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Best pressure mounted baby gates

Looking for a fast and easy way to keep your babies and toddler out of a room or area that might pose a danger to them? Then a pressure-mounted baby gate is the perfect answer.

All you need to install most pressure-mounted baby gates are a tape measure, maybe a screwdriver, and the baby gate itself.

There’s no need for drilling into a wall or doorframe, having to screw anchors into a wall, or having to make any other type permanent changes to your home. The process is quick and easy and your house will be significantly safer for your kids (and pets as well).

How do they work?​

These safety gates work by extending the pressure pads across the door jam or wall.

They work best in wood-framed doorways and mount sturdily between two strong surfaces. They are not always the best alternative for stairways, and the pads can produce holes in some hollow walls or surfaces.

Pressure-mounted baby gates are ideally suited for hallways and doorways as temporary gates.

Did you know that children between the ages of 1 and 4 have the highest rate of home injury death?​ If you have children within or close to that age range, then you’ll want to take an ounce of prevention by exploring some of the best pressure-mounted baby gates that are available to you.

Advantages of pressure-mounted baby gates​

  • No drilling required
  • Many have doors for convenient access
  • Prevents children and pets from entering restricted areas

Disadvantages of pressure-mounted baby gates

  • Not normally suitable for wide or irregular openings
  • Pads may leave marks on walls or door frames
  • Not the best option for stairways

What to look for before you buy

Choosing among some of the best pressure-mounted baby gates is no easy task, although you’ve already taken the most important step toward your child’s safety and welfare by doing this research.

Below are some factors to consider before you decide which one of the child safety gates is best for you.


Many of the best baby gates come equipped with a door which can be opened or closed.

This feature may be important to you for several reasons.

If your child sees you stepping over the gate, she may try to do exactly what you’re doing simply because children love to imitate their parents. Stepping over the gate could lead to a serious injury or a scrape, not to mention the danger the child could face if he successfully scales the gate and enters the forbidden room.

Ease of opening

Also, will the gate door open with one hand? This feature becomes very important when your other arm is in use, such as when holding a toddler or a toy. Do you want a gate that opens both ways?


Is the gate tall enough to dissuade an adventurous toddler from climbing over it?

Mounting and stability

The opposite of a pressure-mounted baby gate is a hardware-mounted gate which attaches permanently to the surface and is a better alternative for stairway applications. These types of gates require drilling holes and securing the unit to a surface; however, they seem to maintain their stability for a longer period of time than their pressure-mounted brethren.

Some pressure-mounted gates come with an option for hardware-mounting the unit to a surface.

While the majority of pressure mounted gate purchasers do not use this feature, some customers prefer it because it gives them more flexibility if their situations change. Keep this fact in mind when shopping for your child safety gate.​


It’s also a good idea to find out the width of the openings in your home that you are trying to block off. Knowing these measurements will help you determine if you simply need a standard 36” wide gate or if you will need an extendable version to cover openings up to 60”.


Finally, you may want to select a child safety gate that has been certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA) so that you know it passes all of the safety standards and ensures that you will be getting one of the best pressure-mounted baby gates for your money.​

Before we break it down for you, check out our top picks below.

Quick comparison: Best pressure-mounted baby gates​


Features we love


Buy it now

Summer Infant Multi-Use
Deco Extra Tall
Walk-Thru Gate

Best pressure-mounted baby gates

- JPMA certified
- Won the Mom's Pick Award
from Baby Center
- 36 inches tall, ideal to
use with toddlers
- Comes with hardware
to enhance security on stairs

Regalo Easy Step
Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

Best pressure mounted baby gates

- JPMA certified
- Accommodates a
variety of opening sizes
- Safety locking feature
with one-hand release
- Lightweight and portable

Summer Infant
Decorative Wood & Metal
5-Foot Pressure
Mounted Gate

Best pressure mounted baby gates

- Door opens in both directions
- Opens and closes
with one hand
- Fits openings
36 - 60 inches wide
- Stylish

North States Supergate
Easy Close Metal Gate

Best pressure mounted baby gates

- Heavy duty construction
- Triple locking system
- Gate swings both ways
- Easy to close and shuts firmly

Dreambaby Chelsea
Extra Wide Auto
Close Security Gate

Best pressure mounted baby gates

- JPMA and ASTM certified
- One-handed operation
- Gate swings closed automatically
- Easy to set up, and sturdy

Regalo Easy Step
Walk Thru Gate

Best pressure mounted baby gates

- Has convenient
walk-through door
- ASTM and JPMA certified
- Does not damage walls
- One hand open

Now, for all the exciting details, keep reading!

Summer Infant Multi-Purpose Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

You’ll be impressed by the overall sturdiness of this gate, which is strong enough to resist aggressive kids and big dogs.

The imported metal has a bronze finish and will look great in most homes.

It’s pressure-mounted, but provides the materials to convert it to a hardware-mounted gate, which is better suited for stairway applications. There’s also a removable doorstopper for use at the top of the stairs to prevent the gate from opening towards the staircase.

This safety gate measures in at 48” (L) x 0.5” (W) x 36” (H) and has the ability to fits openings between 28” and 48”.​

Best pressure mounted baby gates


  • High customer ratings​
  • Handsome bronze finish
  • One-hand, door-latching mechanism
  • Sturdy and well-built


  • Noisy when door shuts​
  • Bottom 1” bar could be a trip hazard

Our favorite feature

We love the sturdiness and the beauty of the gate, but our favorite feature is the dual-locking, auto-close, which ensures that the door remains shut after use.​

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

This JPMA-certified product is built to fit openings between 29” and 40” and sizes up at 40” (L) x 2” (W) x 41” (H).

The door opens with one hand and the safety-locking feature prevents the door from staying open.

You will like the convenient, walk-through design, and installing this pressure-mounted unit is simple and easy.

This safety gate serves its purpose well without breaking your bank account.​

Best pressure mounted baby gates


  • Certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)​
  • 41” tall to prevent climbing
  • Good customer ratings
  • Safety locking feature


  • 40” opening width max.​
  • Door swings one way
  • Gate wobbles a bit
  • Much sturdier when H/W mounted

​Our favorite feature

The white, steel design goes with almost anything in your house, and the 41” height is ideal for discouraging future-high jumpers whether they are human or canine in nature. You’ll get maximum value for the price that you pay.

Summer Infant Decorative Wood and Metal 5-Foot Pressure-Mounted Gate

You’ll love the look of this eye-catching safety gate, which combines light wood with a dark metal construction. The end result is a divider that will match almost any décor in your home.

The door can open in both directions and allows for one-handed operation as well.

Plus, the door’s wide 26” opening makes it stand apart from the majority of its competitors.

Installation is extremely easy, and it fits openings up to 60” in width.​

Best pressure mounted baby gates


  • Large 26” walk-through gate​
  • High customer ratings
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Extremely sturdy


  • Somewhat noisy to open and close​
  • No auto-close feature or H/W mount application
  • 32” tall

Our favorite feature

If you have extra-wide openings in your current house (or in a future house), this may be the ideal safety gate for your family. Three extensions allow this gate to fill openings between 36” and 60”, making this product stand apart from many of its competitors. It’s also easy on the eyes and simple to install.​

North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate

While this unit is not the cheapest date in town, its heavy-duty metal construction and triple-locking system make it a good value for the money.

The door opens easily with one-handed use and it performs well both in between rooms and at the bottom of the stairs.

The gate fits openings between 29.5” and 38.5” and comes with two extensions.

If you would need a unit to fit a bigger opening than 38.5”, the manufacturer offers an auto-close gate to accommodate wider openings.​

Best pressure mounted baby gates


  • No assembly required
  • Triple-locking system with one-hand use
  • Nice, sleek look
  • Positive customer reviews


  • No auto-close feature​
  • Maximum width of 38.5” and just 30” high
  • Installation can be tricky when using extensions

Our favorite feature

This product gets high ratings because of its sturdy construction, which means that you will probably enjoy this gate for many years to come. It’s strong enough to hold its ground and to keep the most determined kids and dogs from entering areas where they shouldn’t be venturing.​

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate

This product is sturdy, easy to install and comes with the option to hardware mount it. Customers really seem to love this gate and it’s a great value for the money. The auto-close feature works well and the gate measures in at 29.9” x 39.2” x 2”. The bar openings are about 3” wide and they are narrow enough to prevent even the smallest animals from squeezing through. Optional extensions are available to fit openings all of the way up to 121”.​

Best pressure mounted baby gates


  • Excellent customer ratings​
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Fits openings from 38 to 42.5” without extensions; Optional extensions fit up to 121”
  • JPMA- and ASTM-certified


  • Not inexpensive​
  • Installation is challenging to some
  • Must purchase optional extensions to receive maximum width

Our favorite feature

This safety gate is made to keep children and pets out of areas where they shouldn’t be and it totally fulfills that purpose. The unit is so solidly built that it’s almost impenetrable by strong-minded children and dogs alike. It’s not the cheapest unit out there, but its rock-solid construction provides you with great bang for your buck!​

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

This child safety gate is ideal for dividing doorways and hallways, and can even be used at the top of a staircase if the included wall cups are used to affix it to the mounting surfaces.

Appealing to the eyes, the gate’s all-steel white construction will easily hold up to the demanding wear and tear of a toddler.

It’s excellent value for the money and is made to fit standard openings between 29” to 39”, although additional extensions are available to customize the width up to 60”.

The unit sizes in at 39” (L) x 2” (W) x 30 (H) and is certified by the JPMA and ASTM.​

Best pressure mounted baby gates


  • Strong customer ratings​
  • Built to withstand and last
  • Lever handle with safety lock and one-touch release
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Just 30” tall​
  • Needs optional extensions to reach 60” width
  • 16” gate open may be narrow for some

Our favorite feature

Quite simply, this gate is well-built, dependable and offers excellent value. The product is certified for safety, and installation is fairly simple and easy. It’s a safe bet that you will be satisfied with your purchase.​

Children are truly a gift to parents and caregivers, and it’s our duty and responsibility to do everything in our power to keep them as safe as possible when they’re in the home. 

All of the baby safety gates listed here are of high quality and will do a good job of keeping your children and pets away from forbidden rooms and areas.

Do your homework and determine the widths that you will need (for wide baby gates, check out this article), and also decide which height will be appropriate to dissuade your child or pet from jumping or climbing over it.

Improving child or pet safety within your home is certainly money well spent!

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