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Best nursing covers

Breastfeeding. It’s an on-demand activity. Your baby doesn’t realize that you’re in the middle of Whole Foods; he just knows he wants his food – like five minutes ago.

What’s an on-the-go mom to do?

You have no choice but to give them what they want, but in public it may make you feel just a bit uncomfortable to open up your shirt for your baby and everyone else on aisle two.

The solution is a nursing cover. But not just any nursing cover, one of the best nursing covers you can get.

These nursing covers may not be spun from unicorn hair by cherubs on a cloud over a rainbow, but they’ll do the job you need to be done, and help you look pretty fashionable while you’re doing it!

Below is a list of the best nursing covers available on the market today. They fit the following criteria. They are:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to care for
  • Easy to peek down at baby
  • Stretchy
  • Available in cute colors and designs
  • Comfortable (especially around the neck)

Nursing covers are a great way to make sure you and your baby are comfortable feeding in public, plus they help to give you a bit of security when you’re out of the house.

Another great advantage is that it helps your baby to stay on track, because even older babies will take their time and look around when you’d prefer some laser-sharp focus on the task at hand!

So, let’s explore your breastfeeding cover up options!

Quick comparison: Best nursing covers​

Nursing covers

Features we love


Buy it now

Udder Covers  
Nursing Cover

- Neckline is fully adjustable
- Made of breathable cotton
- Machine washable
- Allows you to have direct
eye contact with your baby

Nursing Cover Scarf

- Versatile! Use it as a nursing cover, infinity scarf, stroller cover...
- Protects your child
from heat, sun, and wind
- 100% privacy for your baby
- Soft, lightweight and flexible

360 Full Coverage

- Provides plenty of privacy
but allows you to make
eye contact with your baby
- Generous size to accommodate babies of all sizes
- Easy to wear
- Comes with storage pouch

Kiddo Care Infinity Nursing Scarf 

- Can also be used as a poncho, baby blanket, car seat cover, burp cloth...
- 90-day refund policy
- High quality material
- Comes with ebook on breastfeeding

Multi-Use Infinity
Nursing Cover

- Easily stored in a diaper bag
- Tons of color and pattern options
- Fashionable and breathable material
- Can be ordered in a beautiful gift box, perfect for a baby shower

OxGord 2-in-1 Organic Cotton Nursing Scarf

- Bamboo muslin fabric
- Doubles as breastfeeding
apron and car seat cover
- Discrete, convenient and stylish
- Great value for money

If you'd like more info on our top picks, keep reading!

Udder Covers Nursing Cover

This beauty is made of 100% cotton, so it’s breathable and comfortable for you and your little one.

The neckline is adjustable and it’s machine washable – all features we love because, let’s face it, babies are messy.

This cover also has a neckline that lets you keep your eyes on your baby, but keeps everyone else’s eyes from seeing – which is the whole point!

This is a great option since it comes in several different patterns and is a very reasonably priced cover too.


  • Rigid neckline allows direct eye contact with your baby
  • D-rings allow fully adjustable neckline
  • 100% cotton
  • Affordable price


  • Runs small for some moms
  • Thin material
  • Doesn't provide side coverage

Our favorite feature

What did we love best about this cover up? How it allows you to see your baby as you use it. This means you can still keep an eye on your baby (and they you) while you’re using it, which is great for peace of mind for the both of you.

Nursing Cover Scarf by QAQADU

If you’re looking to meld fashion and function together, then this is your cover up! This one is like an infinity scarf and nursing cover all in one. It’s incredibly versatile and stretchy, allowing you to use it as a scarf, stroller cover, cart cover, and even a car seat canopy – and all for a really reasonable price.

It comes in several different styles and colors and is made from a light material that won’t overheat you or your baby. With so many different uses, this had to be on the list of best nursing covers on the market.


  • Multiple uses
  • Affordable
  • Breathable, stretchy fabric


  • May not fit some plus sized moms as they want
  • Stretchy material is easy for baby to pull down
  • No arm holes

Our favorite feature

Overall, we love the versatility of this cover up. It can be used so many different ways, it’s like buying 10 products in one—for an incredibly reasonable price! Even after you’ve stopped breastfeeding, there are still so many ways to use this product it will amaze you. It’s just a great (nursing) scarf all around.

360 Full Coverage Nursing Cover

Is it a poncho or is a breastfeeding cover? You can’t tell—and that’s what makes it so great!

This cover is made from incredibly breathable fabric that is really soft against you and your baby’s skin.

The neckline is generous enough to afford you privacy, but also allow you to see your baby as she's are feeding.

This is a poncho-style cover, so it offers you 360 degrees of protection and is large enough to accommodate both mom and a baby of any size.

The fabric also allows for a little stretch, making it durable and versatile for you to use as your baby grows.

Plus, it’s machine washable, and we’ve determined already that you can’t go wrong there!


  • Machine washable
  • 360-degree protection
  • Breathable material


  • May be too hot for some moms
  • May be too large for some moms

Our favorite feature

The best feature of this product is that it can be worn as a piece of clothing, not just a cover. So, if you’re planning an outing with the fam, then put it on and go, discreetly feeding your baby as needed. Yay for versatility, moms are great multi-taskers and so is this cover!

Kiddo Care Infinity Nursing Scarf 

Another infinity scarf option, the Kiddo Care separates itself by using only the highest quality cotton blend for their covers.

They come in several patterns and colors, so you can find one that will easily compliment your wardrobe. It’s also a very generous amount of fabric, so babies and moms of all shapes and sizes can use it comfortably when they’re out and about.

Not just an infinity scarf and nursing cover, you can use this versatile beauty to cover the shopping cart, car seat, sun shade, halter top, and even burp cloth.

All that and you won’t believe how affordable this option is – so buy one for yourself and anyone else you know who’s having a baby!


  • Very versatile
  • High-quality fabric
  • Many color options


  • Fabric not stretchy
  • May be too large for some moms

Our favorite feature

If you’re looking for a cover up that goes above and beyond just a cover up, then you may have found a winner here. And for the price—you can afford to give it a whirl and see what you think! You may love it so much you still wear it to your child’s graduation!

Multi-Use Infinity Nursing Cover

As you can tell, nursing covers that double as infinity scarves are a hot commodity right now, and this cover is here to join the party!

Made from a lightweight and breathable material, this scarf/cover-up combo allows you to make the cover-up a part of your wardrobe.

This cover is just as versatile as the others we’ve looked at here, but also has different patterns and colors you can choose from to find the right one for you.


  • Cute pattern and color choices
  • Affordable
  • Breathable material


  • Material without a lot of stretch
  • Not for warmer weather

Our favorite feature

With the price and flexibility of this nursing scarf, you can buy more than one! It’s best for cool weather, but if you live in a climate where it’s cold most of the year, then you can easily buy a this as your winter cover up option, then use it as a scarf after you no longer need it for breastfeeding!

OxGord 2-in-1 Organic Cotton Nursing Scarf

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the nursing scarf is a big trend, but this option bills itself as a cover for you as you’re nursing as well as a car seat cover when you’re not. So, it’s not just one more thing you have to pack away in your diaper bag, you can actually use to shield your precious little bundle from the sun and the wind, then unsnap it to use as a cover up as needed. What a great idea!

This cover-up isn’t as much of a scarf as it is a nursing apron. But, it’s made from 100% natural and organic fabric. In fact, it’s made from organic bamboo muslin, so it’s super soft and environmentally friendly.

To go one step further, you can rest assured that this cover is made without the use of BPA, which can be harmful to you and your baby, and it’s hypoallergenic.


  • Organic, sustainable fabric
  • Affordable
  • Convenient to switch uses


  • Doesn’t provide coverage on sides or back
  • Strap at neck may be too long
  • Doesn't work with all car seats

Our favorite feature

Our favorite feature of this option is the fabric. It’s nice to know that for an affordable price we can be environmentally conscious, leaving us feeling great about this product. The material is incredibly soft, and muslin is so lightweight and breathable that it’s almost like wearing nothing at all!

Nursing in public is a different experience for everyone. And let’s face—breastfeeding in public can be incredibly awkward if it’s new to you.

It’s great to know that there are some excellent options out there for nursing moms that are stylish, affordable, and can work for a variety of people.

You shouldn’t be relegated to the shadows (or public bathroom – ew!) to breastfeed, so using one of these covers can help you stay comfortable while you get the job done.

And if you want to hear what seasoned moms recommend in terms of nursing covers (and a whole lot more), don't miss our epic round-up on baby shower gifts.

We hope you’ll use these best nursing covers and be happy with your choice!

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