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Best laser tag toys

While you love a good game of predator and prey with laser tag, you don’t always want to schedule a session at your neighborhood fun zone every time the kids want to play Cops and Indians with infrared lights. Such is the reason why you should use this guide to find the best laser tag toys that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

What is laser tag?​

Laser tag, by definition, is a recreational activity in which players point and shoot laser guns at one another in hopes of “killing” their opponent and winning the game. It's an easy game to follow, once you know the rules.

Competitions can be between two people or groups of folks looking for a day of fun.

You usually have to wear a vest that is sensitive to infrared to experience the full benefits of the game.

Choosing the right laser tag set is also a vital part of getting the most out of competition.​

Kids older than six typically appreciate more features that come with laser guns. Of course, kids under six years old can play with the toys with a bit of extra parental guidance.

Adults usually don’t mind playing laser tag with their little ones since the lively competition crosses all age barriers. Heck, you can be over 50 and thrive on a good game of predator and prey using lasers.

Why laser tag is a great game for kids

The best laser tag toys give your children the chance to work with teammates for success. Camaraderie is an essential tool that children need in school and at work in later years.

A good game of laser tag also contributes to your kids’ cardio health. Running around and trying to “destroy” opponents gets the blood stream going and works up quite the appetite. Calories that go in when metabolism is at its height better fuels the body.

​What to look for in the best laser tag toys

You should search for the following when trying to find the right laser tag set for your kids:

  • Simplicity: Small children do not need the bells and whistles of laser tag guns to appreciate their ability to provide fun. Searching for a toy that's easy to set up, handle, and use is ideal when kids under six want to play the game.
  • Complexity: While you want something with the fundamentals for small children, your search for the right toy should include a challenge for older kids. Teenagers and young adults want high technology to accommodate their laser tag experience and not a device that looks and feels like a cheap toy. There should be various settings that let teens play hard and push themselves at every turn.
  • Number: Consider purchasing a two or four pack if you and a friend are the ones preparing for competition. Large groups of players may want to buy laser guns in bulk to save money. It's important to ensure that all guns are compatible with one another. You don’t want to go the cheap route of buying different brands only to find that none of them can are useful in collaboration with one another.
  • Target: Traditional laser tag sets have accompanying vests that are the target. The aim of modern toys are the guns themselves.

Before we share our research on the top picks, check out the table below for an overview.

Quick comparison: Best laser tag toys​

Laser tag toys

Features we love


Buy it now

Matty's Toy Stop
"Call of Life" Laser Tag
Blasters for Kids

Best laser tag toys

- Multiple settings to play
solo, in teams, or in a free-for-all
- Realistic sounds, infrared battle
combos and multiple settings
- Lots of range and very easy to use
- Great for day or night

Legacy Toys Laser
Tag Set (4 pack)

Best laser tag toys

- No limit to team sizes
- Amazing customer service
- Worth every penny
- No extra equipment
needed (e.g. vests)

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids (2 Pack)

Best laser tag toys

- Comes with durable carrying case
- Perfect for ages 4 and up
- Well-made and sturdy
- Blaster is the target,
so no vests needed

Kidzlane Laser Tag

Best laser tag toys

- Can be used at up to 130 feet
- 4 team modes and 4 gun modes
- Lights up and vibrates when hit
- Realistic sounds

LASER X Two Player
Laser Gaming Set

Best laser tag toys

- Work at a distance of up to 200 feet
- Interactive voice coach
offers tips and advice
- Fun and easy to play with
- Provides hours of fun

​For the full scoop on your best options, you'll have to keep reading!

Matty’s Toy Stop “Call of Life” Laser Tag Blasters for Kids

Get ready for loads of fun with this set of blasters. Four guns are included, which gives kids the chance to choose between red, blue, green, and white colors. This toy has added features, with various sounds and light effects, which makes kids feel like they're really in the heat of a battle.

You can choose between Solo or Free-For-All styles that are unique in their own way. Select the Pistol or Shotgun setting when you want to feel as if you’re in the streetfight of your life.

This laser gun set also has Submachine and Rocket settings.

These blasters are primarily for children over the age of eight years old, though younger kids may enjoy playing with these tagging machines as well.​

Best laser tag toys


  • Good range​
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Numerous option for playing in team mode
  • Nice carrying case


  • Replacing guns is a hassle​

Our favorite feature

We like variety, which is why the gun settings are the absolute best. We can take aim and shoot in the old fashioned way of a shotgun one day and blast people away in the submachine mode the next day.​

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set (4 Pack)

Four guns and a carrying case make this a great laser tag set for kids. Choose to play on the same team or opt for a bit of competition with a Free-For-All battle. Children who want to compete in teams can select between Blue, Red, Green, or White groups.

One of the best things about this toy set is that the gun is the target. You don’t have to worry about wearing a vest while trying to duck for cover. The team and blast settings on these guns are interchangeable, which lets them be set in a flash so that you can focus on other things like winning the game.​

Best laser tag toys


  • Fits comfortably in your hands​
  • High technology
  • Work well in the dark
  • Different settings


  • Not enough range
  • All of the colors available for team mode do not always show up on the guns

Our favorite feature

Making the gun, and not a vest, the target lets you spend more time on the game and less time adjusting heavy clothing. Such is the reason why we love this laser tag set.​

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids (2 Pack)

Choose between Blue and White with this laser tag set that includes a carrying case. The blaster is the target in this set, so you can focus all of your attention on the game and not on a thick vest.

You have four different teams to choose from with these toys. The best part about the group aspect when playing laser tag with this set of blasters is that team sizes are unlimited. You can choose to have five people in one group or just two partners.

The settings on these toys are also quite impressive, as they have different stoppage power, reload times, and range requirements that make the game that much more fun.​

Best laser tag toys


  • Offers the option of altering sound effects​
  • Comfortable hold and grip
  • Good range
  • Storage case built well


  • Not as durable as some in its class​
  • Reload feature does not always work

Our favorite feature

The carrying case is super important when you have a set of laser guns that you don’t want to lose or damage. We adore this set’s accompanying carrier.​

Kidzlane Laser Tag

There are four teams to choose from with this laser tag game: Red, White, Green, and Blue. You and the kids can get a real sense of the battle zone with shooting sounds and other special effects. There are also settings that accommodate for Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine, and Rocket modes.

One of the best things about this laser gun is the action that you get when shooting the toy.

Vibrations go through your hands every time you engage the weapon. Lights also illuminate when you shoot.

These laser tag guns extend up to 130 feet, which makes them the ideal choice when you want to have fun outside.​

Best laser tag toys


  • Good price​
  • Fashionable appeal
  • Abundance of shooting settings
  • Option to join a team or play individually


  • Unclear directions​
  • Laser light beam merely lights up and does not shoot out

Our favorite feature

Vibrations and special effects when shooting invite more interaction during the competition. We love the lights and action.​

LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming Set

A receiver vest coupled with incredible laser guns mean good things: fun is on the horizon.

You can shoot at your opponent’s vest up to 200 feet away, all the while using tips given by the program’s interactive coach.

This laser gun set lets you play as an individual or team, which makes it ideal for all settings. These toys come with a place for headphones that send sound effects directly to your ears.

This gaming set is compatible with all LASER X games, which means that you can mix and match when playing with family members.​

Best laser tag toys


  • Easy set up​
  • Excellent range
  • Laser eliminates the need to carry around balls for reloading, as with Nerf guns
  • Clear directions


  • The gun makes a beeping sound that some find annoying
  • “Dead” players must shut off the entire unit before handing it off to another player

Our favorite feature

Range is very important when you're playing a game of laser tag. We love that this set has such great distance.​

The best laser tag toys entertain kids for hours.

Use this guide to help you choose the right set for your little ones.

Featured image: heipei - Lasertag Aachen​

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