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Best wearable blankets

Finding the best wearable blanket does not have to be a tedious task of trial and error. Use this guide to help you find the perfect sleep sack for your child.

Why should you use a wearable blanket?

Babies often cry through the night because they're used to the warmth of the womb. Such is the reason why many moms engage in the practice of swaddling, which can be time consuming.

Wearable blankets eliminate the need to battle with traditional swaddle cloths all while providing the comfort that newborns need to get a restful night’s sleep.

Sleeping sacks also combat what is known as “startle reflex,” which occurs when the little one’s head drops backward.

Such sporadic movement causes the neck to extend, which convinces the body that the baby is falling. The little one's arms, in response to such perceived danger, involuntarily flail outwards in desperation, which can upset, and wake, the child.

What are advantages and disadvantages of sleep sacks?

One significant advantage of sleeping sacks is their ability to eliminate the need for loose blankets in the crib. Your baby can comfortably rest without you worrying about them smothering under the weight of other cloths.

Another advantage of wearable blankets is their breathability. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is sometimes brought about by rising temperatures caused by blankets. Many manufacturers of wearable sleeping sacks are aware of such findings and strive to make products that maintain a balance of body temperatures through the night.

One disadvantage of wearable blankets is their ability to cause hip dysplasia: an acute orthopedic issue in which the hip’s socket is too shallow.

Avoiding this problem is a matter of parents finding the right wearable blanket size for their newborns and trading up to the next size when the little one outgrows the first sleeping sack.​

What should you look for when buying a wearable blanket?

You should pay attention to the following when searching for the ideal wearable blanket:​

  • Size - Make sure that the sleeping sack fits your baby perfectly. Do not try to save money by purchasing an oversized blanket, as such a budgeting tactic undermines the purpose of the wearable blanket.
  • Temperature Range - Most blankets have a thermal score known as TOG listed. Sacks with high TOG scores should be avoided, while those with low score should be embraced. Generally speaking, a TOG score between 0.5 and 2.5 is ideal.
  • Safety - Zippers that zip from top to bottom provide versatility and ensure that baby cannot get to them when he becomes curious. Also on the security list are materials that are organic. You do not want to dress your child in fabric that is flammable or prone to cause a rash.
  • Comfort - Do not exchange warmth for manageability. Your baby’s wearable blanket should be both thick and soft.

Before we provide you with all the details, take a look at our table for a quick overview.

Quick comparison: Best wearable blanket​

Sleep sack

Features we love


Buy it now

HALO SleepSack 100%
Cotton Wearable Blanket

Best wearable blanket

- TOG score of 0.5
- Unzips from bottom,
so it's easy to change diapers
- Very popular at hospitals
- Plenty of room for baby inside

Woolino Baby
Sleeping Sack

Best wearable blanket

- Made with Australian Merino wool
- #1 sleep sack in US
and Canada since 2010
- Naturally fire retardant
- Can be used from
baby to 2 years old

Nested Bean
Zen Sack Classic

Best wearable blanket

- Adjustable arm snaps
allows it to grow with baby
- 2-way zipper system makes
it easy to change diapers
- 100% cotton, BPA, toxin
and phthalate free
- Weighted pad on the chest
helps kids sleep longer 

aden + anais Classic
Muslin Sleeping Bag

Best wearable blanket

- Very breathable and safe
- Gets softer with each wash
- Zips from the bottom
- Allows baby's body
temperature to regulate itself

Carters One Piece
Zoo Animals Micro
Fleece Sleep Sack

Best wearable blanket

- Very soft fleece material
- Warm and comfortable
- Light enough that you don't
need to worry about overheating
- Adorable design

Baby Deedee Sleep
Nest Baby Sleeping Bag

Best wearable blanket

- High quality reverse zipper
- Can go in the washer and dryer
- Breathable fabric
- TOG score of 2.5

Sleeping Sack

Best wearable blanket

- 2-way zipper for easy
diaper changes
- Made in the USA
- TOG rating of 2.2
- Plush material with
satin trimmed edges

Now, let's take a closer look and see if we can help you find the best wearable blanket.

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HALO Sleep Sack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket

It’s all about authenticity with this wearable blanket. The cotton material interlocks for durability and the sack unzips from the bottom for convenience.

There's no need to take the blanket off when changing a diaper.

This sack that lets the baby kick as much as he wants while remaining inside of the cloth.

SIDS is one of the central reasons why parents question the safety of swaddling. This blanket reduces the likelihood of such development with a sleeveless design that significantly decreases the risk of little ones overheating when sleeping.

The sack even has the “Back is Best” embroidery to remind parents to place newborns on their backs at nap time.​

Another great thing about the brand Halo is that they have a wide variety of sleep sacks on offer, from 100% organic cotton to muslin to micro fleece. There's even a swaddle version available.​

Best wearable blanket


  • “Back is Best” embroidery allows for safer sleeping​
  • Not easily removed by babies
  • Loose fitting so little ones have liberality to kick
  • Keeps baby warm


  • Sizes run big​
  • May shrink after multiple washes

The one feature we love

The “Back is Best” embroidery is by far our favorite feature. There's nothing like a gentle reminder that helps keep your baby safe.​

Woolino Baby Sleeping Sack

The Mom’s Choice Award and Creative Child’s 2012 Top Choice of the Year Award may place this sack among the best.

This sleeping cloth is 100% natural with a GOTS-certified organic cotton outer. The material is naturally resistant to fire and safe for the washing machine.

This blanket has been the best-selling product in its class among buyers in the United States and Canada since 2010, and for a good reason.

It’s easy to dress your little one in this sack with versatile shoulder snaps and dual zipper. Diaper changes also come relatively easy, thanks to such handy features.​

Best wearable blanket


  • Closable seat belt slots​
  • Opens flat for easy dressing
  • Made of Merino wool, which keeps kids warm but doesn’t overheat them
  • Hypoallergenic fabric


  • Sizes run big​
  • Does not keep babies warm during extreme winter months
  • Fabric is not as durable as others in its class

The one feature we love

The Merino wool is our favorite feature. We want our babies warm, but we don’t want them suffering because of overbearing temperatures.​

Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic

A blanket that grows with your kid? Yes, please. This sleeping sack has straps that are adjustable, so that your child has a smooth transition from swaddling to independent sleeping.

Mothers have reported their little ones resting for extended periods while wrapped in this classic sack.

The fabric is lightweight and has an embedded pad that gives babies the feel of your reassuring hand on their chest throughout the night. Non-toxic beads fill the pad, and the blanket’s material comes from 100% luxurious cotton.

This blanket surpassed others in its class by passing 12 mandatory safety tests with flying colors and succeeding seven other exams that were entirely voluntary.​

Best wearable blanket


  • Washable​
  • Good balance between warmth and fabric breathability
  • Easier transition from sleeping in the parents’ arms to resting in the crib
  • Weighted chest feature
  • Adjustable shoulders


  • Fabric is too thin for extreme winter weather​
  • Too long
  • Weighted chest feature is not 100% efficient

The one feature we love

The breathability of this toddler sleep sack is the greatest. Excessive sweat brought on by too much heat is no fun for the baby or parent.​

Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Sleeping Bag

The breathability of this sack places it in line to take the title of the "Best Baby Sleep Sack".

This 100% imported cotton cloth is more like a sleeping bag than swaddling sack. While the fabric is thick enough to keep kids warm during cold nights, it is not overbearing to the point of causing temperatures to increase while little ones are resting.

This sleeping sack zips from the bottom up, which makes for easy diaper changes when your baby needs it.

There’s also the comfort element brought about by fabric that gets softer with every wash.​

Best wearable blanket


  • Eliminates the need for loose blankets in the crib​
  • Maintains good body temperature through the night
  • Soft fabric
  • Breathability of fabric wards off overheating that can lead to SIDS


  • Baby grows out of this blanket fairly quickly​
  • Fading after first wash

The one feature we love

Fabric that allows for cooling down is all the rave. We love the temperature balance that this sleeping sack offers.​

Carters One Piece Zoo Animals Micro Fleece Sleep Sack

Carters sets the bar when it comes to children’s apparel, and their wearable blankets are no exception.

This cloth may just be the best baby sleep sack with its flame resistant tendencies that are all-natural and 100% polyester material that is extremely comfortable.

Parents will enjoy the benefits of natural and safe products with this sleeping sack. Kids will probably fall in love with the blanket’s design, which is adorable in all forms.​

Best wearable blanket


  • Babies cannot kick the blanket off in the middle of the night​
  • Warm
  • Good alternative for infants who don’t like traditional swaddling


  • Sizes run small​
  • Not enough room for stretching
  • Shrinks when washed

The one feature we love

The micro fleece material of this sack ensures that babies remain warm during winter months. What more can you ask for in a wearable blanket?​

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Baby Sleeping Bag

A full night’s sleep is every parent’s dream.

This wearable blanket may just bring that to pass with its 100% cotton exterior and quilted duvet material. An additional layer of warmth makes this cloth the ideal choice during winter months.

The breathable fabric brings comfort to baby during the night, which leads to better sleeping.

This wearable blanket comes with unique shoulder straps that make dressing your little one in the blanket that much easier.

The reverse zipper alone places the sack in a class of its own with regards to convenience.​

Best wearable blanket


  • Safe for washing machine​
  • Provides warmth without overheating
  • Reverse zipper
  • Fabric is breathable


  • Exposed zipper poses safety hazard
  • Sack cannot take excessive washing

The one feature we love

A reverse zipper saves time and energy when dressing baby. No one wants to spend 20 minutes trying to put a wearable blanket on their kid.​

SwaddleDesigns Microplush Sleeping Sack

Made in the USA, this wearable blanket takes on the design of traditional swaddling cloths.

Microfibers softly rub against baby’s skin, and the sack fits children up to 35 inches long.

This product goes well with other baby essentials and provides a two-way zipper that makes diaper changes a breeze.

This sleeping sack has a TOG rating of 2.2, which means that it works best in climates where the temperature is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Children under 18 months may benefit from this product the most.​

Best wearabe blanket


  • Sizing is accurate​
  • Two-way zipper
  • Soft fabric
  • 100% Polyester


  • Bulky design may cause irritation​
  • Blanket sheds after a few washes

The one feature we love

Two-way zippers make life easier, which is why we love the feature on this product. Dressing baby is much easier because of the versatility offered by this sleeping sack.​

​Bedtime can be stressful - you need to calm and settle your baby, and make sure he or she is as comfortable as possible. Aside from sleep sacks, you might also want to make sure you have the right overnight diapers, mattress, and crib soother

As for finding the right wearable blanket, that's a matter of compare and contrast.

While you want to keep those sleeping sacks with features that attribute to breathability and versatility, you want to cross those wearable blankets that make dressing baby difficult off your list.

This guide will help you make the right decision so that your child will be warm and happy.

Featured image: Abigail Batchelder

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