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Best quality bunk beds

Whether you're trying to save space or find the perfect base for fort making, you’ve probably been looking for the best quality bunk beds.

The trouble is that kids’ bunk beds are often a dime a dozen and finding the best-rated bunk beds can be a bit of a hassle. Lucky for you, that’s why we're here! We’ve searched through many options and have reviewed the best options out there.

Why bunk beds are a great idea

It’s no secret that bunk beds are the king of all kids’ beds!

Ask any adult if they wanted bunk beds when they were growing up, and they're most likely going to say "yes". There's just something about them that inspire nostalgia for childhood sleepovers!

Bunk beds are perfect for small houses and multiple kids. By going vertical, you'll be saving a minimum of 9 square feet of floor space. That means more space for play areas or other furniture.

One benefit of bunk beds is that each kid gets their own space, even in a shared room. Each bunk is easily customizable with their favorite bedding, throw pillows, or clip on reading lamps.

Even if your kid has his room to himself, bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers. When not used for sleeping, the bottom bunk can double as a daybed or reading nook.​

What to look for in a bunk bed for kids

While bunk beds seem like a childhood staple, there are some serious safety factors to consider.​

There are 36,000 reported cases of bunk bed-related injuries per year. Many of these injuries can be avoided with correct use and safety features.

It's important to use the proper size mattress. Most bunk bed manufacturers recommend a mattress no taller than 6”, so that the child is not sleeping above the guardrail.

The current AAP recommendation is to not allow children younger than 6 years old to sleep on the top bunk. Most younger children don't yet have the coordination required to climb up and down  without assistance.​

The bunk bed should have guardrails on all sides of the top bunk, even if one side is against a wall. There shouldn't be any gaps larger than 3.5 inches between the mattress and frame or the frame and the wall.

Keep things like ceiling fans and curtain rods in mind when choosing where to arrange the bunk beds.

A nightlight would be helpful to illuminate ladders in the dark for late night trips to the bathroom. Ladders should attach securely to the bunk bed.

All the best quality bunk beds that we’ve reviewed here have passed CPSC standards.

Before we dive in to all the details, take a look at our favorite picks below. 

Quick comparison: Best quality bunk beds​

Bunk beds

Features we love


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Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full
Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs

Best quality bunk beds

- Sturdy construction
- High weight limit
- No need for box spring
- Full-length guardrails

Storkcraft Caribou Solid
Hardwood Twin
Bunk Bed

best quality bunk beds

- Exceeds all ASTM and
CPSC safety standards
- Made of environmentally-
friendly wood
- Can be separated into 2 twin beds
- Full-length guardrails and
four-step ladder

Walker Edison
Metal Bunk Bed

Best quality bunk beds

- Separates into
2 twin beds
- Ladder can be used on either end
- Assembly is a breeze
- Small footprint

Your Zone Premium
Twin Bunk Bed

Best quality bunk beds

- Extremely sturdy
- Quiet and non-squeaky
- Assembly is quick and easy
- Great value for money

DHP Twin Over Twin
Metal Bunk Bed

Best quality bunk beds

- Designed with safety in mind
- Extremely sturdy
- Easy to assemble
- Full-length guardrails

To get the full scoop and find the best bed for your kids, check out the following in-depth reviews.

Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs

This sturdy bunk bed was made to withstand rowdy kids. Kids are infamous for putting the wear and tear on furniture and this steel framed bed can certainly meet the challenge!

The smooth metal frame takes only the wipe of a rag to clean.

The full-sized bottom bunk could easily fit two little ones or a growing teen. The top bunk has a weight limit of 225 pounds, while the bottom bunk has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Full length guardrails prevent busy sleepers from taking a tumble.

The integrated ladders on both ends give you more options when arranging the room.​

Best quality bunk beds


  • Full sized bottom bunk​
  • Easy assembly
  • Ladder on both ends
  • Easy to clean
  • Full length guard rails


  • Squeaky frame​

How is this bunk bed different from the rest?

Just like its name suggests, this Sturdy Kids bunk bed is impressively durable. Unlike many bunk beds in this price range, this bed stands out for being made to last!​

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

This eco-friendly bunk bed is made from rudderwood composites, a denser and greener option than traditional pinewood.

Designed with safety in mind, it has a full-length guard rail and sloped ladder that attaches to the bed frame for added stability.

We love how it can be put together as a space-saving bunk bed, or assembled as two matching twin beds.​

The attractive wooded frame is available in six different non-toxic finishes. You can choose from black, cherry, expresso, gray, navy, and white.

It also includes a limited one-year warranty.​

best quality bunk beds


  • Environmentally-friendly wood​
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Converts into two twin beds
  • Full length guard rail
  • Sloped ladder
  • One year warranty


  • Screws can come loose​
  • Difficult assembly

How is this bunk bed different from the rest?

We love how this structure can be used as a bunk bed, and it can be taken apart and used as two single beds. Talk about versatile!

Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed

When you’re already short of space, you don’t want a bed that’s going to take up your kids’ whole bedroom. This bunk bed’s compact footprint will save on floor space, giving your kids more room to play.

With a safety-conscious design, this sturdy bed has a full-length guardrail and an integrated ladder that can be attached to either side of the bed.

The 300 pound weight limit on both bunks means that the bed could easily go from playroom to dorm room.

With a whopping 43 inches between the bottom bunk and top bunk, even the tallest of kids will have no problem with this bed’s headroom.

We love how it can easily convert to twin beds if siblings outgrow the need for a shared room. At the sane time, the guardrails can stay attached for added protection for busy sleepers.

The scratch resistant powder coated finish comes in three colors: black, silver, and white.

The contemporary design of the steel frame will complement any styled room.

You’ll have it set up in no time thanks to the easy assembly, clear instructions, toll free number, and online troubleshooting support.​

Best quality bunk beds


  • Compact footprint​
  • Easy assembly
  • Not squeaky
  • Plenty of headroom
  • Converts to two twins
  • 300 pound weight limit for each bunk
  • ​Full length guard rail


  • Subpar screws may need to be replaced​

​How is this bunk bed different than the rest?

Unlike most noisy metal framed bunk beds, this bed is virtually squeak free. The sturdy frame allows the person on the top bunk to make midnight trips to the bathroom without waking the person on the bottom bunk.

Your Zone Premium Twin Bunk Bed

This modern bunk bed has a stylish industrial design that would look great in any room!

The twin top bunk will support up to 200 pounds and the full-sized bottom bunk will support up to 450 pounds.

This sturdy bed has a full-length guardrail and a sloped ladder that attaches to the bedframe for added stability.

The sleek steel frame is available in both black and silver finishes.​

Best quality bunk beds


  • Full-size bottom bunk​
  • Sturdy
  • Not squeaky
  • Full length guardrails
  • High weight limit


  • Non-interchangeable ladder​

How is this bunk bed different than the rest?

Sometimes purchases this complex seem daunting, so we especially love how easy it is to put these bunk beds together! The structure comes ready to assemble, and the instructions could not be easier to follow. 

DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed

The compact design of this bunk bed is perfect for small spaces.

The full-length guardrail and fixed sloped ladder on the top bunk help keep little sleepers safe.

This twin-on-twin bed has a 200 pound weight limit on the top bunk and a 250 pound weight limit on the bottom bunk.

Cleaning the structure is a breeze, thanks to the sleek metal finish. All it takes is five minutes and a damp rag!

This simple yet functional bunk bed comes in both black and silver finishes.​

Best quality bunk beds


  • Full-length guardrails
  • Fixed ladder
  • Compact​


  • Ships in two separate boxes
  • Loose screws

How is this bunk bed different than the rest?

The simple design and neat metal finish of this bunk bed make it versatile enough to work in any space.​

When most of us where little, having a bunk bed meant you were the coolest kid on the block.

Bunk beds are a great way to save space in small houses or families with multiple children. By kids sharing rooms and forgoing an extra bedroom, you could be saving a ton of money.

Even if you have an only child, a bunk is perfect for sleepovers, extra seating, or a reading nook.

When buying a bunk bed, it’s important to take safety features into account. Having guardrails, secure ladders, and age restrictions can all make a big difference in avoiding injuries. All the best quality bunk beds will be CPSC compliant.

Once you’ve found the perfect bunk bed for your kids, all that’s left to decide is who gets the top bunk.​

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