

Be traditional

You can't go wrong with traditional presents like picture frames, blankets, booties, photo albums, brush and comb sets, silver rattles and spoons, etc. While this gifts may be predictable, they're often the ones that are cherished as keepsakes for years to come.

Be nostalgic

What toys did you love as a kid? Did you have a favorite stuffed animal or books that you read over and over again? Go out and shop for the same (or similar) items! When you give them to the new mom, be sure to share your awesome memories. 

Moms only

At this moment in time, all the focus is on the new arrival, so it's easy to forget that the new mom also needs (lots of) attention too. Surprise her with things that she'd never pick for herself: lotion, pillows, slippers, etc. 

And there you have it!

From sleepsacks, swings and soothers to bath products and breast pumps, we aimed to bring you the ultimate list of mom gift ideas and some general advice and tips. 

You truly can’t go wrong with any of these recommendations, but since you know the expecting mom better than we do, think about which of these tried-and-tested products would serve her well, and go for it.

Would she love to document her journey? Get her a pregnancy journal.

Is she stressed about stress marks? Belly butter is in order.

Is she sore and achey? Pick out a killer bath bomb!

Is she a fashionista? Find a trendy maternity shirt!

Skip the generic one-size-fits-all pregnancy gift box, gift basket, gift set and bump boxes. Heck, skip the gift certificates and gift cards. Celebrate her baby bump in a meaningful, thoughtful way.

Whether it’s a pregnancy gift for a first-time mom or for her kiddo, the simple act of getting her something is a lovely gesture. 

Now, get her something awesome that she can actually use, something that will truly make her life easier, and you’ll probably be asked to be a godparent. 

Would you recommend something that’s not already on this list?

We’d love to hear about it! Share it in the comments!

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