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Best nursing chair

Mothers often underestimate how much they'll be breastfeeding in the first few, precious months with their child. In turn, mothers overlook the extreme importance of finding the perfect nursing chair for not only their child’s needs, but their own.

As a new mother, you might be surprised as to how many hours you will actually be spending rocking your child. In more ways than one, the nursing chair is the heart of any nursery.

What to look for​

When shopping for the best nursing chair for you and your baby, you should first consider comfort and support.

Are the cushions plush enough to create a relaxing environment? If you do not feel ultra cozy sitting in the chair, you might as well breastfeed elsewhere.

Furthermore, uncomfortable nursing chairs can cause you neck or back problems in the long term.

You want your nursing chair to feature a sturdy base conducive to smooth and easy gliding or rocking. Any harsh or unsmooth movements in the chair’s dynamic will interrupt you and your baby’s relaxation.

Be aware that certain nursing chairs squeak while rocking, while others do not. This is not necessarily a make-or-break quality for a given chair, but if you think that squeaking will be an annoyance to your child, make sure to select a product that rocks silently.

Another relevant preference is whether or not you want a chair that reclines. While almost all nursing chairs rock or glide, not all recline. If you desire a recliner, make sure to pick a chair with this function.

Styling is, of course, also important. Consider your nursery and mentally place your desired rocking chair within it. Does it look appealing and enhance the aesthetic of the room? Does the chair take up too much space or stick out like a sore thumb?

Certain nursery chairs are elegant enough to work nicely within a den or living room, as well. Once your child comes of age, you can get extra use out of the chair by moving it to one of these locations within your home.

Think about other variables like machine washable versus hand washable cushions, or arm chair storage pockets. Certain special capabilities may increase your interest in a certain chair and separate the product in your mind from a similar product.

When selecting your nursery chair, you should prioritize everything from comfort to durability. Each of these qualities will ultimately play a crucial role in determining how satisfied you are with your nursing chair.

Quick comparison: Best nursing chair

Nursing Chair

Features we love


Buy it now

DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider with Ottoman

- Provides extra lower back support, thanks to lumbar pillow
- Soft and durable fabric
- 360-degree swivel
- Gentle, smooth gliding

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set

- Padded arm cushions
and generous seating
- JPMA certified
- Smooth glide, thanks to the enclosed ball bearings
- Available in 4 colors to
match your nursery decor

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set

- Extremely comfortable
- Generous seating space
- No squeaking
- Soft and easy-to-clean material

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

- Swivel, gliding recliner...
need we say more?
- Excellent value for money
- Easy to assemble
- Arm rests are
extremely comfortable

Windsor Glider and Ottoman

- Comes with storage pockets
- Easy to put together and very comfy
- Glides quietly and smoothly
- Good bang for your buck

Baby Relax Double Rocker

- Contemporary style
- Very comfortable
- Great size for adult
and children to sit on
- 1.5x wider than regular rocker

For the full scoop on the best chair for your nursery, check out the detailed reviews below.

DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider with Ottoman

This durable and soft glider rocker from DaVinci is made with comfortable heathered polyester fabric. The chair is designed with a high back to emphasize neck and head support, and it includes a lumbar pillow for added lower back support.

Its sturdy, metal base lends the rocker a seamless and gentle swivel in addition to backward and forward gliding ability.

The chair is free of chemical retardants and also comes with a bonus, upholstered ottoman upon which to rest your feet! No assembly is required.

DaVinci attentively designs its products to satisfy the baby’s and mother’s feeding time needs, and this product is no exception. Furthermore, its grey polyester design with cream piping will look good in any room of your home.


  • Bonus ottoman
  • Attractive design
  • Lower back support


  • Doesn’t recline
  • No locking mechanism

Our favorite feature

This breastfeeding chair arrives fully assembled, which separates it from other products. The chair is packaged with its back folded down on top of the seat. All you have to do upon opening the package is fold the back of the chair up, and it's ready to go.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set

This nursery rocking chair and ottoman arrangement features spacious seating room, padded arm cushioning and even two pockets within which to store baby books, baby toys or other supplies.

Both the chair and the ottoman offer an especially smooth gliding movement that stems from enclosed, metal ball bearings.

The seat and back cushions—which come in espresso, black, cognac, and cherry color schemes—are hand washable. You'll have no problem removing spots from the fabric and maintaining a brand new look for the chair.

The wooden glider’s innovative architecture combines with delicate polyester cushioning to offer the perfect combination of rockability and comfort. This product will satisfy your nursing needs and add charm to any room in your home.

Assembly is easy and should not take more than thirty minutes.


  • Pleasing color schemes
  • Pocket storage
  • Smooth gliding movement


  • Squeaks

Our favorite feature

The dual side pocket feature on the arm cushions is especially brilliant because it does not take away from the pleasing visual aesthetic of the chair. You can store everything from baby toys to magazines and a remote control in the pockets.

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set

Naomi Home has created its version of the best nursing chair replete with 100% polyurethane, micro-suede cushions that are machine washable.

This classy-looking espresso and cream glider comes with an ottoman; the combination visually enhances your nursery and can have the same effect on your den or living room one your child no longer needs it in his room.

The washable cushions are firmly tied to the wood infrastructure of the chair and are easy to remove. The chair glides effortlessly without squeaking and can withstand up to 300 pounds, all the while taking up very little space in your nursery.

This is an extremely affordable rocking chair that provides more than adequate function and fashion. Assembly is simple and easy.


  • Machine washable, removable cushions
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space
  • Inexpensive


  • No locking mechanism
  • Doesn't recline

Our favorite feature

This chair’s gliding ability is particularly effective, especially given the fact that it does not squeak in the slightest. The matching ottoman also glides. You will enjoy a smooth and relaxing nursing experience with this product!

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

This ultra comfortable reclining nursing chair from Baby Relax is crafted with elegant welt trim detail and features button tufting on its backrest. The trim highlights the stylish shape of the recliner, which will improve the visual element of your nursery.

This chair employs enclosed ball bearing technology to achieve a smooth gliding function and rotating swivel motion. Moreover, the foam filled seat is supported by spring core and creates a soothing experience.

Track arm design creates a comfortable space upon which to rest your arms, and the upholstery is quite easy to clean.

This is a multi-functional chair in the sense that it is appropriate not only for breastfeeding, but also for just simply relaxing. Whereas other nursing chairs may sacrifice comfort for function, this product satisfies both needs with aplomb.

Beautiful color schemes include gray linen, gray microfiber, and mocha microfiber. The white button tufting melds perfectly with any of the color options. Baby Relax has achieved an impressive aesthetic with this product.

This chair can achieve a full range of movements and is easy to assemble.


  • Reclines
  • Track arm design
  • Versatility 


  • Not durable
  • Poorly packaged
  • Squeaks

Our favorite feature

This chair features very convenient lever placement, making it effortless to adjust its recline and dimensions. You will have no trouble arriving at a customized positioning that fits your body type and seating preference.

Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Angel Line’s glider and ottoman combination comes in nine different color schemes.

The chair features generous seating room with storage pockets and padded arms. Removable chair cushions make spot cleaning simple, easy and effective. The ottoman comes fully assembled and the chair requires very minor assembly.

This is an excellent nursing chair for the price, especially since it features storage pockets and glides very smoothly, with no squeaking.

Rock gently in this chair and lull your baby to sleep; relax and prop your feet up on the stylish ottoman.


  • Variety of color schemes
  • Inexpensive
  • Storage pockets


  • Not durable
  • Cushions thinner than average

Our favorite feature

Creative and charming color schemes range from espresso and chocolate to cherry with beige. You should have no problem choosing from the nine color options and finding a style that fits your taste and nursery environment perfectly.

Baby Relax Double Rocker

This nursing rocker from Baby Relax is one and half times as wide as the average rocker, giving you and your baby ample room to stretch out.

This product also includes two-toned contrasting welting. Made from 100% polyester fabric, the chair comes in dark taupe and beige color schemes with vivid lines for modern styling.

Its maximum weight capacity is 225 pounds and it requires very minimal assembly.

The strong wooden feet of the chair foster a smooth rocking motion that soothes. Moreover, its plush cushions provide extreme comfort and support.

This product is lighter than the average nursing chair and its neutral color schemes will work well in a variety of nurseries.


  • Wide, spacious seating
  • Plush cushioning
  • Sturdy wooden base


  • Expensive
  • Ottoman not included 

Our favorite feature

The wide seating area truly sets this rocker apart from other nursing chairs. This chair provides enough room to seat two adults, let alone one adult and a child. Enjoy the extra space!

The best nursing chair for your needs depends on your preference in comfort, style, and function, though there are a few prerequisites that any worthwhile chair must fulfill.

To start, your nursing chair must be comfortable and relaxing for you and your child. Discomfort in a rocking chair creates a stressful breastfeeding experience and can even lead to back or neck issues for the mother.

Be sure to purchase a chair that you could spend hours sitting in even if you weren't feeding. In truth, many mothers often sit in their nursing chairs just to relax, in addition to spending time in the chair with their baby.

Sturdiness and durability are also vital. A nursing chair with a sturdy base will glide and rock smoothly. Plus, this type of chair is more likely to last a while. Especially considering the fact that certain nursing chairs can be employed as living room or den furniture at a later date, you need to select a chair that is going to stand the test of time.

Be familiar with the visual theme and color scheme of your nursery, as well as its scope, and find a chair that fits well within this context.

Other variables like pocket storage and reclining capability may also factor into your decision.

Take care to find a comfortable and durable chair first, and then you can consider whether its other qualities appeal to you.

Nursing your baby is a wonderful time to connect. You definitely want to share the experience in the most comfortable and supportive nursing chair possible!

Nursing chairs also make a wonderful baby shower gift! For more ideas on gifts for new moms, don't miss our epic round-up where 30 moms shared their favorite baby products!

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