22 Highly Entertaining Minute to Win It Games for Kids


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If you're looking for a budget-friendly and super easy way to turn your next party into a blast, then you're going to have to organize some fun activities. With that in mind, we compiled a list of 20 Minute to Win It games for kids that are sure to be a major hit. 

These challenges are great because first and foremost they're fun, and they also encourage friendly competition and teamwork (if you play in teams, which is another great idea). 

The ideas listed below are great for kids, and we've also made an extensive  list of the best Minute to Win It games for teens, which is also worth checking out.

We've tried to make these as easy to follow as possible by providing a very short description of each challenge and a video of real people participating in each one. Because sometimes it's just easier for someone to show you how it's done.

Enjoy, and most of all, good luck! Remember, failure to complete any of these tasks in 60 seconds may result in... elimination.

1. The Slinky Challenge

Put a headband on and connect a plastic Slinky by placing about 4 or 5 coils between your head and the headband.

How to win: Move around until you get the Slinky stacked perfectly on your forehead. It's harder than it sounds!

2. Scoop It Up

For this challenge, each player needs 2 bowls, 6 ping pong balls and a spoon.

How to win: Using the spoon only, and inserting it in your mouth, you have to transfer the six ping pong balls from one bowl to another.

3. Buckethead

For this challenge, you need a bucket and some ping pong balls.

How to win: You have to catch 3 ping pong balls in the bucket, which you have to hold on your head.

4. The Breakfast Scramble

If you've got a passion for puzzles, there's a good chance you'll be able to rock this challenge. All you need is a the front of any cereal box, cut into 20 equal squares.

How to win: Put together the pieces of the puzzle to create the front of the cereal box.

5. Roll With It

All you need for this challenge are two rolls of toilet paper.

How to win: Unspool both rolls simultaneously using one hand for each.

6. Dizzy Mummy

In this game, all you need is a roll of toilet paper.

How to win: One person holds the toilet paper and the other spins around, wrapping him or herself in the TP until the roll is done.

7. Worm Diving

This game is slightly more involved. You need a bowl, some pretzels, a fishing line and a sticky gummy worm.

How to win: Attach the gummy worm to the fishing line so that it hangs 48 inches form the end of the rod, and place the pretzels in the bowl about 6 feet away. Use the worm to pick up a pretzel, bring it to you, and eat it.

8. Ping Tac Toe

Grab a bunch of ping pong balls and 9 glasses full of water.

How to win: Set up the 9 glasses like a grid. You must bounce 3 balls into glasses and get 3 in a row.

9. Nose Dive

This is a really fun Minute to Win It game for kids! You need some cotton balls, petroleum jelly and two bowls.

How to win: Set the bowls up 12 feet apart, and put 5 cotton balls in one of them. Put some petroleum jelly on your nose. Now transfer all 5 balls from one bowl to the other, using only your nose!

10. Shoe Fly Shoe

Shoes! Glorious shoes! That's what you need for this challenge. A whole bunch of them.

How to win: Flick a shoe onto a table with only your foot.

11. Scary Cherry

Break out the maraschino cherries. You'll need a bunch of them, as well as some string.

How to win: Tie the cherries to individual strings and hold them in front of each contestant, who must blow the cherries until they swing right into their mouth.

12. Stick the Landing

It doesn't get any easier than this one: all you need is a water bottle to play.

How to win: Toss the water bottle onto a table and get it to land upright.

13. Bottoms Up

Get out your yo-yo! You'll also need a few empty boxes (or other types of low platforms) and some empty cans.

How to win: Tie the yo-yo to the back of your belt so it hangs down like a tail. You have to swing the yo-yo and try to knock over all 8 empty cans.

14. Whippersnapper

You're going to need a towel, a ping pong ball and a laundry basket.

How to win: From about 15 feet away, use the towel to whip or flick the ping pong ball into the laundry basket.

15. Mega Bubble

This is one of our favorite minute to win it game ideas! For this challenge, you're going to need bubbles and a hoop.

How to win: Players must blow a bubble through the hoop, which should be about 15 feet away.

16. Bite Me

This one takes a little bit of preparation. You'll need 5 paper bags and a pair of scissors.

How to win: Open the bags in a row and then cut them down to the following heights: 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 inches. Each player has to pick up each bag, using only their mouths, and place them on a table behind them. No other body part aside from your feet can touch the ground.

17. Defying Gravity

All you need are 3 balloons for this challenge.

How to win: Players must keep 3 balloons in the air at the same time. They cannot touch the ground or rest on the body.

18. Loner

This challenge requires some marbles and a pencil.

How to win: Set a pencil standing up about 15 feet away. You must roll a marble and knock it down.

19. Paper Dragon

You're going to need 2 spools of party streamers for each player.

How to win: Each player must unspool 2 rolls of streamers, one in each hand, using their hands and arms only. If the streamer breaks, you have to pick it up and carry on unspooling.

20. Sticky Situation

This is a great one! You need some bread, peanut butter and ping pong balls!

How to win: Spread the peanut butter on the bread and set it 10 feet away. You must bounce the ping pong balls and have one land on and stick to a slice of bread.

21. Moving One Up

Pretty simple premise, yet so fun! For this game, all  you need is one stack of cups per player. Each stack contains one single cup of a different color.

How to win: you must take the different cup from the top of the stack and move it down to the bottom with one hand, then repeat the whole process with the other hand. The game goes on like this until the one cup has gone through the entire stack of cups and resumes its original place at the bottom.

22. Face The Cookie

This challenge requires one cookie per player - yum! Depending on the number of the players, it’s everyone for themselves or you can divide yourselves in teams.

How to win: the players must move the cookie from their forehead to their mouths using only their facial muscles - no hands or neck movements allowed! The team/player that successfully moves the most in 60 seconds wins.

We hope you found some great Minute to Win It games for kids here. These should keep you and your guests very busy at your next party!

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