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Best breast pump for every day use

The Lowdown

If you’re new to breastfeeding, you’re about to learn that a breast pump may fast become your new favorite accessory. The majority of lactating moms, even those with ample milk supply and zero complications, rely on a breast pump at some point. With that in mind, here are 6 best breast pumps for every day use that you may soon become an indispensible part of your life.

Our Top Pick

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

This pump comes with a double pumping kit, perfect for moms who need to pump several times a day. We love that it's discreet and quiet and you can take it with you anywhere.


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    Haoqin Micro Cube Breastfeeding Pump
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    Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
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    Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump
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    Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump

Before we get in to the nitty gritty, check out the table below for a quick look at our favorite models and the runners-up, and what we love about each one of them.

Best Models for Pumping Every Day

Best Overall

Most Comfy

Back Up

Most User Friendly

Most Affordable Hospital Grade

Most Adaptable

Best breast pump for every day use
Best breast pump for every day use
Best breast pump for every day use
Best breast pump for every day use
Best breast pump for every day use
Best breast pump for every day use

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump​​​​​

Micro Cube 
Breastfeeding Pump

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump

MADENAL Double Electric Breast Pump







Designed specifically for moms who pump every day

Compact, easy to clean, good value for money

Light, portable, quiet

Convenient, efficient, reasonably priced

Quiet, fast and comfortable

Hygienic, several settings, very quiet

What to Look for in a Breast Pump

How often will you pump and where you are most likely to be? If you want to pump every few hours at home, you’ll want a machine that’s durable and the sound of an electric motor is probably OK.

On the flip side, if you plan on on-the-go pumping, a portable, manual design makes more sense.

Of course, price is an issue as well. Know in advance that manual pumps are less expensive than electric brands.

Consider the following:

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Other products you'll want to consider include a baby bottle sterilizer, a drying rack for your bottles, and a bottle warmer for breast milk. And you'll definitely want to spend some time researching the best bottles. Additionally, you might look into a hands-free pumping bra, which is essential for multitasking moms.

Manual vs. Electric

Manual breast pumps are considerably less expensive than electric ones. You can carry most manual pumps in your handbag or diaper bag because they are lightweight and smaller than electric versions. What’s more, most manual designs are whisper-quiet so you can discreetly pump when others are around.

However, if you’re planning to pump a great deal, electric pumps work faster and more efficiently. Some are equipped with double pumps so you can get twice as much milk.

That said, they could be difficult to travel with because they’re heavier and bulkier and they require an electrical outlet or several batteries. What’s more, the motor sounds may be disturbing. And, of course, the electric pumps are more expensive.

Our Top Picks

Advanced and Discreet Features

For moms who pump several times every day, this Medela model is worth the lofty price tag. 

You can choose from 3 stylish tote bags that discreetly hold all that you need – including a removable cooler pack, 4 bottles and a battery charger (8 AA batteries not included).  Pick from the On-the-Go Tote, the Metro Bag, or the Backpack.

The In Style double pump is as efficient as it is stylish! With advanced “2-Phase Expression” technology, moms often experience more milk letdown in less time. 

What’s more, a single knob controls the speed and vacuum pressure for maximum comfort. Of course, safety and hygiene are covered! Any part that touches the breast milk is BPA free.

Important Specs

This advanced double pump weighs between 7-9 lbs. depending on the bag you choose and measures approximately 14” x 11.5” x 7”. All styles come with a removable pump, 1 cooling bag, 4 bottles with lids, breast shields, a tubing storage bag, and 1 power adapter. There’s a 1 year limited warranty on the motor and 90 days limited on the parts.

Best breast pump for everyday use
best breast pump for every day use

Why This Pump is the Best for Every Day Use

The extra weight and bulk are totally worth it when you have everything you need in one place! Moms can rest assured that they have the capability to pump and store breast milk throughout the day, regardless of their surroundings. For many, this electric pump from Medela is a lifesaver on several levels! It is, without a doubt, the best breast pump for every day use.

Stress Free and Safe Features

Haoqin’s Micro Cube is a blessing for moms who need a more relaxed breastfeeding experience.

Thanks to an ingenious design that emphasizes comfort and ease, there’s no need to lean forward to capture all the breast milk in the bottle. 

Instead, you can sit upright in a normal position while a soft, warm massaging pad gently stimulates the milk flow. With three different settings, you can choose the pressure that’s most comfortable for you.

This electric breast pump is safe to use. You’ll be pleased to know it’s crafted from 100% “food grade silicone” that’s lightweight and non-breakable. With just a few parts, it’s a cinch to clean – just dissemble and wash with warm, soapy water. 

Best breast pump for everday use

Important Specs

The Micro Cube is portable -- the perfect size for an overnight bag at just 1 lb. and measuring 6.5” x 5” x 2.8”. It comes with 1 host, 1 pipe, 1 5-oz. bottle, 1 nipple, 1 lid, 1 charger, 1 USB cable and a handy drawstring bag. All in all it’s a portable ensemble that’s perfect for travel!

best breast pump for every day use

Why This Pump is the Most Comfortable

This model is a favorite among first-time moms who haven’t had much preparation when it comes to pumping. With just a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of the Micro Cube and appreciate how stress-free it is. Moms felt more relaxed and patient because they could settle in a normal position while they worked the pump.

While it may not be the fastest breast pump out there, for the moms who are looking for comfort and control over speed and efficiency, this is a great pick.

Uncomplicated and Easy Features

If you need a reliable back-up pump for when you’re on the go, the travel-sized Medela Harmony is a solid choice.

Made with very few pieces (no batteries or electrical cords) and weighing just 1 lb., you can easily toss the pump in your handbag and have it ready to go in an instant. The straightforward intuitive design won’t intimidate or frazzle you and you’ll be pleased that it’s almost completely silent! This is a bonus for moms who want to be discreet about pumping.


Medela’s Harmony pump is based on “2-Phase Expression” technology, which means that the pumping action is very similar to the way a baby suckles at a mother’s breast.

To encourage milk flow, start pumping with the shorter side of the specially designed handle and then as soon as your milk lets down, simply switch to the longer side of the handle to slow down the flow. In this way you’ll express more milk in less time; perfect for super busy moms!

Best breast pump for every day use

Important Specs

The Medela Harmony is made of lightweight BPA-free plastic and has a 4.0 oz. capacity. It measures 9.1” x 7.3” x 3.6” so it won’t take up all the room in your purse! This manual pump comes with two 5 oz. bottles with lids, 1 bottle stand, 1 nipple and collar, 1 cap, 2 membranes, an instruction manual, a breastfeeding informational guide and a 30 day limited warranty. All parts are easy to dissemble and hand wash in warm soapy water.

Why This is the Perfect Back-Up Pump

If you’re a mom with a busy schedule running errands or dashing to meetings, this portable pump is a dream come true. It’s dependable and easy to carry and an ideal back up to an electrical pump.

Moms who don’t pump as frequently but still want to pump efficiently and discreetly find it to be the ideal solution.

Fast and Efficient Features

The manual breast pump from Philips AVENT is easy to use from start to finish. Designed around an ergonomic handle that won’t tax your hand or fingers, there are only a few parts to assemble. What’s more, each part is dishwasher safe for the easiest clean up ever!

This manual pump is angled just right so you don’t have to lean forward to catch the breast milk. Instead, you can sit in a normal upright position. When you’re seated comfortably it’s easy to operate with one hand, so you can count on producing more milk in less time.

And for even more comfort, there’s a soft massaging cushion that helps stimulate milk letdown. This plus a specially designed “Natural” bottle and nipple ease the transition between the breast and bottle.

Important Specs

Less than 1 lb. and with no electrical outlet or batteries to worry about, you’ll have no problem fitting this pump in your handbag (when assembled it measures 8.6” x 7.8”). The lightweight bottle holds up to 4 oz. of breast milk. The pump is compatible with other AVENT products like Classic bottles and sterilizer.

Best breast pump for every day use

Why This is the Most User Friendly Breast Pump

A few moms complained about the handle occasionally making a squeaking sound, but this was quickly overshadowed by the overall ease and efficiency of this portable pump. In no time at all moms were able to express 4 oz. of breast milk without any major discomforts!

If you can’t be bothered with plugs or hoses or batteries and just want to pump and run, this intuitive AVENT model is the one for you.

Durable and Versatile Features

The Spectra S2 can hold its own against a more sophisticated hospital grade pump! With multiple settings and bonus features, this design can be tailored to all moms. At the touch of a button you can choose between one pump or two, toggle between suction strengths, and adjust to the speed that works best for you.

Worried about backflow? The Spectra S2 is designed as a “closed system,” which means the breast milk cannot come into contact with the pump. This is good news for clean up since there’s no need to wash out the narrow tubing!


In addition to solid performance, this pump includes a nightlight and a timer.

Best breast pump for every day use

Important Specs

This is a 4 lb. electric pump powered by an AC adapter. It measures 7.9” x 7.9” x 6.7”. The pump comes with 2 bottles, 2 breast shields, 2 tubes and flanges, 1 adapter. Wide necked bottles are necessary unless you have a bottle adapter. Hand wash only.

Why this is the most affordable hospital-grade pump

This reliable and fast pump is perfect to leave at home. The motor is pretty quiet, but might not be discreet enough for a workplace setting. Certainly, considering its versatility and performance, it’s worth the investment!

Customizable and Bonus Features

For moms who like control! The double electric pump by MADENAL has three modes of operation plus nine levels of suction with separate controls for the left and right pumps. Choose the combinations that are most comfortable and efficient for you wherever you are in your breastfeeding phase.

If you’re worried about hygiene, rest assured that the MADENAL design is a “closed system” that prevents your breast milk from touching any of the tubing. Plus anything that comes in contact with your milk is 100% BPA free.

The double pump is easy to dissemble when it’s time to clean up. Just wash the separate parts in warm soapy water and let air dry on a clean towel.

Best breast pump for everyday use
Best breast pump for every day use

Important Specs

The MADENAL comes with a handy tote bag with an ice pack for the bottles of breast milk, a battery pack (4 AA batteries not included), extra milk bags, 3 bottles and a nightlight. It’s a bit heavier than other models at 6.6 lbs. and measures 13.5” x 11.5” x 7.8”. Despite its heft, it’s surprisingly quiet thanks to a 38 dB motor!

Why this is the most adaptable pump

Moms swear that this pump boosts milk supply and boosts their confidence! With the MADENAL they no longer worry about expressing enough breast milk for their little one. In addition, they appreciate the control features because every day is different – and sometimes you need a little less pressure and speed when it comes to feeding time.

Today there are breast pumps to suit all needs – from compact, silent designs to heavy-duty power-driven models.

Before shopping, consider your lifestyle (are you a stay-at-home mom or will you be in a work environment?), the amount of milk you’re producing (do you have an ample supply or do you need to stimulate more production?), and your baby’s appetite (will it increase or decrease?).

If you want to see a recommendation from a real mom, check out our article on the best pregnancy gifts.  

What works best for one mom will not necessarily work best for you. That said, after exploring the variety of pumps on the market, we’re confident that you’ll find the best match for your baby and you.

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