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Before a baby takes his or her first breath outside of the womb, its parents have received more tips, scares and funny stories about parenting than they can process. The books, websites, and even the unsolicited advice they receive from onlookers is enough to cause confusion before baby even arrives.

But these parents all have one thing in common: They dread the word “colic”.

The nightmare stories of a crying, inconsolable child is told over and over in family circles, and is enough to send any new parent to tears. With an average of 20-25% of babies suffering from this affliction, wouldn’t it just be nice to know that if you're using one of the best bottles for gas and colic, you may save yourself the headache? We thought so.

Using the best anti-colic bottles is important because babies are susceptible to gas when they are fed with the wrong type of bottle. Gas is a key component in colicky dispositions, so why not beat the fussiness at the source?

Using the right bottle while feeding (and using the right sterilizer) is important to your baby’s health. Anti-gas and colic bottles help combat the common symptoms of crying, discomfort and inability to relax enough to sleep in babies who are suffering.

Although doctors are still unsure of the actual cause of colic in babies, there is a connection between gas and colicky behavior.

When a baby ingests too much air through the nipple of the bottle, or when she eats too quickly, it's time to take a good look the best baby bottles available.

The top bottles for gassy babies have similar attributes, including:​

  • Slow-flow nipples
  • A ventilation system providing smooth flow to reduce air intake
  • Natural nipple design to mimic the breast
  • Easy latch nipple to reduce release time that causes air intake
  • BPA-free design

Each of these features provide the anti-gas and colic solutions all parents need to keep their babies properly fed, while combatting the common causes of discomfort from ingesting too much air during the feeding process.

In addition to the baby getting the nutrients they need, without the air that causes the colic that neither party desires, parents also have a list of needs that should be considered by manufacturers, including:

  • Parts that are easy to clean and assemble​
  • Instructions that are easy to understand
  • Non-leaky parts
  • Long-life construction
  • Bottles that are easy to hold, store and transport

Notice the use of the word “easy” in a lot of the parental desires? Of course!

The child’s nourishment and comfort is paramount in any feeding process. However, any parent will attest to the fact that if a bottle is hard to use or clean, or if it leaks like crazy, they'll start looking for an alternative.

Finding the perfect bottle to meet both parties in the middle can be a challenge, but knowing what to look for can make all the difference!

Before we provide you with all the details on our favorite bottles, here's a quick comparison chart that summarizes our findings.

Quick comparison: Best bottles for colic and gas​


Anti-gas and
colic features

Other features
we love


Buy it now

MAM Anti-Colic


Ultra-soft nipple
mimics breastfeeding, 
which reduces
air intake

- Special ventilation system
reduces air intake
- Removable cap
keeps nipple clean

Tommee Tippee
Closer to Nature
Anti-Colic Bottles


Shape, design and
venting system facilitate
a natural feeding motion and
low air intake

- Natural nipple construction
- Venting system reduces
air intake
- Compact shape

Philips AVENT
BPA-Free Bottle


Built-in nipple valve
lets milk flow at a natural pace minimizing
burping, overconsumption
and gas

- Easy to hold and clean
- Nipple design
reduces collapsing
- Clinically proven to
reduce cold and discomfort

Dr. Brown's BPA-Free Natural
Flow Baby
Bottle Feeding Set

Best bottles for colic and gas

Venting system delivers milk without accumulating air and bottle provides natural flow, similar to breastfeeding

- Comes as a complete set so it grows with baby
- Bottles are compatible with some breast
pump models

Lansinoh Momma
Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple


Air ventilation system reduces air intake during feedings

- Easy to clean and assemble
- Long-lasting, soft and flexible nipple
- Grows with baby as you can use different sized nipples over time

Playtex BPA-Free VentAire Bottle
Starter Set


Micro channel vent technology prevents air mixing with milk, angles bottle prevents ear infections

- Improved flow rate
- Easier to drink from
- Full set grows with
your baby

Now, if you're looking for the full story on the best anti-colic bottles, keep reading!

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle​

The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle provides the benefits of breastfeeding through the use of a bottle, allowing the two practices to be interchanged when needed. This beneficial exchange allows the baby to be fed by someone other than the mother, while delivering the anti-gas and colic results all parents and caretakers desire.

This bottle provides and ultra-soft nipple that encourages a natural suckling motion similar to breastfeeding. The result is a smooth intake that reduces the air inflow that can cause gas and colicky behavior in babies. 

For parents who have only breastfed and need to make a transition to bottle, this model scores well – as long as you can take the time necessary to clean and construct it properly in between feedings.



  • Mimics the natural breast nipple​
  • Ventilation system reduces air intake
  • Removable cap to keep nipple clean


  • Leaks if not put together properly​
  • Lots of pieces, hard to clean

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Bottles

Anti-colic and gas bottles are increasingly important not only in countering a baby’s uncomfortable feeding side effects, but also in impeding the start of digestion issues. Parents who have never experienced a colicky baby may never know the brilliance of anti-colic feeding focuses.

These Tommee Tippee bottles provide the option to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding without too much confusion, as they deliver a smooth and slow flow that allows the child to eat without ingesting air that causes gas.

The shape, design and venting system provide the benefits of a natural feeding motion as well as low air intake. 



  • Natural nipple construction to mimic breast​
  • Compact shape delivers natural positioning during feeding
  • Venting system to reduce air intake


  • Lots of parts can cause leaking​
  • Nipples may collapse
  • Starting and stopping may be an issue

Philips AVENT Anti-Colic BPA-Free Bottle

The Philips AVENT bottles are the number one recommended bottles by mothers worldwide, which gives them an exceptional leg up in the anti-colic and gas bottle arena.

With their built-in nipple valve, these bottles flex with the rhythm of your baby’s feeding, allowing milk to flow at a natural pace. This design minimizes over-consumption, burping and gas, which lessens the chances of colic symptoms and  overall discomfort.

The clinical aspect certainly delivers validity to these bottles. However, the starter version that parents use for newer babies to prevent colic is recommended for only that use – and not for feeding with other nipples. This can increase the overall expense when babies exceed the nine-month old mark and outgrow colic symptoms naturally, but still require bottle feedings.



  • Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort​
  • Easy to hold and clean
  • Nipple design reduces collapsing


  • Anti-colic bottles should be used only with anti-colic nipples​
  • On the pricier side

Dr. Brown's BPA Free Natural Flow Baby Bottle Feeding Set

Dr. Brown’s feeding set is another great option. The fact that it's a set makes a difference to new parents as they are trying to counter colic issues while also purchasing products that cover their needs in full.

This newborn feeding set comes with three 8 oz bottles, two 4 oz bottles, two extra Level-Two silicone nipples (for growing babies), two storage/travel caps and three cleaning brushes, which exist inside the bottles to expedite the process of feeding, cleaning and repeating the process.

The bottle and its components provide a natural flow that resembles the pace of breastfeeding. Additionally, the venting system delivers milk without the accumulation of air that causes gas and colic symptoms. 

Best bottles for colic and gas


  • Complete set delivers one-stop-shop for feedings​
  • Set grows with baby, reducing expense
  • Bottles screw directly onto some breast pump models


  • Cleaning process​ is time-consuming
  • Extensive directions must be followed carefully

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple

Like other anti-colic and gas bottles on the market, this model by Lansinoh has an air ventilation system that diminishes air intake during feeding.

While this is great for babies who experience discomfort due to colic symptoms caused by ingesting air during feedings, this bottle also grows with the baby by allowing other nipples to be used with the same bottle. This is a huge money saver, and a great way to keep the same bottles for a longer period of time.

Unlike other models made specifically for gassy or colicky babies, this one by Lansinoh has fewer parts to assemble, so it can be cleaned and assembled quite easily. This is a big plus for busy parents who want to ensure a clean feeding for their little ones, without having to stay up late at night ensuring that is the case. 



  • Grows with baby, allowing interchangeable nipples​
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Long lasting, soft and flexible nipple


  • Nipple leakage when not capped properly​
  • Cumbersome size, hard to handle

Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle Starter Gift Set

Playtex has put their bottle starter kit to the test, with more than just hungry babies and their feeding parents. This set by Playtex participated in a clinical study and is confirmed to deliver less gas and spit up that results in colic discomfort in some babies than other leading bottles with the same criteria. In addition, buying a these bottles as a set means they grow with your baby, lessening the overall expense.



  • Full set grows with baby​
  • Clinical study participation confirms less gas and colic discomfort with use
  • Improved flow rate, easier to drink


  • Problems with leaks, especially after heating​
  • Wasted milk from leaks and spills

It's important to understand that, when seeking the best bottles for colic and gas, all babies are different, and what may work for one parent may not work for the other.

In the end, the latest venting technology designed to deliver less air to the baby through feeding is a standard that most parents can get on board with. Keep in mind that these designs are delivered to mimic the natural breastfeeding feel and flow that babies enjoy when the mother is available to provide it.

As babies grow, their needs change, and so do the movements and commitments of the parents. Finding the perfect bottle to ensure babies are fed properly, without ingesting gassy, colic-causing air is an integral part to each party’s happiness (if you're looking for the perfect bottle for breastfed babies, check out this great article). However, it's also important that the parents are happy with the time it takes to feed, clean and prepare new bottles to keep the process as seamless as possible.

Feedings are incredibly important to the baby’s growth and happiness, which is mirrored in the parents’ emotions. When searching for the best bottles for your baby (or the best bottle warmer), look for the pros that match your natural feeding elements, while understanding that your baby and his nutritional intake may differ from others you interact with or read about. Also, parenting strategies differ immensely, so focus on what works for your family as a whole.

You know your baby better than anyone, so allow your instincts to guide you through the attributes anti-gas and colic bottles can provide. Feedings are time to connect, and the bottles you use should help deliver that satisfaction at every turn.​

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