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Imagine the following scenario: After a rewarding yet exhausting day with baby, you’re finally ready to relax on your own. All that’s left is to put the little one to bed. After you’ve tucked in baby and turned out the light, you allow yourself to unwind.

But just 2 hours later, baby is crying and you know it’s because the diaper needs to be changed. You think back to earlier today when you chose to buy the regular diapers instead of the nighttime diapers. Now you wonder if you’ve made a mistake…

There is an honest to goodness difference between diapers for daytime and diapers for nighttime – and we don’t just mean the cost (keep in mind that although they do cost more, you’ll only need them at night, so a box lasts longer than usual). They are actually manufactured differently to make them a good pick for sleepy time. What are the differences? Let’s take a look:​

  • Thicker padding
  • More absorbent
  • Softer
  • Flexible yet snug fitting

Certainly, there are ways to ward off wet or messy nighttime accidents. You can limit the number of drinks you give baby before bed; you can change baby right before bedtime and then again right before you go to sleep. But for a real sense of security, you can’t beat using the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters.

In this article we’ll review several of the top brands. Check out the following table for a quick, up-close look at our favorite picks.

​Quick comparison: Best overnight diapers for heavy wetters

Brand of diapers

Features we love

Available sizes

Buy it now

Bambo Nature
Baby Diapers


- 100% sustainable materials
- Allergen free
- Super absorbent
- Flexible waist and leg bands

Size 0 (2-7 lbs.) to
size 6 (35 – 66 lbs

Pampers Swaddlers
Overnight Diapers


- Less expensive
- Used in hospitals
- Softest of the Pampers brands
- 12-hour protection

Size P (9 lbs.)
to size 6 (35 lbs.)



- Secure tabs
- Leak Lock design
-12-hour protection
- SnugFit waist
- Leading
nighttime diaper
for a decade

Size 3 (16 lbs.)
to size 6 (35 lbs.)

Seventh Generation
Baby Free & Clear
Overnight Diapers


- Great for travel
- Comfortable and
flexible fit
- Free of chemicals
and toxins

​Size 4 (22 lbs.)
to size 6 (35 lbs.)

Pampers Baby
Dry Diapers


- Extra protection layers
- Breathable material
- Recommended brand
- Size N has wetness indicator strip

Size N (up to 10 lbs.) to size 6 (35 lbs.)

Nurtured by Nature
Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers


- Good, competitive price
- Free of chlorine
- Flexible fit
- Eco-friendly
(compared to the big brands)

Size 1 (8-14 lbs.)
to size 6 (35 lbs.+)

Heavy Wetter Bamboo
Cloth Diaper


- Soft
- Reusable
- Allergen free

(7-25 lbs.)

BumGenius Overnight
Cloth Diaper


- Ultra soft
- One size and one piece

(8-35 lbs).

Bummis Dimple Diaper


- Stays soft after washing
- Trim and flexible
- 100% natural material

(10-30 lbs.)

Here are some general guidelines you should consider for a proper fitting diaper:

  • Waistband should be snug but not so tight it leaves a mark on baby’s skin
  • For a newborn, waistband should accommodate a healing belly button
  • Sides should be flexible and move as baby moves without coming apart
  • Leg bands should be snug without leaving a mark on baby’s skin
  • The cuffs at the legs should fold outward (this wards off leaks)​

Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers

As a manufacturer of “skin-friendly” and “eco-friendly” products, the Bambo brand is proud to be the recipient of numerous eco-labels and awards. For more than 30 years, Bambo has created diapers that are as healthy as they are efficient. The Bambo promise is to offer designs that use only sustainable ingredients that won’t harm your family or your environment.


Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers are easy to use, reliable and comfortable.

With long-lasting hook-and-loop closures and a flexible fit, your baby can easily move around in sleep or in play. The ultra absorbent center and moisture-free backing makes this one of the most reliable brands on the market (no messy accidents!).

What’s more, they’re always phalate-free, latex-free and free of perfumes, chlorine, and lotions. In this way, baby’s skin not only stays dry, but it remains as healthy as can be.

These are available in sizes ranging from size 0 (2-7 lbs.) to size 6 (35 – 66 lbs.).


  • 100% sustainable materials​
  • “Skin friendly” (allergen free)
  • Flexible waist and leg bands
  • Super absorbent


  • A higher price point than other brands​

One feature we love about these diapers

It’s tough to overlook the number of international credentials associated with the Bambo brand.

For example, The Dermatologically Tested Label, The Danish Asthma & Allergy Association Label, The Forest Stewardship Council Label and The Nordic Swan Eco-Label support them. We applaud their ongoing commitment to use sustainable resources in an effort to improve the quality of family life across the globe.​

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight Diapers

Pampers began in 1961 by Victor Mills, an innovator who was motivated to design a top-notch disposable diaper for his grandson. What he created was a revolutionary diaper that kept liquid away from baby’s skin.

Modern researchers have continued to improve the design and Pampers is now one of the most recognizable names in the diaper industry and is trusted by hospitals nationwide.


What sets Pampers Swaddlers Overnights apart is the super absorbent gel in the core of the diaper. The gel can hold up to 30 times its weight in liquid (it’s often used in feminine hygiene products and some food packing materials). This gel has been safety-tested and approved by hundreds of researchers and medical professionals.​

Pampers Swaddlers claim to keep baby dry for up to 12 hours! The soft, layered insides evenly distribute wetness while keeping it away from baby’s skin. There’s a convenient color strip that tells you when the diaper needs to be changed (so there’s no need to wake up baby to check!).

Pampers Swaddlers come in size P (9 lbs.) to size 6 (35 lbs.).​


  • Less expensive​
  • Recognized brand (used in hospitals)
  • 12-hour protection
  • Softest of the Pampers brand


  • ​Not 100% natural

One feature we love about these diapers

We loved that we didn’t have to wake up baby to check the diaper! Instead, we just looked to see if the “wetness indicator” had changed color – a simple and welcome solution.​

Huggies Overnights Diapers

The Kimberly-Clark Company introduced Huggies in 1978, and for the past 10 years, they have marketed the number one overnight diaper. But Kimberly-Clark and Huggies are doing more than just creating popular products. They have partnered with charities like Boys & Girls Clubs of America, MedShare International, Malaria no More, United Way and others. In this way, Huggies has provided baby products to millions of children in need.


Huggies Overnites Diapers last up to 12 hours – long enough for baby and mom to get a good night’s sleep! They have a special “leak lock” feature to hold in moisture and flexible “SnugFit” tabs to keep the diaper secure along the waist. The Overnites are Huggies' most absorbent diaper yet.

As a bonus, the brand is adorned with sweet pictures of baby’s friends: the Winnie the Pooh gang. They come in size 3 (16 lbs.) to size 6 (35 lbs.).


  • SnugFit waist​
  • Secure tabs
  • Leak Lock design
  • 12 hour protection
  • Most popular nighttime diaper for 10 years running


  • Customers complained of a new and less efficient design with less padding and more leaks​

One feature we love about this diaper

Since our baby squirms at night, we love that the SnugFit waist keeps him tucked in and secure, but also allows him the freedom to roll around. He never complained about a tight diaper and he never woke with any red marks on his tummy, whereas some other brands dug into his skin.​

Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

Seventh Generation has made incredible strides in safe and effective lifestyle products. Based in Vermont, they’ve been researching and creating items for baby and the entire family for over 25 years. No matter what they are manufacturing, they are committed to protecting the environment by using sustainable ingredients and producing as little waste as possible.


What does “Free & Clear” mean? These overnight diapers are free and clear of the following:

  • Chlorine​
  • Latex
  • Fragrance
  • Petroleum
  • Lotions

Why is this important? It’s important for two reasons.

First of all, because your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and may react negatively to any of the above ingredients. Secondly, by steering clear of these ingredients, Seventh Generation is reducing the number of chemicals and toxins that are let loose in our environment. Without the added chlorine, these diapers have a natural brown tint.

They come in sizes 4 (22 lbs.) to 6 (35 lbs.).


  • Great for travel​
  • Free of chemicals and toxins
  • Comfortable and flexible fit


  • Brown coloring may not appeal to some customers​
  • Some customers claim diapers are not true to size

One feature we love about this diaper

Do you know what makes these so absorbent? Wood pulp! Sustainably harvested pulp fiber (from certified forests) is an active ingredient in making these overnights 3x as absorbent.

We love that Seventh Generation has more than our baby’s comfort and health in mind – they are looking out for planet Earth too.​

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers is reported to be the #1 brand used in hospitals. Certainly, it is a popular choice for parents everywhere. They are easy to find online and in stores across the country.


Baby Dry Diapers offer extra protection, 3 layers to be exact, so baby can sleep up to 12 hours in comfort (most brands offer 2 layers of protection). This means that in addition to Pampers’ absorbent gel core, there are 2 extra layers keeping baby’s skin dry. What’s more, these are designed with a special porous material so air can move freely in and out, allowing baby’s skin to breathe all night long.

Baby Dry Diapers have strong yet stretchy sides, so even the most active sleeper can move about in comfort without worrying about leaks. The cute Sesame Street designs are another thing to make baby smile.

These are available in sizes N (up to 10 lbs.) to size 6 (35 lbs.).


  • Extra protection layers​
  • Breathable material
  • Recognizable and recommended brand
  • Size N has wetness indicator color strip


  • Some customers may prefer a more “natural” brand​

One feature we love about this diaper

We are thrilled with the added protection layers. Pampers is already known for its super absorbent gel core, so these extra 2 layers are a bonus! The padding was extra wide and in just the right places to keep baby dry until the morning. We aren’t surprised that many folks claim these are the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters.​

Nurtured by Nature Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers

Nurtured by Nature, part of the larger Valor Brands Company, is proud to use modern technology to create much-needed products with you and the environment in mind. For example, their Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers promote ingredients made from natural plant materials and are always chlorine free.


Nurtured by Nature has introduced a new level of absorbent with a formula that combines a bio-based material with a traditional absorbent gel (think Pampers).

Although the product isn’t 100% natural, it uses 30-40% more sustainable ingredients than top brands (including 20-30% less petroleum products). There’s an emphasis on comfort as well, with stretchy sides and leg cuffs that allow baby to move freely, day or night.


  • Competitive price​
  • Chlorine free
  • Flexible fit
  • Eco-friendly (compared to other major brands)


  • Possible use of latex and dyes (although there is no mention of this)​
  • Not as soft as other brands

One feature we love about this diaper

We understand that this isn’t a 100% natural product, but we think the pricing makes up for it. Unlike the totally chemical and toxin-free choices, these have a price tag that should work for just about any budget.​

Heavy Wetter Bamboo Cloth Diaper

There is a push to promote cloth diapers over disposables for several reasons. In brief, they are less expensive over time (since they are reusable); they are better for the environment (they don’t end up in landfills); and they may be healthier for baby (they are free of potentially harmful chemicals).


The Heavy Wetter Bamboo Cloth Diaper can be used in the day or nighttime.

Snap in a shorter-sized insert (10” x 3”) for day or a longer one (19” x 3”) for extra nighttime protection. The super soft fabric is naturally sourced, a mixture of bamboo fiber and cotton – perfect for allergy-prone baby!

The one-size fits all design (7-25 lbs.) should be paired with a diaper cover.

These are reusable and washing machine friendly (follow the instructions provided).


  • Soft​
  • Reusable
  • All natural and allergen free!


  • Takes a long time to fully dry​
  • Customers complained of stains

One feature we love about this diaper

We were happy not to worry about sizing; Heavy Wetter Bamboo Cloth Diapers are one-size fits all!​

BumGenius Overnight Cloth Diaper

In 2005, a hard-working mom knew there must be a way to streamline the diapering process. Today, her bumGenius products are a welcome addition in many homes. Since its beginning, bumGenius has expanded to proudly offer 4 cloth diaper styles and many accessories.


The genius of bumGenius is that it’s a one-size cloth diaper that’s as simple as it is effective. By adjusting the front snaps, it fits snugly on babies ranging from 8 lbs. to 35 lbs. The outer material is waterproof so there’s no need for an extra cover.

The inside material just may be the softest we’ve ever felt and it keeps baby dry, too.

The comfort factor is increased with the stretchy leg and waistbands. We recommend following the washing/drying instructions provided by bumGenius. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, there is a generous 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee provided by the company.


  • Ultra soft​
  • One size and one piece (no cover needed!)


  • Several steps in the washing/drying process​

One feature we love about this diaper

Of all the diapers we reviewed, bumGenius has the most inviting and useful website.

Online you can find all the basics of cloth diapering plus the story behind bumGenius. The obvious enthusiasm and care involved here is wonderful to see and, in our minds, certainly worth supporting.​

Bummis Dimple Diaper

Green Mountain Diapers, the makers of Bummis Dimple Diaper, believe that natural cloth diapers are the way to go, despite the extra effort it takes to clean and maintain them. For close to 20 years, they’ve been the leading online resource for natural cloth diapers and accessories.


Bummis are made with 100% organic cotton and sewn in Canada. They are soft and absorbent and come with an extra “booster” lining to use at nighttime. The booster is also made with 100% natural materials. A diaper cover is recommended but not included.

Like all cloth diapers, these need to be washed and dried regularly. To learn the most effective way to handle Bummis, check out the Green Mountain Diapers site. One thing we’ve learned is that even after numerous washes, Bummis keep their soft feel and their absorbency!

There are covered snaps that never touch baby’s skin and an easy-to-use crossed waistband allows you to determine just how snug the diaper should be.

These are one size, suitable for baby weighing 10 lbs. to 30 lbs.​


  • Stays soft after washing​
  • Trim and flexible
  • 100% natural material


  • High price point​
  • Customers claim they shrink after washing/drying

One feature we love about this diaper

Of all the cloth diapers, Bummis were the thinnest without losing any absorbency. In fact, when we first saw them, we didn’t believe they would keep baby dry overnight!

We are pleased to say that looks were deceiving – the thin material kept baby dry and comfortable.​

At the end of the day, most parents are eager to kick back and recoup. But this can only happen if baby is sleeping soundly and will continue to do so until morning.

How can you make this happen?

Short of a magic wand, the only way is to make sure you have the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters. Otherwise, baby is bound to wake after a few hours feeling wet and unhappy (understandably!).

Since there are so many brands to choose from, different designs and highlighted features, concentrate on the elements that matter most to you before you start shopping.

Consider materials, cost, and efficiency. Stick to your priorities as you shop. Once you’ve picked what you think is the best overnight diaper, you’re on your way to sleeping through the night like a…. well… like a baby.​

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