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The Importance of Babyproofing

If you're looking for a way to keep your baby away from the toxic chemicals and your 4 year-old from helping herself to ice cream sandwiches in the morning, you've come to the right blog post.

My 9-month-old daughter recently started pulling herself to stand up. And while this milestone is fantastically exciting, I also recognize that this is also the beginning of the end: we now have to be extra careful and make the house as safe a place as possible for her to explore as she becomes increasingly mobile.

Sockets, shelves, corners—everything that once seemed so harmless is now a danger.  I can no longer ​leave her on the the living room rug and go pee in peace.

And so the baby proofing begins.

As I set off on this adventure, I realized that there are a handful of great products out there. But I wondered: Do we want straps? Do we want locks? Do we want cords? There are so many options!

So we decided to break it down and highlight 7 of the best childproofing cabinet locks on the market. They are:

We feature locks here that work on round knobs and on straight closed-loop handles, that wrap around corners, and that are effective not only on cabinets, but also on drawers and appliances.

Well, no time to waste! Let's get to it!​

Cabinet Locks for Knobs, by KisCords

​One great option is these cords, which essentially connect two knobs so your baby or child can't open the cabinet. It's important to note that they only work on cabinets with even, side-by-side knobs that are up to 6 1/2 inches apart and not on straight closed loop handles. 

Cabinet locks for knobs

Here's a short video that shows just how easy it is to use the locks.

What we love:

  • No small pieces in the design means no choking hazards for kids
  • Won't damage, scratch or discolor your cabinets
  • Does not require drilling or use of adhesives
  • Money back guarantee
  • The cord is made of nylon for extreme durability
  • The cords have a double lock design, which means they're stronger 
  • Take the locks with you when you travel, they're portable
  • Available in black and white

Click here to buy.

EZ-Twist Cabinet Locks for Knobs, by KisCords

This is another great option for baby and childproofing those cabinets. ​ "Installation", if you want to call it that, takes but a few seconds, and there's no drilling and no adhesives. In short, there's no damage to your cabinets. This EZ-Twist child safety cabinet lock for knobs works on side-by-side knobs as opposed to straight or closed handles. 

Cabinet locks for baby proofing

What we love:

  • ​They use unique EZ-Twist technology
  • The lock is "gorilla strong", secure and practically indestructable
  • It can be removed easily, just with a twist of the cap
  • The cord is made of nylon, so it's strong and durable
  • The lock's plastic parts cannot be removed by children
  • The pull handle size complies with recommendations from the child product safety commission
  • You can take this lock with you anywhere you go!
  • Ergonomic design

Click here to buy.

Babyproof Cabinet Locks for Handles, by KisCords

Kiscords has yet a third option ​that's also extremely popular among the "mommy and daddy set". This buckle-strap lock works like a charm on handles, and will keep your little one (babies AND toddlers) from getting into trouble. These are specifically for cabinets with side-by-side straight (i.e. closed loop) handles that are up to 7 inches apart. 

best cabinet locks for baby proofing

Here is a super short video showing how easy installation is.

And here's another short video showing how hard it is for kids to open.

What we love:

  • ​You can unlock the lock and the two pieces stay on the handle, which makes locking them again super easy
  • Cut the straps off when you're done with them
  • Installation takes but a few seconds
  • Made in the USA
  • Zip-tie strap is military grade
  • ​It's easy for adults to open but impossible for kids
  • ​Made of nylon
  • There's no adhesive, no drilling and no damage to your cabinets
  • Strap is tested to over 120 lbs.
  • These cabinet straps are the smallest on the market
  • Available in black and white

Click here to buy.

Adjustable Child Safety Strap Locks for Cabinets, by BabyKeeps​

These are adhesive babyproof straps that you can apply to many places: cabinets, toilets, the fridge, drawers, microwaves, and anywhere else you need to keep your little one out of. They're flexible, adjustable and easy to use with a simple push and slide design. 

best cabinet locks for baby proofing

What we love:

  • ​The straps are easy to open for adults (you only need one hand) but difficult for children (and impossible for babies)
  • 3M adhesive is strong enough to stay in place but won't damage your furniture or appliances
  • Can be removed and reused
  • They come with extra 3M adhesive if you want to move them to a different location
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • The pack of 6 comes with a special bonus gift
  • Very easy to install, no special skills required
  • Soft white in color, also available in black
  • Not bulky or an eyesore
  • Straps can be adjusted to different lengths

Click here to buy.

Dual Action Multi-Use Latches, by Munchkin

These safety straps are another great and extremely popular option. They use adhesive and they're a cinch to install and remove, and you can rest assured that your furniture will remain intact and unharmed. They have a flexible strap, which means you can latch around corners, and you can use them anywhere, from cabinets and toilets to drawers and appliances. 

Cabinet locks for babyproofing

Here's a short video that shows exactly how the safety latches work:

What we love:

  • ​There's a dual button to release, so your baby will be kept at bay
  • These will not ruin your cabinets when you remove them, but if you're worried, previous users confirm all you need is a hair dryer and some citric adhesive removal to get the job done
  • Both ends can be opened and closed
  • Strong grip 
  • No drilling required
  • Great bang for your buck

Click here to buy.

Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks, by Safety Baby

​Here's a different option for babyproofing those cabinets: magnetic locks! These are a popular option because there's no drilling involved, there's no tools required, and there's no adhesive tape. What's more, installation takes all of three minutes, and you can rest assured that your little one doesn't have a chance of getting into trouble.

Cabinet locks for baby proofing

Below is a very short video that shows you how to install the cabinet locks.

What we love:

  • ​Compared with other solutions, which may be unsightly, these are invisible so they don't clash with your decor 
  • The magnets are incredibly strong
  • Babies and toddlers won't be able to get in, but you will still have easy access
  • Locks are mounted inside the cabinet
  • Locks have an innovative design and work with any and all cabinet styles
  • Locks can be disengaged with a flip switch if you need to get in and out of cabinets for a longer period of time
  • 30-day money back guarantee`

Click here to buy.

Child Safety Locks for Cabinets, by Safe T Ter Tots

These ​locks come in a pack of 8 and work on all kinds of surfaces, from cabinets, microwaves and toilets to dryers, trash cans and freezers. They use M3 adhesive, which is effective at keeping your curious little one from places that are off-limits, but not so strong that they cause any wear and tear on your furniture.  

best cabinet locks for babyproofing

What we love:

  • ​These locks hold up even after years of use
  • Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee
  • These offer an effective, simple, economical and practical solution
  • No tools, no drilling, no hardware installation
  • They use a simple push-latch mechanism, so parents can open the cabinet with one hand
  • Solid, durable product

Click here to buy.

Well there you have it: 7 of the best cabinet locks for babyproofing. How did you fare with these locks at your house? Did you find other locks to be more effective? Share your experience in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!

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