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Best foam playmat for babies

Foam playmats are an excellent idea for your child because they provide an opportunity to develop motor skills and sensory skills. Moreover, a playmat provides a safe and comfortable place for him to play.

Some surfaces of your home are bound to be hard surfaces—wood or tile, perhaps, and children (especially babies) can injure themselves playing on them.

Rolling, tumbling, bumping, falling are all part of play time for a young child. The best foam playmats for babies protect against falls and also stimulate babies into fun activity.

These benefits and more are enough to convince anyone that a foam playmat is a smart purchase!

What to look for​

So, what should you look for when shopping for a playmat?

Just as with all baby or child products, safety should be your first priority. Luckily, the best foam playmats for babies are all safe.

Certain playmats include materials different from others, but most exclude substances like lead, latex, and phthalates.

Also, most playmats provide thick enough surfaces for your child, but some are thicker than others. These are a few variables to look for.

Consider size, as well. If you have limited space, purchasing a comparatively large playmat is not pertinent. On the other hand, buyers with space to spare will find that larger playmats translate to more expansive playing areas for their child.

Size can also affect ease or difficulty of storage and travel. Certain playmats roll, while others break up into pieces. Certain playmats come with a bag included, while others do not. These are more criteria to keep in mind.

Also, be aware that some playmats smell due to the materials they are made from. Playmats that emit an odor are unpleasant to some people. In most cases, the smell does not affect the child’s experience of the playmat in any way.

Here is our list of the best foam playmats for babies. Happy shopping!

Quick comparison: Best foam playmats for babies​

Foam playmats

Features we love


Buy it now

Wee Giggles Extra Thick Foam Play Mat

- Super safe - no lead,
latex, BPA or phthalates
- Very thick
- No small pieces,
so no choking hazards
- Comes with carrying
case for easy storage

Baby Care Foam Play Mat

- Waterproof and
easy to clean
- Hygienic and
safe for babies
- Easily stored,
as it rolls up
- Very soft

ProSource Kids Play Mat

- Bright primary colors
babies will love
- Easy to clean
- Durable and safe
- Foam is thick enough to absorb impact if baby falls

Snug Square Play Mat

- Perfect for newborn
and kids of all ages
- Portable and washable
- Very comfy and ultra-plush
- Stylish to match your home decor

Hape Baby Play Mat

- Reversible! Letters and numbers on one side, animals on the other
- Safe, thick and soft
- Great bang for your buck
- Inspires curiosity and learning

Keep reading for the full scoop on our favorites!

Wee Giggles Extra Thick Foam Play Mat

This best baby foam play mat is certainly as advertised: extra thick. In fact, the EVA foam tiles are more than 1/2–inch thick and thus offer cushiony protection against bumps or falls. The thick playmat also raises your child further away from the hard, dusty floor while he or she is playing.

When fully assembled, the tiles create an area of 48 x 48 inches (with the sides down) and 36 x 36 inches (with the sides up). This is a spacious, cushioned playmat.

In assembling the colorfully designed foam tiles, your child will develop motor skills like hand eye coordination, not to mention reasoning skills and visual sensory skills. More importantly, the playmat is fun! Your child can crawl on the mat or lie on her stomach and rest.

This is also a particularly safe playmat in a couple of ways. It has been tested to meet CPSIA standards and is completely free of lead, phthalates, BPA, latex and formamide.

In addition, Wee Giggles designed the mat so that it includes no small pieces that your child could choke on.

This playmat is appropriate for any home or daycare setting. It comes with a zippered carrying case for simple storage.


  • Thickness of tiles
  • Built to be safe
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Not the cheapest option
  • One-dimensional/no special features

What makes this playmat different?

We love the company's commitment to safety. This playmat was developed by a pediatric nurse and is especially suitable for little ones learning to walk. Its thick, EVA foam tiles effectively protect against bumps and falls. Among the best foam playmats for babies, this product is one of the safest.

Baby Care Foam Play Mat

Baby Care has developed this playmat for growing babies, hence its size, 82.7 x 55.1 inches. This playmat undoubtedly provides ample room for activities, and its color design, replete with letters and numbers, creates a learning opportunity for your child.

This playmat is also hygienic and safe. It is tested to EN71 European Toy Standards and is free of lead, latex, BPA, and phthalates. In addition, it is thick enough to adequately protect against rolling, tumbling, and falling.

This foam play mat is appropriate for the bedroom, living room, or any room in your home. It is waterproof and rolls up easily for convenient storage and movement.


  • Vibrant colors/images
  • Spacious
  • Safe


  • Emits an odor
  • Images fade over time

What makes this playmat different?

We love its size. This is one of the biggest foam playmats for babies. In fact, if you consider it to be too big for your needs, you can order a medium-sized version of the same product that comes in at 72.8 x 49.2 inches. This playmat gives your child ample space to play with friends.

ProSource Kids Play Mat

This playmat from ProSource is colorful, safe, and easy to use.

Its 36 thick tiles feature each letter of the alphabet, plus numbers zero through nine.

Given its colorful, straightforward design and qualitative content, this playmat will definitely stimulate your child. Watch as they practice spelling using the lettered tiles or build cubes, showing off their sensory skills. There are multiple possibilities with this playmat, and it is thus one of the most versatile products on our list.

This playmat is made from EVA high-density foam and protects against bumps and falls. It is recommended for use on hard surfaces and appropriate for children ages 3 and up. 


  • Colorful, playful design
  • Versatile
  • Good value for price


  • Emits an odor
  • Not suitable for babies (3+ age recommendation)

What makes this playmat different?

Our favorite aspect of this play mat is the educational component. By including the entire alphabet and all of the numeric digits in its tile design, ProSource is emphasizing learning and development. This product is bound to exercise your child’s brain as much as their body.

Snug Square Play Mat

This is a large mat (55 square inches), which means that there’s room enough for mom and dad to sit and play with their little one.

Plus, the foam is plush, comfortable, and covered with a silky fabric cover that melds aesthetically with hardwood or tile floors. This fabric cover is also machine washable! It easily zips off from the foam playmat for your convenience.

This product on our list of the best foam playmats for babies comes with a double carrying case, as well. You can roll up the playmat and travel with it anywhere, or store it in any room.

We love how elegant this Snug Square playmat is. As a result, it goes well in any living room and makes for a great gift. It's available in multiple color schemes. You can place the playmat visually into your living room or bedroom and figure out which of the charming color options fit best.


  • Roll-up (does not come apart like tiles)
  • Elegantly designed
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive

What makes this playmat different?

Most of the playmats on our list feature a puzzle-like tile design. This product, of course, differs in that it is a roll-up mat. This makes the storage process faster and eases travel, as well. Certain customers prefer the roll-up design to breakable tiles.

Hape Baby Play Mat

This is a very detailed playmat design from Hape Baby. The reversible, colorful playmat features numbers and letters on one side and animals on the other! The detail and the vibrant colors in the design will inevitably galvanize a child’s excitement and curiosity. This is both an entertaining and educational playmat, and it offers parents great value for money.

The PE foam is incredibly thick at 1”, providing a cushioned environment guarded against falling or rolling. It also contains no toxics and his BPA-free. In essence, this is an incredibly safe playmat for your child.

This playmat is easy to clean (for instance, it’s vacuum-able); it is also quite easy to store or travel with because it rolls up and is lightweight.


  • Roll-up
  • Detailed design
  • Very thick foam


  • Very light/slides around on certain surfaces
  • Ends can curl up

What makes this playmat different

This playmat combines the thickness of some of the tile-designed playmats with the roll-up function of other models. In this sense, its versatility and comfort are superb. Wherever this playmat is, you have a comfortable surface for your child; and it can go practically anywhere. The detail of its surface design is also noteworthy.

A foam playmat is such beneficial and safe product to purchase for your child, which is probably why they're such a popular baby shower gift (other great gift ideas include baby jumperoos and exersaucers, which have their own unique set of benefits).

Not only can certain playmats educate children and develop their motor and sensory skills, they also provide a cushiony surface that shelters you child while rolling around and falling during play time.

Playmats raise your child above the surface of the floor that is often a harder surface and/or covered with dust. Playmats also provide a safe and comfortable place for your child to rest.

Many playmats are extremely portable. Some even come with a case included. In other words, you can go anywhere with your playmat and provide a safe surface for your child to play in any room.

When shopping for a foam playmat, consider your priorities. Do you value the educational element of the playmat more than the comfort element? Are you placing safety first? Each of the playmats on our list fulfills safety regulations, but certain playmats have different features and functions than others.

Consider your child’s needs. What kind of design will excite her and engage her in play?

Certain playmats are also stylish or elegant to the extent that they can be a nice feature in your home’s living room.

Consider all of this and you will find the appropriate playmat in no time. Good luck!

Featured Image: Donnie Ray Jones

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