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Best toddler travel bed

A toddler travel bed is a transportable sleeping spot for children ages 2 to 6 (not unlike a travel crib). The best toddler travel bed can withstand up to 150 lbs. and is lightweight, comfortable, safe and portable.

For families who host numerous sleepovers or who enjoy camping or traveling, a kid’s travel bed makes bedtime a breeze because it ensures that every child has a place to rest or relax.

Toddler travel beds can be used for:​

  • Sleepovers
  • Camping trips
  • Family visits
  • Overseas travel
  • Daycare naps
  • At home naps
  • At home relaxation

Like most toddler-friendly gear, there are several different styles of travel beds to choose from: fold-up cots, fold-up plush beds and inflatable air mattresses.

Fold-up cot

A travel cot is ideal for toddlers who are used to sleeping in their own beds. It’s quick to set up, opening and closing just like a folding chair. They’re made from lightweight material like nylon or canvas stretched over a metal frame. There aren’t any security railings, but it’s low to the ground in case your toddler rolls off the edge. Many travel cots come with a carrying bag.

Fold-up plush bed

Basically, this is like one giant cushion designed to cradle your toddler. It may come with removable (and washable) side bumpers and a center pad. You can unfold it so it lays flat or you can fold it in half to use as a cushioned seat. This versatile design is a bit bulky for travel, so it’s probably best kept at home.

Inflatable air mattress

​Air mattresses are great for younger toddlers who have a tendency to roll around while they sleep. The best inflatable toddler bed will have raised sides that act as protective rails. Most popular designs come with a pump and are quick to inflate (in under a minute) and deflate (in just 30 seconds).

Although the mattresses tend to weigh only 10 – 12 lbs., remember that the pump will add a few extra pounds and bulk to your luggage (and may also require you to search out an electrical outlet). Some inflatable mattresses come with a fitted top sheet or the top of the mattress will be padded for extra comfort. Overall, inflatable toddler beds tend to run in a higher price range than the travel cots.

How to choose the best toddler travel bed

Before you shop, consider the following features:

Size and weight

Most travel beds for kids have a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs. and are designed for ages 2 to 6. If you plan on traveling with the bed, make sure it fits with your luggage and you can carry it without too much hassle. If you have an inflatable air mattress, factor in the weight and bulk of the pump.

Safety and stability

Be sure your travel bed of choice adheres to safety guidelines. If your child still sleeps in a crib, you’ll want some sort of protective rails. The materials used should be durable and, if necessary, hypoallergenic.


Is the bed easy to assemble? If it’s an inflatable mattress, does it come with a pump? If something breaks, can you get a replacement part?


A travel bed is only a good idea if your child will use it so make sure it’s comfortable! For example, some air mattresses have a tendency to squeak which may keep your child awake.


A travel bed shouldn’t be a huge financial investment. It’s a good idea to do some comparison-shopping before you make your purchase. Look for warranty deals too.​

Now, before we reveal out favorite options, check out the table below for a look at the contenders.

Quick comparison: Best toddler travel bed​

Travel bed

Features we love


Buy it now

Leachco BumpZZZ
Travel Bed

Best toddler travel bed

- Lightweight and folds compactly
- Made in the USA
- Has cushioned outer bumpers
- Has a padded bottom, for comfort

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

Best toddler travel bed

- Fitted mattress pad is
thick and washable
- 4-inch bumper for safety
- Inflates quickly with handheld pump
- Well-made and long-lasting

Regalo My Cot
Portable Toddler Bed

Best toddler travel bed

- Super easy to set up and fold down
- Can be used outdoors or indoors
- Durable steel frame
- Comes with carrying case

Intex Cozy Kidz
Inflatable Airbed

Best toddler travel bed

- Colorful for kids
- Good quality and compact
- Great bang for your buck
- Good value for money

The Shrunks Toddler
Travel Bed

Best toddler travel bed

- Fits standard crib-sized sheets
- Inflates in 30 seconds
- Award-winning design
- Comes with carrying bag
and powerful pump

For more info about the best beds, keep reading!

Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

Just remove from the carry bag and unroll! In this way, this is one of the simplest designs available.

Parents of younger toddlers will appreciate the bolstered sides that keep kids from rolling onto the floor and the plush material that offers both comfort and support.

There’s a removable center pad that can be machine-washed and the outer bumper can be removed as well.

Best toddler travel bed

A cool feature of this 58” x 39” x 7” bed is that it can be folded in half to form a soft seat. Your toddler can lounge here to read a book or watch TV and then lay flat as soon as they’re ready to close to their eyes​. 

Designed for ages 2 – 6, the polyurethane foam is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.


  • Easy to use​
  • Doubles as a cushioned seat
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Washable


  • Too bulky for some travel​

Why does this bed stand out from the others?

The BumpZZZ is especially safe. Since there aren’t any sharp corners or breakable parts, this is a great choice for a toddler who rolls around at night or who tends to roughhouse at bedtime.​

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

AeroBed is a respected name and a popular choice among adult travel beds. Their version for toddlers (ages 4 and up) measures 50” x 25” x 4” and is made of durable PVC that can withstand up to 150 lbs. With a 4” surround bumper, kids won’t roll off the mattress.

​The mattress weighs 12 lbs. and comes equipped with 120V AC pump (8 lbs.); it takes less than a minute to inflate and 15 seconds to deflate. It includes a washable mattress pad and a convenient carry bag.

Best toddler travel bed


  • Inflates and deflates quickly​
  • Comes with pump
  • Includes mattress pad and bag
  • Safe and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Squeaks​
  • Need electrical outlet (or perhaps an adapter)
  • Some customers complained of faulty valve

Why does this bed stand out from the others?

We loved that the AeroBed comes with a pump that inflates the mattress in record time. After a long day of travel, the ease and efficiency was appreciated!​

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

At just 6 lbs., the Regalo cot is easy to carry to a sleepover, to different rooms of the house or even outside. It’s made from canvas stretched over a sturdy steel frame and can withstand up to 75 lbs. A removable (and machine washable) fitted sheet is included and the cot liner can be spot cleaned with soap and water.

Best toddler travel bed

It’s easy to set up, opening and closing like a folding chair.

It measures 48” x 26” x 7”, which is just right for 2 – 5 year olds.

There aren’t any protective railings, so this isn’t the best choice for toddlers who haven’t transitioned to a regular bed (without rails) or for restless sleepers.


  • Inexpensive​
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • ​Easy to assemble


  • Cannot lock into position​
  • Uncomfortable

Why does this bed stand out from the others?

Since this is such a lightweight cot and it’s incredibly simple to set up, it’s fun to use outdoors, for camping trips or picnics. There’s no reason to worry about keeping the cot clean because the sheet can be removed and machine washed and the liner is easy to spot clean.​

Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

The Intex airbed is suitable for toddlers who don’t need protective rails around their beds. It measures 34.5” x 62” x 7” and weighs only 4 lbs. It comes in bright attractive colors and includes an inflatable pillow. The top of the mattress is flocked (and waterproof) for extra comfort and to keep kids from sliding and squeaking through the night.

Best toddler travel bed

Unlike the AeroBed, this doesn’t come with a pump. 


  • Comfortable​
  • Sturdy
  • No squeaking
  • Inexpensive
  • Attractive color and design


  • Very difficult to inflate (pump is deemed “optional”)​
  • Takes a long time to deflate
  • Can’t choose the color

Why does this bed stand out from the others?

Of all the airbeds, we like how these looked! The colors are bright and attractive and appealed to our youngsters right away. The flocked top not only looked cool, but it kept the mattress from squeaking and that was a huge plus!​

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks travel bed has all the features of the best portable toddler beds. ​It measures 60” x 37” x 9”, weighs just 7 lbs., and withstands up to 150 lbs. It comes with an electric pump for quick and easy inflation. 

Best toddler travel bed

It’s made with the safest materials and is suitable for 2 – 6 year olds. The top of the mattress is flocked (no squeaks!). This travel bed comes with a full 2-year warranty.


  • ​Flocked surface
  • Excellent warranty
  • Safe
  • Comes with electric pump
  • Sheets can be tucked in to mattress


  • ​Need electric outlet for the pump

Why does this bed stand out from the others?

The clever design allows you to tuck in sheets and blankets so kids feel extra safe and cozy. The mattress fits standard-sized crib sheets.​

It’s not always easy to plan a family vacation or to host overnight guests because everyone likes to have a room – and a bed – of one’s own.

Let’s face it, after a long day of travel or entertaining others, kids want to have their own sleeping spot.

The best toddler travel beds are easy to use, comfortable, durable and safe. In turn, they’re a wise investment for just about all families.

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