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Best wide baby gate

A sturdy baby gate is the answer to every parent’s prayers!

Even the most experienced parent needs a little help keeping their little one contained when they’re busy around the house.

With a baby gate, you can go check on laundry, do some dishes or just relax on the couch for a bit without having to worry about your baby roaming all over the house!

However, most gates only come in a certain size, and they just don’t fit all of your needs.

Many homes have large openings or awkward walls and angles that need to be covered. That’s why we recommend that you look for and extra-wide gate.

This way, you can rest assured that nearly every opening in your home can be safely blocked off from your baby.

When you begin your search for the best wide baby gate, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider.​

  • Make sure it’s sturdy. You never want your baby to be able to fall through the gate.
  • Make sure that it’s adjustable and able to fit into various openings in your home.
  • You’ll want all locking mechanisms to be 100% childproof. It’s not going to do any good if your little one can unlock it!

We've compiled a detailed list to help you find the baby gate that best fits your family and household needs.

Check out the table below for an overview.​

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Regalo 76-Inch
Super Wide Metal
Configurable Gate

Best wide baby gate

- Fits openings up to 76 inches wide
- Safety locking feature
- Walk-through design
- Can fit angled doorways

North States
Supergate Deluxe Décor
Metal Gate

Best wide baby gate

- Fits openings up to 72 inches wide
- Has childproof safety latch
- Heavy duty but stylish
- Opens with one hand

Regalo 192-Inch
Super Wide Gate
and Play Yard

Extra wide baby gate

- Can expand to 192 inches long
- Folds down for convenient storage
- Comes with 8 panels that can
be removed and configured
- Walk through design with
safety locking feature

Summer Infant
Metal Expansion Gate

Best wide baby gate

- Fits openings up to 72 inches wide
- Scratch guard on bottom
rail protects floors
- Comes with 4 extensions
- Elegant looking

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Best wide baby gate

- Rubber bumpers prevents
damage to the home
- No tools, super easy installation
- Neutral colors go with any home
- Fits openings up to 60 inches wide

For a closer look at the best wide baby gate, check out the in-depth reviews below.

Regalo 76-inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Gate

This model by Regalo is a great option. This gate is adjustable and tops out at 76 inches wide and 31 inches tall, so it fits into nearly every opening in your home, including angled doorways, hallways and the bottom of stairs.

The Regalo baby gate also offers a super convenient walk-through design. Instead of having to wrestle with your baby gate every time you need to get through, just use the swinging “door” and the easy, one-hand opening feature. So you can get from room to room, even with your hands full, without ever having to remove your baby gate.

Best wide baby gate

It’s equipped with a safety-locking feature that automatically snaps into place when you close the walk-through door, so you never have to worry about your little one escaping!

It also has a durable and sturdy steel construction, and meets top-of-the-line safety standards.​


  • Can fit just about anywhere​
  • Easy to open for busy parents
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Meets several safety standards


  • Hard to assemble

Our favorite feature

The easy walk-through design is great! But, we absolutely love the fact that the Regalo gate will fit pretty much ANYWHERE! The pivoting panels allow you to turn and adjust the gate, so you can block off even the most awkward area.​

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate

The North States baby gate is one of the best safety gates on the market, and it’s beautiful!

This gate adjusts between 38.3 and 72 inches, stands 30 inches tall, and comes in a matte bronze finish that goes great with any home. It's functional, but also elegant.

This product also offers an extra-wide, easy-open door, so you never have to worry if you’ve got laundry or your little one in your arms, you can always get through quickly and conveniently without ever having to remove the gate.

It also has a stay-open feature, so if you want to allow your child to go between rooms, the gate can stay up.​

Best wide baby gate

The North States gate has pivoting panels so you can adjust the gate to different openings. You can also purchase extensions for this product if you happen to need to block off a larger opening or area. The hardware also allows you to mount the gate to a straight or angled wall.​


  • Can add up to 6 extra extensions​
  • Beautiful design
  • Extra wide walk-through opening


  • Can be challenging to mount the product to walls with baseboards​
  • Included screws could be better quality

Our favorite feature

This gate is very easy on the eyes! We know that safety is #1 when it comes to your kids, but, this gate offers all the safety specifications with aesthetic appeal. It doesn’t look like a baby gate, and it will fit in with nearly any home décor.​

Regalo 192-inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

This Regalo gate and play yard is another great option when considering child gates, and it’s the biggest on the market!

This gate expands to an astounding 192 inches, 22 inches tall, and comes with 8 adjustable panels that will enclose a 19 square foot space.

This Regalo product has the same easy-open walk-through design and safety locking features as the company's 76-inch gate. However, this one can be mounted to the wall or used as a stand-alone barrier or play yard.

Extra wide baby gate

If you don’t need the full 192 inches, the panels are removable, so you can use this gate as many different things, from a play yard to a fire place barrier.

It has the same safety specifications and sturdy, steel construction and hardware as other Regalo products.

What's more, it's easy to install and folds down for easy storage when not in use.​


  • Can be used as a stand-alone play yard​
  • Easy-to-use walk-through feature
  • Adjustable/removable panels for various spaces
  • You can purchase and attach more gates to enclose an even larger area


  • Screws included may not be the best quality
  • The locking system on the door is red, which tends to attract little ones' attention

Our favorite feature

This gate is so versatile! It’s perfect for enclosing a space for your child to play in safely, without closing off an entire room. But, if you decide you don’t need the play yard, you can use it as a regular baby gate, a fireplace barrier, or a stairwell barrier, among other things.

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

The Summer Infant retractable baby gate is a another great option for parents in search of the best wide baby gate. This is an ideal option for parents looking for something attractive that fits in well with their home décor.

This gate is 36 inches tall and fits any opening between 42 and 72 inches wide. This model includes 4 extension pieces, so it can be used as a barrier in any space, small or large.

The Summer Infant has a bronze finish and an arched walk-through opening, which give it an eye-catching design. As a result, you can leave the gate up throughout the day, even when you have company. It doesn’t stand out as an eyesore.

Best wide baby gate

This gate comes equipped with a soft scratch guard on the bottom rail, so you can safely install the product on hardwood floors without ever having to worry about damage.

It also comes with the convenient walk-through opening and all the hardware needed for quick and easy installation.​


  • Bronze finish will complement any home​
  • Can be pressure mounted if you don’t want to install the hardware permanently
  • Has removable extensions to fit small or large opening


  • The walk-through door isn’t spring loaded, so you have to manually close it​

Our favorite feature

We love the fact that this gate provides protection for your flooring. No one wants to take their baby gate down only to find that their hardwood floors are ruined! This product comes with a soft lining to ensure that you never have that problem, and the lining gives an added extra grip when used on carpeted floors!​

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

The Evenflo may be the product you’re looking for when considering your baby gate purchase.

It measures 35.4 x 6.4 x 2.5 inches and expands from 38 to 60 inches. It has a neutral design, so it compliments just about any décor, and it’s wide enough to fit perfectly into larger openings.

Best wide baby gate

This baby gate is pressure mounted with rubber bumpers, so you don’t have to install any permanent hardware and you’ll never risk any damage to your walls.

It also makes installation a breeze. No screws or brackets needed, and you can easily move the gate from one opening to another.

The Evenflo gate uses soft cloth and mesh, so there’s very little hard surfaces for baby to bump into, and it’s machine washable.

We also love how it also rolls up when not in use, so it’s perfect for traveling.​


  • No hardware required​
  • Machine washable
  • Folds up small for convenient storage and traveling


  • Gate doesn’t adjust to “awkward” areas​
  • Doesn’t have a walk-through option
  • The mesh gives little fingers an opportunity to tear holes

Our favorite feature

This gate would be perfect for visiting grandma’s when you need to keep your little one contained. It goes up and comes down in seconds, doesn’t require any permanent fixtures, and rolls up easily when you’re ready to head back home!​

Finding the best wide baby gate is an important decision, as it’s one of the things that will help you keep your baby safe!

There are lots of products to choose from and things to consider.

However, once you’ve found the baby gate that’s the best fit for you (whether it's a wide one or a pressure-mounted one, you're set! A dependable, sturdy gate can offer us parents that extra peace of mind we’re all looking for!

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