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Best bottle drying rack

If you have an infant, you know that life is naturally busy - between feedings, changings, and everything else that needs to be done on a daily basis.

With that being said, even the smallest accessories that allow you to save energy become lifesaving during this time in your child’s life - which can oftentimes be quite chaotic!

A bottle drying rack is one of those items that may seem unnecessary at first glance, but that in all reality will save you a lot of time and hassle, making it a baby registry must.

Advantages and disadvantages to using a drying rack​

There are a number of advantages to using bottle drying racks.

Most notably, they allow your baby’s bottles to dry quicker with little effort from you, giving you more time in your day.

Additionally, they're versatile in the sense that they can hold not only bottles, but also a range of items, such as breast pump pieces, pacifiers, and sippy cups.

Finally, they allow you to easily separate baby items, like bottles, from the rest of your dishes as you're cleaning and organizing.

There are a few downsides to consider, too, in using these drying accessories.

First, they do take up space on your counter, which could be an issue if you are low on extra room in your kitchen.

Additionally, some may view them as an eyesore in your kitchen.

Before you buy​

If you're in the market for a bottle drying rack, here are a few things you should look for before deciding on a product:​

  • Size and capacity
  • Aesthetic
  • Quality

Because there are so many different models out there, and because sterilizing and drying bottles is important for your child's health (here are some great sterilizer options), we’ve compiled a list of the best bottle drying racks, highlighting our favorite (and least favorite) features of each. 

Check out the table below for an overview of the top contenders.

Quick comparison: Best bottle drying rack​

drying rack

Features we love


Buy it now

Munchkin High
Capacity Drying Rack

Best bottle drying rack

- Height adjustable, so it fits
lots of different items
- Folds down flat for easy storage
- Very large capacity
- Drainage system
is very convenient

The First Years Spin
Stack Drying Rack

Best bottle drying rack

- Vertical design takes up
less counter space
- Can be drained right into your sink
- Both levels are adjustable and spin
- Holds lots of bottles, up to 16!

OXO Tot Bottle and
Accessories Drying Rack

Best bottle drying rack

- Dishwasher safe
- Allows for proper ventilation
- Easy to expel water from tray
- Bottles don't touch the bottom

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Best bottle drying rack

- Cool aesthetic
- Easy to clean
- Free of BPA,
Phthalate and PVC
- Holds glass bottles
- Great price point

Philips AVENT
Drying Rack

Best bottle drying rack

- Detachable tray allows
for you to expel water easily
- Small footprint
- Works with glass bottles
- Nice looking and good quality

Dr. Brown's Universal
Drying Rack

Best bottle drying rack

- Easy storage, thanks to folding design
- Removable water tray
- Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
- Works very well

Keep on reading for the lowdown on the best drying racks for baby bottles!

Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack

If you’re looking for a versatile bottle drying rack, you’re in luck—this Munchkin product is the one for you.

This is specially designed to keep your countertop clean and to keep your baby’s bottles and feeding pieces neatly organized, even as they dry.

The height of the stand adjusts, making it not only one of the best drying racks for baby bottles, but also an easy to use accessory.​

Best bottle drying rack

This rack has the capacity to fit up to 16 bottles at a time, making it a great size.

Furthermore, it features drip trays to either catch stray water or directly drain into the sink, ensuring there's no mess on your counter.


  • Folds for easy storage​
  • Adjustable height allows for different sized items
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Large size takes up significant space on counter

Our favorite feature

The aspect of this item that we believe makes it a contender for best bottle drying rack out there is its versatility. The adjustable design of this device means that using it to dry bottles, cups, a pump—pieces of all shapes and sizes—is totally effortless. If you’re going to have a drying rack, you might as well have one that fits all your baby feeding gear, right?​

The First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack

When your counter space begins dwindling because of your seemingly endless baby gear, turn to this drying rack by The First Years.

It has a large capacity to hold up to 16 bottles, and is designed to support other items, such as sippy cups, pacifiers, nipples, teethers, and breast pump parts.​

Best bottle drying rack

The vertical design of this item maximizes your counter space while giving you a reliable spot to quickly dry your baby’s feeding pieces.

Another notable feature of this item is that it drains directly into the sink, preventing water from pooling on your countertop.


  • Spinning design for easy loading​
  • High capacity
  • Folds flat for compact storage
  • Inexpensive


  • Must be disassembled for cleaning​
  • Unreliable with heavier or glass objects

Our favorite feature

Our favorite feature of this item is that it can hold a wide range of items in addition to your baby’s bottles. It can also accommodate nipples, pacifiers, breast pump pieces, straws, etc. This allows for continued use as your baby grows and uses more and more objects, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.​

OXO Tot Bottle and Accessories Drying Rack

This OXO bottle drying rack is another excellent option.

First, it's broken up into different sections - one for overturned drying bottles and cups, and the other for the smaller components of your baby’s feeding devices, like nipples and bottle caps.

You can even attach a removable cup that is designed for drying kids’ utensils, straws, or medical droplets.​

Best bottle drying rack

The raised rib design of the rack prevents items from sitting in a pool of water as they dry, which helps to keep them clean and sanitary.

Finally, the corners of the tray are shaped to collect excess water to be easily poured out in between drying sessions.


  • Well-designed for optimal drying air flow​
  • Sturdy
  • Different compartments for multi-product use


  • Not designed for automatic drainage​
  • Larger design takes up more space
  • Smaller capacity overall (8 bottles maximum)

Our favorite feature

Hygiene is an important part of this rack's design, which we love. The individual tines are flexible and elevate bottles, which allows for better ventilation while drying. Additionally, the ribbed design on the separate compartment wicks water away from items to ensure that they remain clean and dry quickly.​

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

For parents looking for a more modern option, this grass drying rack is a winner.

Designed to look like a meadow, this drying rack is BPA, Phthalate free and PVC free.

It has a low profile, matching the aesthetic of any kitchen.

Best bottle drying rack

This drying rack is smaller overall, so it takes up less space than the others reviewed here.

Water flows to the lower area of the tray and collects there, and can be easily poured out in between drying loads.

The length of the “grass” allows you to place even taller items on it - such as children's utensils - and they will remain upright rather than flopping over.


  • Modern aesthetic​
  • Design allows for airflow and ventilation
  • Easy assembly
  • Compact storage


  • Not dishwasher safe​
  • Smaller capacity

Our favorite feature

To us, what makes this a great bottle dryer is that it's extremely easy to use. As you’re washing bottles and baby items, you don’t have to think as you place them on this rack to dry. That's because it has no small prongs on which you must carefully place and balance bottles, and instead you can place them anywhere on the “grass”, which makes the cleaning process easier and quicker overall.​

Philips AVENT Drying Rack

This drying rack by Philips has a simple design that packs some serious punch, making it easier than ever to dry your infant’s bottles and feeding accessories.

Fitting up to 8 bottles at a time, it features long branches as well as short prongs at the top, which are perfect for smaller items, such as bottle nipples or binkies.​

Best bottle drying rack

This rack also can accommodate items such as pump parts, pacifiers, and other baby accessories.

The removable drip tray keeps items dry and makes disposing of water easy and mess free.


  • Inexpensive​
  • Small and compact design
  • Sturdy
  • Works with glass bottles


  • Smaller capacity (fits 8 bottles maximum)​

Our favorite feature

The best part of this items is that it's extremely sturdy. While other bottle drying racks with individual prongs have a hard time accommodating glass bottles or cups, this one does so effortlessly. With this drying rack, there is virtually no limit to the cups and bottles that you can place on it, regardless of their weight or material. Talk about a small product that makes a big impact!​

Dr. Brown's Universal Drying Rack

The makers of this Dr. Brown’s drying rack really thought of it all!

Not only does it fit standard bottles, but its long posts allow for wide-neck bottles to be dried as well.

It also features smaller posts that are meant for the thorough drying of nipples and pacifiers, making this a versatile product overall.​

Best bottle drying rack

This product is unique in the fact that it can also hold cups, bowls, and utensils as your baby grows and advances - making it a great value purchase.

Dripping water is collected via a tray, and the raised drying platform works to ensure that your items do not come into contact with any sitting water while they rest on the rack.


  • BPA free​
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Collapsible for easy storage


  • Plastic prongs not sturdy enough for heavy items​
  • Larger design takes up ample space

Our favorite feature

This item ranks among the best bottle drying racks thanks to its lightweight design and ability to be easily stored. Because it not only comes apart, but is also collapsible, it’s easy as pie to store this in a cabinet or closet. Also, the fact that it comes apart makes it easy to disassemble it and place it in the dishwasher for simplified cleaning, which is a huge plus.

Because there's such a wide range of options out there, choosing the right bottle drying rack can undoubtedly be a challenge. After all, you want to ensure that the aesthetic, size, and functionality works best for you.

Keep in mind that this is an accessory that will save you time and energy, which means a lot when faced with the demands of caring for an infant.

Hopefully this list and analysis of the best drying racks for baby bottles has made your decision easier and, in turn, will simplify your life and keep your little one healthy and happy.​

Featured image: Lyn Lomasi - Washing baby bottles and toys

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