20 Super Fun Minute to Win It Games for Teens



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We don't know about you, but we are mildly obsessed with Minute to Win It games. They're totally fun, they get everyone pumped, and they inspire copious amounts of laughter. That's why we put together a list of the best Minute to Win It games for teens.

We think you'll find these challenges to be slightly more difficult, although you should definitely check out our list of Minute to Win It games for kids, as it also has a lot of interesting options, and between the two lists you have 40 Minute to Win It games.

So you know the drill! Go get out the paper plates, golf balls, pencils, spaghetti, dice and thimbles, 'cause it's about to get interesting!

Let the (Minute to Win It) games begin!​

1. By A Thread

​Line up ten needles vertically by inserting them into a piece of foam. The needles should have eyelets that decrease in size.

How to win: Be the first to thread all ten, using just one hand and the same pieces of thread.​ You can use your mouth to wet the thread if need be.

2. The Chandelier

You will need 5 paper plates, 15 empty cans and a very steady hand.

How to win: Make an inverted 5-layer pyramid. Start with 1 can, and place a paper plate on top. Then add two cans and a paper plate on top. Then add three cans, and so on and so forth.

3. Vertical Golf Balls 

You need very little for this Minute to Win It Game—just 3 golf balls.

How to win: Stack three golf balls vertically. ​

4. Speed Eraser

​All you need for this challenge are 7 drinking cups—heavy ones that won't overturn easily, and a handful of unsharpened pencils.

How to win: Set up the cups in a row. The player has to bounce the pencils off the table and get them to land inside the cups. Whoever gets one pencil inside each cup first wins!​

5. Elephant March

Draw a line on the floor with masking tape, and place 5 water bottles on either side of the tape, in a line, at an equal distance from that line. Place a baseball (or any other heavy kind of ball) inside a pair of pantyhose and put them on your head, so the hanging ball looks like an elephant's trunk.

How to win: March along the line of tape, swinging your head and trying to knock down all of the water bottles.​

6. Stack Attack

For this competition, all you need are 36 plastic drinking cups. ​

How to win: Stack the cups one by one in a triangular tower, and once complete, restack the cups by taking them down in individual lines.

7. This Blows

You will need a balloon and 15 plastic cups for this game.

How to win: Set up the cups all in a row. The player must blow up the balloon and then release it to try to knock over all the cups.​

8. Rapid Fire

You're going to need 6 soda cans and a whole lotta rubber bands for this one.

How to win: Stack the 6 cans in a pyramid and stand about 8 feet ​away. Shoot the rubber bands at the cans until knocking them all down.

9. Keep the Change

This is a tough one! You'll need 5 quarters, a dollar bill and a mug.

How to win: Place the dollar bill on the lip of the mug and stack 5 quarters ​on top. Remove the dollar bill while leaving the pile of quarters intact.

10. Bobblehead

This is a funny one. You're going to need some pedometers and some headbands.

How to win: Attach a pedometer to each player's head. Each person has to bobble their heads to attain a total of 125 "steps".​

11. Penny Hose

This is one of our favorite Minute to Win It games for teens! For this one you're going to need two pennies and a pair of pantyhose.

How to win: Drop one penny into the end of each leg. Each player must retrieve the two pennies using only one hand in each leg, simultaneously. Confused? Watch the video.​

12. Wet Ball

​You're going to need a balloon, a garbage can and a spray bottle with water.

How to win: Use the water bottle to propel the balloon into the garbage can, 12 feet away​.

13. Tipsy

You're going to need just 3 soda cans for this one.

How to win: Drink from each soda can, and the balance each on on its beveled edge. They must all be balanced at the same time.

14. Sticky Balls

This one is really hard! You're going to need some double-sided tape and a whole bunch of marbles.

How to win: Place the tape along the edge of the end of the table. From the other end, using the same hand, roll marbles down to table and get 5 to stick to the tape. ​

15. Nimble Thimble

Grab yourself 6 marbles and 6 thimbles measuring 15 millimeters.

How to win: Line the thimbles in a row, and you have to bounce the marbles every so slightly and get them to land in each thimble.

16. High Roller

You need a plastic cup or a can and 5 dice.

How to win: Using a cup or a can, you must stack the dice vertically in towers of 3, 4 and 5. ​

17. Junk in the Trunk

Of all of these Minute to Win It game ideas, this is a real favorite. You need a box (like an empty tissue box, for example), a belt and 8 ping-pong balls for this one.

How to win: Place the balls in the box and attach it to your waist. You have to shake it until all of the ping pong balls fall out of the box.

18. Chocolate Unicorn

Head over to your pantry and break out a box of chocolate snack cakes.

How to win: Balance 7 snack cakes on your forehead while standing and leaning back, and keep them there for 3 seconds.​

19. Face the Cookie

This challenge is a funny one. All you need is a box of cookies.

How to win: Each player must start by balancing a cookie on his face, and must eat it without using his hands.​

20. Noodling Around

Here is another challenge using food. You're going to need uncooked spaghetti and penne pasta.

How to win: Place 6 pieces of penne pasta around the perimeter of a table. When the clock begins, the player must put the piece of spaghetti in his mouth, and then thread each piece of penne pasta on the spaghetti one at a time without using his hands.

How did we do with our list? Did we leave any of your favorite challenges out? Let us know in the comments below so we can add even more fun challenges to our list of the most awesome Minute to Win It games for teens!

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