About Us

Welcome to Tiny Fry, and thanks for stopping by!

If you’ve ever struggled to find just the right gift for the little person in your life, if you’ve ever had trouble coming up with ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained, and if you’ve ever stressed at the sight of the massive amount of baby products on the market, you’ve most certainly come to the right place.

We created this site because we’ve been there. We’ve given (and received) crappy gifts, we’ve seen our kids grow bored of the same old activities, and we’ve wept into our keyboard searching for shoes that would somehow stay on our baby’s feet.

With that in mind, we decided to try to make things easier for you; we want to give you the shortcut we never had. So we rolled up our sleeves and did all of the legwork for you, with the hopes that you would visit TinyFry.com and say, “Hey. All the answers are here. This is pretty awesome”.

Here you’ll find a whole lotta information, from the perfect gift for a future Broadway star to dollhouses that deserve a feature in Architectural Digest; from fun vocabulary-boosting games to unique Thanksgiving crafts; from teething toy round-ups to sleep sack showdowns. We give you the pros and the cons, the hows and the whys.

We also give you a different point of view. What we think is very important, and what you think is important. And of course we also care about what our friends think, and we even take strangers’ opinions into consideration when deciding what toy to buy, game to play and crib to add to the nursery. But, when you think about it, doesn’t that seem just a tad unfair? Does anyone ever ask the “tiny fry”?

So that’s exactly what we did. We went straight to the source and sat down with babies and toddlers to find out what they really think about their rattles, car seats and shape sorters. Our interviews were recorded in a series entitled The Tiny Fry Files, and we believe our thorough Q&A sessions will shed a lot of light on what makes these tiny people tick.