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Best pacifiers for babies

When it comes to your child, you want to ensure that everything that you use is safe, healthy, and designed in a way that will have the desired effect. And finding the best pacifiers for babies are no exception.

Advantages to using a pacifier include that they act as a baby soother, helping your baby fall asleep, and reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Pacifiers can also help soothe infants during airplane flights, helping to pop their ears and minimize discomfort, and they can act as a distraction for babies during things like doctor’s appointments that include procedures like shots or blood work.

There are some disadvantages to using pacis, too. First, your child could become dependent on them, becoming almost unable to self-soothe from frequent use. The sucking motion that comes with the use of a soothie also presents an increased risk of middle ear infections.

Finally, prolonged use could lead to the potential for future dental problems for your baby. Clearly, all of these factors should be considered.

While buying a pacifier may seem quite straightforward, there are actually several factors to consider when purchasing one. Some aspects you should consider before buying one include: 

  • Size
  • Material
  • Washing instructions
  • Guard design
  • Color

There are many pacifier brands, models, and options out there, and we know that making the best choice may seem overwhelming. Below is a table with a quick look at our top picks.

Quick comparison: Best pacifiers for babies​


Features we love


Buy it now

Infant Pacifier

Best pacifiers for babies

- Easy to clean
- Easy for baby to hang on to
- BPA and latex free
- Specifically designed
to stay germ free

Philips AVENT
Translucent Orthodontic
Infant Pacifier

Best pacifiers for babies

- Symmetrical, flexible
and collapsible
- Taste and odor free
- Helps ensure teeth and
gums develop naturally
- Comes in a two-pack

Philips Avent BPA
Free Soothie Pacifier

Best pacifier for babies

- BPA and latex free
- Easy to wash and sterilize
- No odor or taste
- Used by hospitals
across the US

MAM Glow in the Dark
Night Orthodontic Pacifier

Best pacifiers for babies

- Comes with storage case
- Easy to clean and sterilize
- Designed with orthodontic
health in mind
- Stays in baby's mouth

The First Years
Newborn Pacifier

Best pacifiers for babies

- BPA, phthalate and latex free
- Don't block baby's nose
- One piece of silicone
- Comes in a two-pack

Keep reading for our comprehensive reviews of the best ones on the market. (If you'd like to learn about other products for babies, don't miss our epic round-up of 32 mamas, who offer recommendations on their favorite, can't-live-without baby products).

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

WubbaNubs not only have a catchy name, but they're a popular brand of pacifier that is useful and super cute. Trademarked by the hanging stuffed animal (giraffes, monkeys, and penguins, oh my!), they have many great features that make them an excellent choice for your baby.

These “Wubs” are made of silicone and are BPA and latex free, boasting an original and unique style that allows for easy positioning.

These baby pacifiers are notably distributed across the nation in hospital nurseries and NICUs, as the brand is reputable.

While it’s fun to pick out a paci with a stuffed animal attached, what’s great is that so many of their animal designs are gender neutral, making it a great shower gift or item to stock up on before baby’s arrival, even if the baby gender is a surprise.

They're also easy to clean, considering you can wash them with your baby’s clothes and then let them air dry.​

Best pacifiers for babies


  • Easy for babies to grab and hug​
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Not easily dropped or lost


  • Pacifier is not detachable from stuffed animal​
  • Easy for baby to pull out of mouth

Our favorite feature

The undeniable upside of this model is that it's designed to stay germ-free, keeping your baby healthy. This is because the featured Philips Soothie pacifier is constructed of just one piece, ensuring that no germs can fester between cracks. Now that’s innovation that will put a parent’s mind at ease!​

Philips AVENT Translucent Orthodontic Infant Pacifier

If you’re concerned with your infant’s teeth and gums, this could be your binky of choice. That's because it's designed with a symmetrical silicone collapsible nipple that enhances your child’s natural dental development.

The BPA and odor free nipple also makes for an easy transition between the breast, bottle, and soothie for your baby.

This pacifier from Philips is designed for the use of infants up to six months old.

The material and construction allows for easy sterilization and it's also meant to resist becoming misshapen, even after extensive use. This model is regarded as one of the best pacifiers for newborns an babies, as vetted through extensive real parent reviews.​

Best pacifiers for babies


  • Inexpensive​
  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to spot if it falls (due to clear coloring)​
  • Design can let water into nipple

Our favorite feature

The feature we love that makes this one of the best pacifiers for babies is the consideration for dental health. Because pacifier use has been linked to potential dental problems later in life, the symmetrical, flexible, and collapsible design of these nipples leaves parents confident in their choice when it comes to this soothie.​

Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier

For a pacifier that has a laundry list of quality traits to it, this model by Philips hits the nail right on the head.

Not only is this soothie distributed among 2,000 hospital nurseries across the nation, but it is BPA free and latex free, extremely durable, and is made of hospital-grade silicone.

Philips Avent has been a reliable household brand since 1984, and the company relies on research and clinical trials to create and enhance their products to deliver the most satisfactory results for your child.

These binkies are also odor and taste free, making them a great choice when it comes to soothing your newborn.​

Best pacifier for babies


  • Easily washed and sterilized​
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible and soft material


  • Material easily attracts lint and fuzz​
  • Prone to holes in tip

The one feature we love

There are many impressive points to this model, but one in particular stands out to us. The fact that this is constructed in just one piece means that it does not pose as a choking hazard, and it also cuts down on the potential for germs to fester on the device.​

MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier

Designed for babies up to the age of six months, these pacifiers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they possess a wide range of benefits.

The MAM model was designed with your child’s orthodontic health in mind, as the symmetrical style encourages healthy dental development from the moment they begin using the soothie. The design also allows the paci to easily rest on your baby’s face given that the shield is curved, making it one of the best pacifiers for babies on the market.

Another strong feature of this pacifier is the fact that its textured surface and multiple holes on the shield allow baby’s skin to breathe.

Because this model comes with a reusable storage case, it’s easy to keep this item clean and it can even be sterilized by simply placing the case in the microwave. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!​

Best pacifiers for babies


  • Easily stays in baby’s mouth​
  • Made of soft material for easy transition for baby
  • Completely BPA free


  • Tendency for water to get caught in nipple​
  • Must to be exposed to light during the day to get the “glow”

Our favorite feature

These soothies have gotten rave reviews, but there’s by far one attribute that stands out from the rest: it’s glow in the dark feature. This makes it easy for parents to find a fallen binky at night, and as a baby gets older it even makes it easier for them to grab the paci and put it back in his or her mouth. The glow is subtle but useful. Keep in mind that the glow must be “charged” via exposure to light during the day to glow all night long.​

The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

As you can tell, there are many pacifiers out there, but this one is a sure winner. The unique one-piece silicone design of these is both safe and comfortable for your baby to use. This model is also BPA, latex, and phthalate free, making it a healthy choice.

The translucent coloring of these pacis allows you to see your baby making the repetitive sucking motion, and the finger hole is convenient for helping your baby keep the soothie in their mouth.

Although these are not excessively brightly colored, they are not clear, making them easy to spot should they fall or be spit out.​

Best pacifiers for babies


  • Lightweight design​
  • Easily washable
  • Odorless
  • Inexpensive and great value


  • Not all paci clips fit model​

Our favorite feature

This paci was designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, which explains our favorite feature. The top of the binky ensures that it does not block your baby’s button nose, making it possible for him or her to breathe easy while simultaneously being soothed. This is particularly important in the event of a stuffy nose. Note that this is an especially great model for babies with smaller faces.​

Soothing your baby is a priority, and pacifiers are a great option. Other effective ways to sooth your little one include using a crib soother and even a baby swing.

As for pacifiers, selecting the right one for your baby—and, in fact, determining whether you want to use one at all—is a tough decision. Because we know how vital your baby’s health, safety, and happiness is, we wanted you to have a comprehensive compilation of the best available pacifiers on the market. While each design differs slightly, this allows you to find which will best suit the needs of your baby.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to find the brand, make, and model that best soothes your baby!

Take solace in the fact that you have the research to back up your choices and that you’re keeping your infant’s health and safety top of mind.

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