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Best travel potty seat

Potty training can be really challenging.

It’s messy and stressful for parents and kids. And let's be honest: getting your child to use the toilet at home can be difficult enough, but getting them to use a public toilet can be a nightmare.

They’re big and often times shaped strangely. Your kiddo is just now getting comfortable with using his potty at home; this new environment can be daunting. But sometimes you just gotta go.

The best solution to this problem is to find the best travel potty seat.

Why invest in a portable seat​

With a portable toddler toilet seat, that big new potty may not seem so scary anymore!

It can offer young kids a sense of reassurance, knowing that they won’t fall in or slip and slide around, and gives you an extra hand, because you won’t have to constantly hold them while they’re “going”.

This can help build their confidence, independence and manners when they’re learning how to use the potty on their own.

And, as an added plus, potty seats help to avoid all those nasty germs in public restrooms!

When shopping for the best portable potty seat, there are a few things you’ll want to look for. Make sure:

  • It has a comfortable design for little kids—no one ever wants to fall into a potty!
  • It's easy to clean
  • It will fit a variety of toilet shapes and sizes
  • It's easy to travel with

Before we reveal out top five picks, check out the table below for an overview:

Quick comparison: Best travel potty seat

Travel potty seat

Features we love


Buy it now

Jerrybox Foldable
Travel Potty Seat

- Lightweight
- Fits easily in any diaper bag
- Made of safe material
- Fits most standard toilet seats

Potty Seat for
Kids by Enovoe

- Easy to clean
- Comes with free e-book
with parenting hacks
- Made from anti-slip material
- Lifetime money-back guarantee

Nickelodeon Paw
Patrol Travel

- Comes with discrete
bag for carrying it
- Folds flat and stays locked
- Extremely functional
- Does not pinch kids

Pack 'n Potty
Travel Potty Seat

- Machine washable and dryer safe
- Comes with monogrammable
tote bag
- Comfortable and stable
- Works great on all public toilets

Mommy's Helper
Cushie Traveler

- Extremely compact, take it anywhere
- Comes with washable carry bag
- Unfolds so it is fully flat
- Special brackets ensure it doesn't slide while in use

Keep on reading for the full scoop on our favorite models. 

Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Seat

The Jerrybox is a great option. Parents love the fact that it folds down to 18 x 15 x 5 cm, and is very lightweight, making it completely portable. Just toss that baby in your diaper bag, and off you go!

It also fits virtually every standard size and elongated toilet seats, so you’ll never have to worry about not having a potty seat, wherever you go.

This seat is specifically designed for children ages 1 - 6, and its ergonomic shape allows toddlers to sit comfortably.

The smaller toilet opening ensures there are no accidental messes, and your kiddo won’t feel like he's going to fall in.

We also love the non-slip padding and locking tabs that guarantee that this potty will never slip and slide all over the toilet.

It’s also made of completely safe, non-toxic, odor-free, food grade plastic and is 100% environmentally friendly. The plastic makes it super easy to clean: simply wipe the seat down with an anti-bacterial wipe after each use and toss it back into your bag.

It also comes with a handy little bag to store it in once it’s folded. This helps ensure that no germs are traveling with you!


  • Very lightweight
  • Folds up small enough to fit in your bag
  • Comfortable design
  • No-slip grip and locking tabs keep it firmly in place


  • Some toilet shapes make the locking tabs a little tricky
  • The carrying case isn't very sturdy
  • No guard for little boys

Why it stands out

This potty seat is very lightweight and folds up small, making it very easy to travel with it discreetly.

Potty Seat For Kids by Enovoe

The Enovoe fits snugly and safely to most any toilet seat, including ones that are oblong and elongated like you often see in public places. It has a comfortable design and non-slip grips to ensure that your kiddo will never fall in or slide around while using the toilet.

The streamlined design and plastic material makes cleaning a breeze. Simply run it under water if you’re at home, or give it a good wipe down with anti-bacterial wipes if you’re traveling with it. It's also made from safe, BPA-free materials.

This seat is also equipped with a splashguard, so it’s perfect for boys or girls. No risk of messes or accidents, even with newly trained boys.

You also get a free e-book on parenting hacks when you purchase the potty seat by Envoe.


  • BPA-free materials
  • Splashguard for little boys
  • Comes with free e-book
  • No-slip grip design


  • The seat doesn’t sit flat on some toilet designs
  • Doesn't fold up to make traveling easy
  • Splash shield is a bit short

Why it stands out

We love how this seat has a streamlined design and is made of BPA-free plastic, with very little crevices. That makes it super easy to wipe down quickly.

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Travel/Folding Potty Seat

The Paw Patrol travel seat is definitely a great option. It folds up flat and stays locked in the storage position. It even comes with a convenient, Ziploc-style travel bag, making it perfect for discreetly stashing in a diaper bag.

It has small pads along the bottom of the seat to help prevent slipping and lessen the risk of scratches to your toilet seat. The seat also locks in the open position. Other foldable seats on the market have been known to pinch when little ones sit on them. The locking feature on the Paw Patrol seat will ensure that never happens.

It's also very easy to clean. A quick wipe down with sanitizing wipes, or a simple wash with soap and water, keeps it good as new after every use.

The included travel bag also helps reduce the risk of transferring any germs from the public restroom to your diaper bag when using it while traveling.


  • Folds up small
  • Comes with travel bag
  • Locks into position
  • Easy to clean


  • It does slip some with more antsy children
  • No splashguard for little boys
  • It has a very small opening, so you'll need to position your kiddo just right to avoid potential messes

Why it stands out

This baby toilet seat locks tightly into the flat position, so you’ll never have to worry about a pinched backside.

Pack ‘n Potty Travel Potty Seat

The Pack ‘n Potty is definitely one of the best travel potty seats available. One of our favorite features is the attached sanitary cover. This prevents little hands from touching any surface of the toilet when they’re trying to steady themselves, and even blocks their legs from contacting any surface of the toilet!

It is made from anti-microbial, waterproof material that transforms into a travel case and tote bag. It has built in wet and dry pouches, so you can carry around an extra change of clothes with your potty seat, and have a place to store wet ones if someone has an accident.

The built in cover/tote bag is washer and dryer safe once you’ve removed the seat. The seat itself is cushioned for extra comfort, and wipes down easily with sanitizing wipes or soap and water. An added bonus; you can even have your tote bag monogrammed for personalization!


  • Blocks kid from touching ANY surface of the toilet
  • Gives you a place to store wet or dry clothes
  • Cover/tote bag is washer and dryer safe
  • Seat is cushioned for comfort


  • It is a bit bulky, so you can’t carry it discreetly
  • The splashguard is small and awkwardly placed

Why it stands out

We absolutely love how this comes attached to a cover that prevents you or your child from touching any surface of the toilet. The cover then folds up into a convenient carrying case/tote bag. This makes it one of the best travel potty seats we’ve ever seen!

Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler

The potty seat is a not only foldable, for discrete carrying, but it's also padded for extra comfort on your little one's hiney. No hard plastic to sit on and no risk of pinching.

It also comes with a washable carrying case, making it simple to just toss in your bag after every use.

It fits standard and oblong toilet seats, so it’s still compatible with those awkwardly-shaped public toilets. It wipes down easily with an anti-bacterial wipe and is safe to clean with soap and water. 

The padding on the seat may provide your child with an extra sense of comfort and familiarity, given that most potty seats used in home are also padded.

This product is great for taking on short or long trips with your child, because it stores so well. It could easily be taken onto an airplane, stashed in your car or kept in your diaper bag, so you’ll always be prepared for any and every potty-related emergency.


  • Folds up small for easy storage
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Seat is padded for extra comfort
  • Cleans easily


  • The seat isn’t very sturdy and often pushes inward when sat on
  • Is not made of anti-microbial plastic

Why it stands out

Not only does this potty seat fold up for easy portability, the padded seat provides your child with extra comfort.

Finding the best travel potty seat can truly be the answer to many parents’ potty training troubles.

Public restrooms can be intimidating for children, especially when they’re only just starting to figure out this "using the potty" thing.

Simply using a potty seat can give your child a sense of security and increase her confidence and independence when learning to use the toilet.

Featured image: Stuart Orford

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