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Best skateboards for kids

There are several reasons that skateboards are an awesome toy for kids to enjoy.

First of all, they're a great way to keep kids active in a world where it’s easy for them to end up behind a computer, television, or tablet.

Next, these toys provide entertainment for kids - and they’re a great way to ensure they're having fun (and that’s what kids are supposed to be doing, right?).

The list of the advantages of skateboarding (for people of all ages) is a long one: it burns calories, builds muscles, curbs anxiety and depression, is a social tool, and can relieve stress.

On the negative side, it's true that this toy could pose a safety risk to your child if not used or monitored properly. It is, of course, very important to ensure that kids wear the right safety gear when riding, to avoid injuries. 

What to look for in a skateboard​

When you’re looking to buy a skateboard for your child, here are things you should look for:​

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic
  • Price

Before we take a closer look, here is an overview of our favorite models.

Quick comparison: Best skateboards for kids​


Features we love


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Krown Rookie
Complete Skateboard

Best skateboards for kids

- Perfect for a beginner
- Great bang for your buck
- No assembly required
- Sturdy design

Cal 7 Mini
Cruiser Skateboard

Best skateboards for kids

- LED lights on the wheels
- Excellent value for money
- Very durable wheels
- Fits in a regular-sized backpack

Powell Golden Dragon
Flying Dragon
Complete Skateboard

Best skateboard for kids

- Great board for
beginners and
advanced skaters
- Unique design on the bottom
- Strong, flexible
reinforcing strap
- High-quality ride

Punisher Cherry
Blossom Complete Skateboard

Best skateboard for kids

- Superior control while
riding and doing tricks
- Heavy-duty grip tape
on one side
- Allow trucks and bases
on front and rear
- Dual concave and double
kick board design

Tiger Boards
Complete 22"

Best skateboard for kids

- Super smooth wheels
- High-speed
precision stainless steel bearings
- Cool retro aesthetic
- Super portable

Sun Boards 22"
Mini Skateboard

Best skateboards for kids

- Fantastically durable
- Comes with a hex tool
- Small and portable
- Aluminum trucks

Keep reading for information on the best skateboards for kids and allow your kid to exercise, socialize, and have fun!

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

This is a great skateboard for a beginner.

Designed for children, this board grows with your child as it is equipped to accommodate someone weighing up to 220 pounds!

This board comes pre-assembled and is ready to use right out of the box, which is a huge plus.

Best skateboards for kids

For stability, it has grip tape installed, making it easier to ride - especially for a someone who's just starting out.

Because this skateboard is designed to be smaller, it is easier to control when the wheels are in motion.

The style of this board was curated with a new skater in mind, as it not only is sold at a great price point, but it’s also constructed with components that are fairly inexpensive to replace. This is a plus because it allows individuals to swap out pieces once they get to know their personal riding style or as wear and tear occurs.​


  • Inexpensive​
  • Range of designs/color choices
  • No assembly required
  • Durable


  • Tendency to veer to the right until broken in​
  • Components likely to need replacing after prolonged use

​Why this skateboard stands out

What sets this skateboard apart from the rest is that it's designed for a beginner. From the replaceable components to the small size, the makers really created something for someone who is just learning to skate. Having a board that's easy to control and can be customized to your specific liking is important, not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of the satisfaction of its user.​

Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

If you’re looking for something with not only a cool style, but which also lets your child to indulge in his or her need for speed, this is the perfect pick.

This is another model that comes assembled, and because of its small size (22 inches) it can conveniently fit right in a regular-sized backpack.

The rubber wheels on this device are designed to provide a smooth ride and be super durable at the same time.

Best skateboards for kids

This design can accommodate both kids and adults (up to 176 pounds), allowing you to get great value for your spending.

This model can be adjusted to always ride in a straight line or to allow for curves and turning, which adds complexity as your child learns the ins and outs of skateboarding and is looking to mix it up.


  • Inexpensive​
  • Variety of color choices
  • Easy to adjust components for speed and safety


  • Wheels may require occasional cleaning​
  • Wheels may require loosening to spin fluidly

Why this skateboard stands out

One feature that makes this stand out from the the others is the overall aesthetic. The retro design and wide range of color options are a definite plus. This skateboard even glows in the dark, which is not only fun, but it's also an optimal safety feature, and it also has LED lights on the wheels. Those added touches, combined with the great price point, make this an excellent buy.​

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

This is a board that is built to meet demanding specifications, with safety, satisfaction, and durability in mind.

We love that this skateboard is flexible, in the sense that it's meant for both beginners and more experienced riders. This means that your child can use it for a long time to come.
The aesthetic is also fantastic, featuring a brightly colored design on the bottom of the board and a simple solid color on the top.

Best skateboard for kids

With a grippy top, this board is easy to stay on as you ride, even if you lack experience and are working on building your skills.

The hand-cast polyurethane wheels are specially designed to provide a smooth roll on any surface, too.

After production, each of these boards is tested to ensure it meets the specifications it is designed to, to guarantee every customer’s complete satisfaction.​


  • Durable design for prolonged use​
  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Quality parts and components


  • Pricier model​
  • Hard wheels aren’t ideal for street riding

Why this skateboard stands out

This is undoubtedly one of the best skateboards for kids on the market because of the rigorous design and manufacturing process it undergoes. Designed and made in China, this board utilizes the company’s reliable AirLam presses, maple veneer source, and glue supplier. It's held to a high standard of specifications, and after production each individual piece is tested as a quality control measure. Purchasing this model by Powell-Peralta is a safe bed, as you know you're getting a well-made and tested product.​

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

Arriving pre-assembled for your child’s immediate use, they’ll be dying to step onto this stylish board.

It’s made out of Canadian maple and has a mild concave deck design in order to provide superior control while riding around, turning, and performing tricks - all of which are great, not only for a beginner, but also for a more experienced rider!

Best skateboard for kids

This board's ultra-cool design is on the bottom, while the top is complete with already-installed grip tape, to ensure easy riding and standing with high-quality traction. Quality control measures ensure that the grip tape is evenly and firmly adhered to the board.

Finally, the board is made for children ages eight and up, able to withstand weight of up to 200 pounds.​


  • Durable and sturdy design​
  • Long-lasting design underneath does not wear off
  • Lightweight 


  • May be sensitive to water damage if exposed to moisture​
  • Tendency to veer right until broken in

Why this skateboard stands out

The overall design of this board makes it stand out from the pack. First, the wheels are made to be small enough to maneuver during complex moves, yet they're large enough to ensure that they glide smoothly over cracks and bumps, preventing your child from getting stuck or thrown abruptly off the board. The size of the wheels also helps control the overall speed when your child is cruising along, which is great for beginners and helps from a safety perspective. The wheels may be loosened or tightened to gain more turning power as desired, too.​

Tiger Boards Complete 22" Skateboard

This is an ideal skateboard for kids, thanks to its fun and highly-functional design!

Made of plastic and featuring a unique hexagon pattern, this model has super smooth wheels for an enjoyable ride.

One of this board's notable attributes is that it's lightweight and easily portable, making it the perfect choice for a kid on the go!

Best skateboard for kids

It arrives completely assembled, which is always a plus, and it's small but mighty, accommodating riders up to 225 pounds.

In short, this is a great skateboard that offers excellent value for money.


  • Small, lightweight, and compact design​
  • Rolls long distances while riding
  • Pleasing aesthetic with many color options


  • Shouldn’t be exposed to excessive heat​
  • Can be difficult to balance on at first due to size

Why this skateboard stands out

What makes this skateboard stand out is its portability. Because of its small size and lightweight plastic design, any child can easily bring this skateboard wherever they go—to a friend's house, on vacation... They just have to pop it in their backpack!

Sun Boards 22" Complete Mini Skateboard

This board is fully assembled and ready to ride upon arrival, and we love all of its features.

Designed for kids and beginners, this model accommodates riders up to around 150 pounds.

This board is very durable and can stand up to a large amount of wear and tear, providing great bang for your buck.

Best skateboards for kids

The wheels are standard size and the board comes with a tool that can be used to adjust the wheels, which is very convenient.

Keep in mind that this model does not come with grip tape, but that it can easily be added to the board.​


  • Inexpensive model​
  • Wheels turn with ease
  • Smooth rider


  • Wheels may require adjusting​
  • Limited color choices

Why this skateboard stands out

This is one of the best skateboards for kids because it is an inexpensive penny board that comes at a great quality. While many brand name penny boards cost around $100, this board comes at a much lower price that doesn’t require you to sacrifice performance or quality.​

Choosing a skateboard for your child can be a tall task - but reading the reviews and knowing your options will put you on the path to finding the perfect one. (Other toy options with wheels you might consider include regular scooters, electric scooters, or go-karts).

There are many designs and models out there, and finding the right one will provide your child with endless entertainment and fun, and teach him or her plenty of useful skills in the process.

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