Best Beach Bags for Moms – Keep Your Essentials Close and Stay Organized


Best beach bags for moms

Remember, back in the day, when you could just head to the beach on a whim with nothing more than a towel and some SPF 15?

Those days become a distant memory once children enter the equation. Going anywhere with kids means taking stuff, lots of stuff, and the beach is no exception. Sunscreen, flips flops and umbrellas, oh my!

Having all that beach gear and only two hands means you need a beach bag, but not just any 'ole bag will do. You need one of the best beach bags for moms.

Just like when you were scrolling through the multitudes of diaper bags on the market, there are numerous beach bags to choose from out there.

Even though they all, for the most part, are designed for sand and water, they are not all geared towards moms. The best beach bags for moms will undoubtedly be large, easy to carry on one shoulder or in one hand, have a pocket with a closure to keep sand away from phones and other devices, and be made with mesh so that all the sand stays at the beach. Moms do not need another mess to clean up when they get home.

Before we reveal our favorites to you, check out the table below for an overview.

Quick comparison: Best beach bags for moms

Beach bags

Features we love


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Super Big (Huge) X-Large Coated Mesh Family Beach Bag/Tote

- 5 exterior compartments
- Waterproof, high-grade mesh, mildew resistant
- Rinse clean with water

- Very sturdy, enormous capacity​

Saltwater Canvas Whale Bag for the Beach

- Bag dries in minutes
- Contains 9 pleated pockets, inner zip pocket, room for snacks and drinks
- 5-year guarantee
- Double shoulder straps
ensure comfort

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

- 8 big pockets, including
a zippered pocket
- Ridiculously sturdy,
great bang for your buck
- Lightweight but holds a lot
- Folds down almost flat, ideal for travel or storage

Aloha Sugar Beach Bag

- 7 outer pockets, keyring and
interior bag for valuables
- Comes with PVC
water-resistant phone case
- Mildew- and water-resistant
- Manufacturer plants 10 trees in Haiti, Madagascar or Nepal
for every bag purchase

Deluxe Oversized Mesh Family XL Beach Tote

- 8 large exterior compartments
- Withstands tough use
in extreme conditions
- Heavy-duty mesh is long-lasting
- Easy to rinse off and dry

For the full details on the best options, keep reading!

Super Big (Huge) X-Large Coated Mesh Family Beach Bag/Tote

This is one big bag, 14 inches by 18 inches and 11 inches deep, to be exact. That's a lot of space to fill, but we know you won’t have any problem doing so.

As if the interior space wasn’t enough, there are also five large, puffed out exterior pockets which are great for water bottles, sunscreen and anything else you want to have easy access to.

This beach bag for moms (and families in general) is made with sturdy mesh that will stand up to summer after summer of use, and the mesh allows sand to shake out easily.

You'll be able to keep your phones, tablets and wallets in the zipper pocket, which also has a key ring, because no one wants to search for keys in the sand.

Even though this is a big, durable bag, it's still very comfortable to carry, with straps long enough to go on your shoulder.

Bags that are easy to fill should be equally as easy to empty and clean, and because this bag is mildew- and water-resistant, you can literally take a hose to this baby, let it air dry, and then store it away until your next big adventure.


  • Made with durable mesh
  • Zipper pocket with key ring
  • Rinses clean with water


  • No solid bottom
  • Strong plastic-like smell

What we love most about this beach bag

The puffed exterior pockets are a great addition to this mom-friendly beach bag. Being able to grab something easily, with one hand, is essential when going anywhere with children, and these pockets make that possible.

Saltwater Canvas Whale Bag for the Beach

Again, the name is kind of a dead giveaway and it is also spot on. This truly is a whale of a bag with nine pleated pockets, that will hold drinks in the upright position, in addition to the roomy interior space, but it also folds up easily for storage. Can you say, “win-win?”

Another thing that sets this bag apart from others is the never-rip strength of the double shoulder straps that run the length of the bag. This is probably why the company felt so comfortable giving it a 5-year function guarantee. It measures 15 inches tall by 15.5 inches, and has a 12 inch oval base.

It's well-known that sand is the gift that keeps on giving, and while you still might bring some home in your shorts, this bag will not contribute to the mess.

What doesn’t fall through the weatherproof, furniture mesh can be effortlessly rinsed away with a hose and, to top it off, this bag dries in just minutes, so clean up is not only easy, but quick.


  • Inner pocket for keys and phones
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Dries in minutes


  • Mesh is a bit rough
  • Heavy even when empty

What we love most about this beach bag

When searching for the best beach bags for moms, the word “guarantee” is bound to stand out. Mom life offers little to no guarantees, day in and day out, so when we can purchase a product that offers us one, that is definitely an option we probably won’t overlook.

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

Roomy and organized: the word combo moms cannot ignore.

The interior of this bag can fit all your beach gear and more. Then there are the eight big pockets that will keep the sunscreen out of the snacks and everything else in its place.

If your trip to the beach is a little farther than a day’s drive, you can simply fold this bag up and put it in your suitcase until you arrive at your sunny destination.

The Dejaroo mesh beach bag is not only practical, but it looks good, too. Even though you probably won’t have time to notice if someone is eyeing your trendy bag while keeping an eye on your kiddos, carrying a good-looking bag tends to put a pep in our step as moms.

While being fashionable is great, being functional is even better, and this beach bag does not disappoint. The straps are super comfortable and high quality mesh keeps your bag from becoming the sand’s taxi back to your trunk.

This bag measures 16.5 inches L x 15 inches H x 8.5 inches W.​


  • High quality mesh
  • Waterproof, rinses clean
  • Inside zipper pocket for valuables


  • Does not stand up on its own

What we love most about this beach bag

Being able to fold this bag flat and fit it inside a suitcase or duffle bag is pretty fantastic. This is not only helpful when traveling, but at home as well. Storing bags inside of other bags is a common trick for saving space in most households, and any product that saves space is a winner in our book.

Aloha Sugar Beach Bag

The name of this beach bag alone makes us want to book a flight to somewhere warm immediately, but don’t let it fool you! The beach is not the only place for this versatile bag, it's also perfect for grocery shopping or carrying your gym gear.

Despite being a sturdy bag that can hold its shape, it is also very lightweight, and that's always a big plus.

Like most beach bags, the Aloha bag is made of high quality, mildew-resistant mesh and boasts a spacious interior and easily accessible outer pockets to keep all your things organized.

But the Sugar Beach Gag also has some sweet upgrades, like an attached water-resistant phone case that allows you to use your phone while keeping it protected from the elements. There's also another interior pocket that acts as a mini purse.

But the best "upgrade" isnt' inside this bag at all. It's the company’s environmental commitment. Every bag purchased results in the planting of ten trees in Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal. Now that is quite sweet, indeed.

This bag is 7.5 inches L x 15.15 inches H x 9.6 inches W.​


  • Sturdy, holds its shape
  • Lightweight
  • PVC water-resistant phone case


  • Plastic-like odor

What we love most about this beach bag

Although becoming charitable, especially towards our environment, is a growing trend in the business world, it is still not always easy to find companies that care about much more than their bottom line. The fact that purchasing this bag gives the average mom a chance to give back is quite phenomenal.

Deluxe Oversized Mesh Family XL Beach Tote

When searching for the best beach bags for moms, don’t overlook the ones referred as totes. After all, that's what these bags are doing—toting all our stuff around for us. “XL Beach Tote” is not over-exaggerating.

This is truly a big, durable, fade-resistant beach tote that will last for summer after summer.

It has a spacious interior with a clip to secure your keys, and eight large, exterior pockets to keep your necessities easily within reach.

The material is not only waterproof but non-absorbent as well, so you don’t have to worry about any water being retained, which makes cleanup a breeze.

This bag measures 16.5 inches L x 14.5 inches H x 7.2 inches W.


  • Non-absorbent material
  • Fade resistant
  • Stands up on its own


  • No zipper pocket
  • Shorter straps

Why we love this beach bag

The size of this bag makes it stand out. Going anywhere with kids can quickly become overwhelming when you’re trying to keep track of everyone and everything, so being able to grab one bag with the confidence that you’re not forgetting anything definitely makes life a little easier.

Everyone’s taste and preferences are different, especially when it comes to the something you’re going to being reaching into multiple times a day to get food and drink, swimming goggles, sunscreen, water shoes, your phone... You get the picture.

Just like when you first started carrying a purse or diaper bag, you have to take a good look at what your priorities are when it comes to choosing a beach bag.

Whether you’re more concerned with space, accessibility or style, we hope that one of our top picks stands out to you as the best beach bag.

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