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Best foosball table for kids

Foosball tables are awesome for kids, and the investment you’re about to make could very well pay big future dividends for your entire family. But finding the best foosball table for kids is not an easy task. There are many different types in a number of varying styles, designs and price ranges.

Hopefully, your child will spend countless hours playing table foosball with friends and family in a fun and competitive environment.

Taking a few minutes to decide which unit is the right one for your family will no doubt be time well spent. In the end, you will find that there is a table and a price range that will suit your needs.

The advantages of having a foosball table​

Foosball is a safe activity that provides players and spectators with hours of fun and enjoyment by offering violence-free, competitive stimulation. While not every youngster is blessed with world-class speed or the ability to withstand a rigorous contact sport, just about any kid can compete and prosper in the foosball world.

Playing foosball is a great way for your child to develop hand-eye-coordination, superior concentration skills and patience, as well as camaraderie and team spirit, not to mention other benefits. A foosball table naturally draws the attention of enthusiastic spectators, creating a world of exciting fun in a safe environment.

While many youngsters play foosball for fun with family and friends, some also use the opportunity to take their skills to the next level in competitive tournament play.​

Regardless of your child’s level of play, the years they spend competing at the family foosball table will pay off mightily in terms of attitude, coordination, and self-confidence. With all of these benefits and more, who could argue that a foosball table is not money well spent!

In short, the advantages of getting a foosball table for your kids include the following:

  • It's great for developing timing skills and hand-eye coordination
  • It's safe, family fun in a violence-free environment
  • Doubles play develops teamwork skills
  • It brings friends and family together
  • It can be enjoyed by almost all ages

That being said, there are a few very small disadvantages:

  • It's not necessarily a cheap investment – units range from $50 to $500​
  • It can cause minor repetitive strain injuries possible due to overuse
  • You will need a minimum play area needed of 7’ x 8’

What to look for when buying a foosball table

Are you looking for a quick fix or a quality investment?

Do you have long-term plans for your foosball table or are you buying one that is more or less a toy that will provide recreation for just a few years?

If you are purchasing a unit that will more than likely will be gathering dust in a couple of years, you may want to consider a table on the lower end of the price spectrum. Hopefully, on the other hand, you are thinking ahead and looking to purchase your table as both a source of enjoyment and a solid investment.

By choosing one of the best foosball tables for kids, you’ll be rewarded with a unit that will withstand years of heavy, competitive use. A high-quality table will also allow players to develop their skills to a greater level because they will be able to effectively stop, pin, and maneuver the ball—all vital concepts toward improving play and competing against higher level ‘ballers.

And when your high-quality unit does eventually need repair, chances are much better that you will be able to find and acquire the replacement parts you’ll need. Even more, when it eventually comes time to part with your table, you will find that demand and resale value for quality units is quite high.

Do you have room for a foosball table?

A full-size foosball table does not take a lot of room in a home, but you should be aware of the minimum requirements for maximizing the enjoyment of players and spectators.

The standard size of a full-size foosball table is 56” in length, 30” in width, and 36” in height. Remember that the rods stick out from the sides, and players (up to 4) also stand on both sides of the table. The minimum size requirement recommended is 7’ x 8’, but you may want to leave a little more room for larger players.

Do you have other family members and friends that may use the table?

Many first-time users answer “no” to the above question, only to find out later that their unit attracts nearly everyone in the family as well as friends and visitors. In a nutshell, the superior construction of a higher quality unit will better serve the needs of a greater number of players.

Younger children can be very demanding on a unit and you’ll want to search for a table that will be able to withstand their use (and sometimes abuse!). As younger kids age, some take a true interest in the game and will want to improve their skills to compete in tournaments or to play against their peers in a public setting (i.e., community/athletic centers). If your child gets bit by the competitive bug, you will definitely be replacing one of the cheaper tables for a better constructed alternative.

​If you don’t feel that your foosball table will be popular with the adults, just wait until you host your next party! Your guests will wait in line eagerly for the opportunity to play and compete.

Also, the senior citizens in your life will also benefit greatly from playing foosball, which has shown to be an excellent method of rehabilitation from injuries and for treating diseases such as osteoarthritis. Foosball is also effective in brain rehabilitation and for maintaining proper hand-eye coordination. Please consider everyone who may use your table when deciding which model is right for you.

Which features are important to you?

If you’re looking for a unit that will take a real pounding over the years, yet still provide a steady quality performance, you will want to find out the answers to some of these additional questions:​

  • Does the table have a level, consistent surface?
  • Is the ball rounded and does it provide a ‘true roll’?
  • Are player figures counter-balanced so that their shots will not be blocked by their own players?
  • Does the unit come with leg levelers which provide consistency of play on an uneven surface?

Now that we've covered everything you need to know about buying a table, let's take a quick look at our top picks.

Quick comparison: Best foosball table for kids​


Features we love


Buy it now

Sports Squad FX40
Foosball Table

Best foosball table for kids

- Comes with non-marking rubber pads to prevent scratches
- Easy assembly
- Sturdy 
- Doesn't take up
too much space

27" Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table Game

Best foosball table for kids

- Made of quality wood
- Detailed players

- Looks real, rather than
like a toy
- Fairly portable

Harvil Striker 4-Foot Table for
Kids and Adults

Best foosball table for kids

- Money back guarantee
- Made in the USA

- Made of durable materials
- Great investment​

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Best foosball table for kids

- Ergonomic handles with rubber grip
- Very life-life
- Perfect for doubles
- Sturdy and easy
to put together

Triumph 48” Sweeper Foosball Table

Best foosball table for kids

- Playing field is regulation tournament sized
- Ergonomic grips
- Good bang for your buck
- Kids love it

Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table

Best foosball table for kids

- Portable
- Comes with extra foosballs
- Made of sturdy wood
- Solid guarantee

And now for all the details...

Sports Squad FX40 Foosball Table

While a table-top foosball set will never match the excitement or design of a solid, free-standing unit, this model is top-of-the-line among its peers and offers the feel and play of a much bigger table.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a table-top unit is designed exclusively for very young children. This unit is fine for most five- and six-year-olds, but it also can bring enjoyment to teens and adults as well, due to its solid construction and durability.

Best foosball table for kids

The unit measures at 37” x 20’ x 8’ and weighs a solid 15.4 pounds. It is supported by strong L-shaped legs with non-marking rubber pads to prevent scratching tabletops, floors, or other surfaces where you set your table. Three steel rods with rubber-gripped handles are on each side of the table, allowing for hard, accurate shots.

The plastic players are very sturdy and have a nice feel when passing or shooting. The playing field itself is made of sturdy MDF instead of particle board or plastic. In short, this unit is made to provide a solid, realistic feel while also possessing the ability to take a pounding from eager players.

Other features include sliding manual scorers to prevent occasional “disagreements,” a three-man goalie box with an automatic ball return, and two foosballs.​


  • Very affordable​
  • Great for kids as young as 5
  • Compact, solid, well-made
  • Good customer reviews


  • Table-top, not regulation size​
  • Nets made it difficult to stand on end
  • Only three rods on each side

Our favorite feature

This table is extremely well-built and durable for a table-top model and simulates the play of a regular-sized model. The chrome-plated steel rods and rubber grips feel great in the hands, while the durable plastic players do a great job of passing and shooting.​

27" Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table with Legs

Another good value among table top sets, this unit is especially easy on the eyes with its high-quality, solid wood construction. The players are detailed and colorful, and sturdy enough to provide a good feel for shooting and passing. The table has well-built legs for solid support on a flat surface and uses a large classic scoreboard.

Best foosball table for kids

The unit measures at 27” x 15’ x 10’ and weighs 9 pounds. Three handles are available for each player and the unit also comes with one ball. The manufacturer recommends its table for ages 6 and up.​


  • Great portability​
  • Well-built with high quality wood construction
  • Overall good value


  • Some issues reported with bars and handles​
  • Confusing directions
  • May not hold up to older children

Our favorite feature

Normally you wouldn’t think that a table top unit would add to your home’s décor, but this set is certainly the exception to that rule. The solid wood construction of the base along with its beautifully detailed players can add to the beauty of almost any room.​

Harvil Striker 4-Foot Table for Kids and Adults

​If you’re looking for good value at a price tag that’s under $100, you won’t get that with this table—you will get a PHENOMENAL value. While it can’t match the sturdiness of a solid wood standing table which costs hundreds more, this unit is a great starter set that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Best foosball table for kids

This set measures at 48” x 23.75” x 32”, weighs in at a solid 44.1 pounds, and contains two black-and-white foosballs. The screen-printed graphics come in calming blue, coral blue, and emerald green colors. The table looks awesome in a den or game room.

Made in the USA, this unit has four handles on each side for advanced play. Backed with a rock-solid customer guarantee and excellent customer ratings, you’re assured of getting plenty of bang-for-your-buck with this table!​


  • Unsurpassed value at under $100​
  • Excellent predecessor to more expensive wood tables
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Backed by a great warranty


  • Not as sturdy a more expensive tables​
  • Requires time-consuming, two-person assembly

Our favorite feature

There’s certainly a lot to love with this table, but the manufacturer’s outstanding warranty and the set’s overall affordability really grabbed our attention. You will receive a full 90-day warranty on any defective parts and the replacement parts are shipped to you at the manufacturer’s expense. And if, in the end, you are still not satisfied with your table, you will receive a full refund.​

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

If you’re looking for a table that is affordable, sturdy enough to stand up to aggressive use, and sized right for children, teens and most adults, then you may have hit the Holy Grail with this unit.

While not entirely suitable for serious tournament players, this table is a top-of-the line starter set that can be enjoyed for years by both beginner and intermediate players; in other words, it’s ideal for most families.

Best foosball table for kids

This table measures in at 48” x 24” x 32” with a life-like green 40.5” x 23” playing surface. The eye-catching graphics and quality construction will make it a welcome addition to any game room or den.

Other benefits include a three-goalie configuration, four handles on each side for each player (perfect for doubles!), chrome-plated steel rods with ergonomic rubber handles, ball return, and a manual-slide scoring system.​


  • Good value at under $150​
  • Quick, relatively easy set-up
  • Perfect size for kids, teens and most adults
  • Sturdy enough to stand up to aggressive use


  • Slightly smaller than full-sized tables​
  • Ball sometimes flies out of goal and onto floor

Our favorite feature

We love the consistency of quality in almost every aspect of this table—great price, easy set-up, built to take a pounding, visually appealing, and the right size for most players. This table’s strength is in its lack of weakness. This is a unit you can purchase with confidence.​

Triumph 48” Sweeper Foosball Table

Here is definitive proof that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy a quality foosball table that provides consistent performance and durability. All family members can enjoy this unit, which implements the traditional look of the classic foosball tables—the standard white player pieces vs. the standard black pieces.

Best foosball table for kids

At 50” in length and 25” wide, this is a sturdy unit with adjustable feet, and offers a standard-sized playing field. Each player has access to four handles which are made of chrome-plated steel rods with plastic, ergonomic grips for comfortable use.

Family, friends, and visitors will enjoy countless of hours of play on this home unit which is the perfect starter set for home use.​


  • Perfect home starter table​
  • Excellent value
  • Tournament-sized playing field
  • Well-constructed for the money


  • Plastic handles instead of rubber​
  • May not stand up to aggressive teenage or adult use
  • Lengthy, tedious assembly

Our favorite feature

While this table is certainly not the best choice for competitive, tournament players, you are getting an extremely well-built unit for the price. Your table will be much more than an attractive conversation piece in your home; it will be a unit that will withstand the rigors of competitive, fun play for many years to come.​

Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table

For an easy $60 or so, you can bring home this tough, compact table that plays well for its size and is portable enough to be transported and enjoyed almost anywhere—on floors, kitchen counters, or coffee tables.

The manufacturer backs this product with a solid 90-day guarantee for replacement/repair of defective parts. 

Best foosball table for kids

The unit measures 38” x 19.75 x 8 and weighs a manageable 13 pounds. The legs are sturdy and stable and they come with non-marking pads to protect your surfaces. Plus, the entire unit is built and manufactured in the USA.


  • Great price​
  • Backed by solid guarantee
  • Fairly easy to assemble with good instructions
  • Nice feel for a table of its size


  • May not be ideal for teens or competitive players​
  • Just three handles on each side

Our favorite feature

A portable, transportable and stable unit, this table is a great starter for children who want to experience the competitiveness and fun of foosball. At a price that definitely won’t drain your bank account, it’s sturdy enough to last for a few years of competitive play and may very well be a stepping stone to a larger, tournament-type table in the future.​

Introducing your kids to a foosball table will open the door to countless hours of competitive, family fun. A foosball table magnetically attracts friends and visitors alike, and your home will soon be a place filled with action and laughter. In addition, your children will enjoy the benefits of better hand-eye-coordination, teamwork, and competition.

A foosball table also makes a great gift for kids. If you're looking for other gift ideas, drones, ride-on toys, go-karts and electric scooters are also awesome ideas.

Choosing the right foosball table for your family is not an easy task, but you have enough information here to make an educated, informed decision. Perhaps you will spend a little more for a standard-sized unit, or maybe you will make a more modest investment for a table-sized version just to see if your kids really take to the game.

No matter which unit you decide to bring into your home, you can be sure that your kids will love their foosball table and all of the benefits that come with it.​

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